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Chapter 811 – First Fight Against a Magician!

Ambereye pointed her wand at Felix and flapped her wings only once.

That was more than enough to break through the sound barrier.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The instant she appeared above Felix, she bombarded him with a hundred of giant wind bullets!

Felix utterly ignored them and blinked above her.

He extended his palms and fired void seeker from one hand and a poisonous green sphere with the other.

He controlled his poisonous sphere to hide his void seeker from within, so if she decided to block it, the void seeker would give her a sweet surprise.

Too bad, Ambereye saw right through him and easily evaded his counter-attack while putting some distance from him simultaneously!

“Wind Slash!” Ambereye mumured while waving her wand at the falling Felix.

Whoosh Whoosh!

When Felix saw the incoming giant wind blades, he didnt dare to take them head on, knowing that the power of the spells differ from one to another.

An elf using the same wind blade might not even cut a tree in a half while another elf could cut even a mountain with it!

All of this depended on runic familiarity of the user…In other sense, it was like elemental affinity but to runes.

Almost all races had zero familiarity to runes, humans included.

This made them unable to embrace magic system even if they had wands and learned the language.

Slice Slice!!

Good thing Felix trusted his instinct and dodged those wind blades as they were sharp enough, they managed cut an edge of the arena!

‘I need to take her down from a close range. Felix pondered while sprinting away from Ambereye,But, she must have at least two more elements in her arsenal.

I need to be careful.

High elves were known to own peak affinity to at least three elements from birth unlike the other elves.

Since they were capable of using elemental spells of almost all elements as long as they could learn them, this meant it was possible to meet an Illusion spellcaster or even a death spellcaster!

Well, theoretically it was possible.

But, spells of those peculiar and rare elements were almost impossible to learn due to their difficulty.

Thats if one even managed to find those spells.

Ambereye might not be able to use them, but it was a possibility that Felix needed to keep in mind.

The last thing he wanted was to teleport next to her just to find out that he was entrapped within a space pocket or something.

When Ambereye saw that her attacks werent forcing Felix to even evade them with his blinks, she pointed her wand at the sky.

“Babylons firenados.” She mumbled while twirling her glimmering wand.

Felix and the rest of the viewers eyed the two newly created supermassive hexes in the sky, stretching for at least ten meters!

One colored in gray and the other one above it in red.

Before anyone could react, the sky turned cloudy and windy all of a sudden.

Then, ten supermassive and real tornados fell from the sky and connected with the ground!

Whoosh Woosh!!…

Their pulling force was too strong for even Felix to keep his footing!

He was forced to lay on the ground and dig his fingers on the arena just to avoid being thrown into one of those tornados.

He knew that blinking anywhere wouldnt be helping him with anything.

The tornados were connected with the sky, which meant their pulling force affected everywhere in the entire arena!

Unfortunately for Felix, this wasnt even the full extent of Ambereyes spell.

Waves of crimson fire started rising beneath those supermassive tornados, turning them into horrific firenados!

“F*ck this!”

The heat they kept emitting was too high, Felix decided to retreat to the void realm and restart the fight.

The entire arena was owned by Ambereyes firenados, making it hard for him to do anything without ending up being captured.

However, just as he opened a void rift and tried to enter it, Ambereye chuckled, “You aint going anywhere.”

“Huh” Felix realized that ground had turned into a muddy field, and he was being pulled within it by tens of muddy arms!

Each time an arm caught him, it solidifies itself, making it harder for Felix to break away.

Ambereye wasnt done, she used a spell that enabled her to create five walls around Felix, placing him in an earthling cube.

‘Earth, fire, and wind.

Good, she finally exposed her elements.” Felix thought inwardly while staring at the approaching firenados with his infrared vision.

‘Now, I can fight for real.

Felix never made a move without a plan.

He couldnt create a plan without proper Intel about his opponent.

Now that he had some major Intel, Felix dropped the weak act and blinked inside the void realm without an issue…He did it by creating a tiny void rift right in front of his eyes.

Ambereye was unable to do anything about that unless she blinded him.

“Ah..I still lost him.” Ambereye sighed in disappointment after sensing that Felix had broken past her entanglement.

‘What will he do now Ambereye thought while using spells that boosted her shields and defenses.

She knew that Felix was at his most dangerous state every time he entered the void realm.

Especially, when she saw his latest godly punch that ruined the entire arena.

Just to be safe, she rose even higher in the air so if Felix attempted to repeat the same attack, she would be away from the blast zone.

The moment Felix saw this, he swiftly opened a void rift right next to the two circular runic hexes and destroyed them with a single punch!

Whoosh Whoosh!

The firenados started getting weaker and weaker until they completely disappeared, resembling a car that had spent its last drop of fuel.

“I didnt think you will go for them.” Ambereye seemed somewhat stunned to see her runic hexes getting taken care of like this.

It was known knowledge that elves spells could be interpreted, hindered, or even destroyed.

One only needed to ruin the runic hex responsible over the creation and fueling the spell.

After all, elves werent creating spells from imagination.

The runic hexes were using neutral energy in the environment to create the desired spell and power it.

The same concept applied to talismans and scrolls…When the runic hexes written on those scrolls and talismans get ruined or messed with, they naturally wouldnt work anymore.


When Felix saw Ambereye momentary daze, he didnt hesitate to take advantage of it.

He opened a void rift behind her and fired off his void seekers at her back.

Before they even reached her, Felix exited the void realm and blinked in front of her while tightening his fist.


His fist connected with her stomach, resulting in her getting launched akin to a cannonball into the ground.

Not letting her take a break, Felix blinked next to her again and elbowed her in the face, hurling her the opposite direction.

Phew Phew Phew!

In such a merciless manner, Felix kept launching Ambereye from one direction to another akin to a ping pong table ball!

He didnt hold back at all even though she was always nice to him!

“Thats it Felix!” Asna was more than happy to see his merciless beat down.

“Lady Yggdrasil, I know you dont fancy those events, but you could have brought someone worthy.” Wendigo complained with an irritated expression.

Since their champions were trash and couldnt get the job done, they thought that at least Ambereye was going to make it somewhat difficult for Felix.

Alas, the scene before him was enough to extinguish any hope he had about this fight.

“Indeed.” Saurous scoffed, “She is a triple elementalist spell caster and knew about all of that brats abilities and strategies.

She might not defeat him, but she could have at least given us a good fight.”

“I have no idea who gave you the right to complain about her champion when your champions got thrashed at the very start.” Thor ridiculed.

“Mind your f*cking business!” Saurous snapped at him.

“You should consider abiding by it first.” Thor sneered, “Your whining is making the game less pleasing to spectate.”


Just as Saurous wanted to curse back, Lord Osiris placed a finger on his lips without a single spoken word.

“Excuse my manners.” Saurous apologized immediately and settled down, not daring to offend Lord Osiris.

While they were bickering between each other, Lady Yggdrasil remained as calm as a tree.

She had a faint gentle smile etched on her wooden face as she stared at Ambereye.

Even though she was in a humanoid form to attend this meeting, she was still made out of brownish old wood.

She wore a beautiful traditional dress designed from yellow wheat and flowers.

It matched well with her unique hairstyle that resembled a green Afro due being made out of pretty leaves and fruits.

She didnt seem too worried about Ambereye being beaten black and blue by Felix.

When she saw Ambereye coughing out a mouthful of blood, she couldnt help but chuckle,You really love playing too much.

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