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Chapter 810 – Elvish Magic System!

“Keep it up Miss Amber, you are only four rounds away from reaching the crown.” Micheal praised with a hidden glint.

“Thanks.” Ambereye nodded politely.

Then, she looked below her and saw that everyone was narrowing their eyes at her.

‘They will be focusing on me soon. Ambereye pondered,Its already too late to force me out of the platform by cutting my chains…So, they will most definitely challenge me next round.

Ambereye was able to answer 90% of the questions correctly.

Since she always chose to climb higher, this put her in a better position than the others.

Right now, she was ten meters further from Felix, Riverbleeder, and Starfollower.

The rest were at least twenty meters away from her.

‘It wont do me good to challenge her now. Felix thought inwardly,If I win, I will be the next target.

‘But…If some retard challenged her and ended up losing, she will be immune to challenges for three rounds. Felix frowned,If she answered correctly in the next three rounds, she will be the first to wear the crown.

This signified that Felix needed to decide if he wanted to be targeted next or trust in another players capabilities to not butcher his fight.

‘I would rather risk being targeted than mess up my chance to enter the spirit realm by trusting another player. Felix decided with a stern expression.

He wasnt the only one having such thoughts.

The peaceful atmosphere had gotten intense.

The players were focused more than ever to be ranked first in the next round.

‘I cant let anyone challenge her before me. Riverbleeder huffed a heated smoke through his nostrils.

As a proud red dragon, he had allowed Ambereye to be on top for a reasonable duration.

It was time to establish his dominance through brute force.

The other dragon thought the same.

When the countdown began, everyone dropped any unnecessary thought and concentrated completely on the upcoming question.

-Name the extraordinary plant that was capable of restoring ones broken soul barrier into its complete form.-

-Hint, it existed five hundred million years ago and had gone completely extinct.-

The instant Felix read the hint, he locked his answer as quick as lighting without even trying to analyze the question!

‘Soulfurous Resurrection Beans. Felix smirked confidently while looking at his response.

When it came to his knowledge about mysterious and extinct natural treasures, he could be coined as one of the most knowledgeable people in the entire universe!

His knowledge was much larger than Queen Ai, dont even mention those players.

Ten seconds later.

“Lets see the results.”

//1) Landlord—-Answer: Soulfurous Resurrection Beans/Timer: 0.01 second.

2)Ambereye—-Answer: Soulfurous Resurrection Beans/Timer: 0.2 second.

3) Riverbleeder—-Answer: Soulfurous Beans./Timer: 0.5 second.

4) Red Mercy—-Answer: Soulfurous Beans./Timer: 0.6 second.

5) Dusthand…Abstained.//

“Not bad.” Ambereye praised, “For a potion master, you sure know about your stuff.”

“You are not too bad either.” Felix smiled, “Your extensive knowledge is admirable.”

As a high elf and a champion of nature primogenitor, it would be weird that Ambereye would be ignorant about plants.

“I am still lacking compared to you.” Ambereye chuckled.

“Damn it! It is known in our galaxy as Soulfurous Beans.” Riverbleeder cursed loudly, interrupting Felix and Ambereyes mutual flattery.

“We are missing just one word, why is it counted as wrong” Red Mercy huffed in irritation while gazing at Micheal.

It was known that Icarius galaxy was one of the oldest galaxies in the universe and rich with plenty of natural treasures.

So, it wasnt peculiar for those two dragons to know about an extinct natural treasure unlike the rest of the players, who abstained.

Unfortunately, their answer wasnt complete.

“I cant do anything about it.” Micheal shrugged his shoulders, “Queen Ai decides whats right and wrong.”

Seeing that Micheal was useless, Riverbleeder and Red Mercy looked at Felix simultaneously.

Felix was forced to look at them after sensing their penetrative gazes.

“Dragon Slayer, dont disappoint us and lose against her.” Riverbleeder eyed Felix sternly, “You are the first to kill a brother of ours…So, if you are going down, it should be at our hands.”

“What he said.” Red Mercy emphasized it.

No one was dumb here.

Even Micheal knew that Felix was going to be challenging Ambereye now since he might not be given the same opportunity next round.

This meant that all players were literally counting on him to win his challenge.

If he won, he could be challenged, giving them another opportunity to switch platforms.

“You guys are quite funny.” Felix chuckled at thought that his opponents were cheering him on.

He lifted his head and smiled at Ambereye, “Are you ready”

“I hope we can learn from each other.” Ambereye bowed her head slightly at Felix, not feeling annoyed at all that he was about to challenge her.


After they got teleported to the arena, neither Felix nor Ambereye made a move.

“How would you like to continue our fight” Ambereye asked from a far, “To the death or accepting defeat”

High Elves were known for being semi-pacifists.

If there was no need to fight to death, they would always attempt to force out a surrender from their opponents or show mercy.

They only kill if there was no other choice.

Sporadically, their merciful acts end up getting them screwed over.

Still, they refused to change their habits.

Thats why even though high elves were extremely terrifying and strong, they rarely participate in SGPlatform.

“Why bother asking You wont kill me either ways.” Felix chuckled while stretching his shoulder.

“Maybe.” Ambereye giggled while covering her mouth.

“Motherf*ckers, stop flirting with each other and fight already!”

Irritated, Asna threw a bucket of popcorn at the holographic stream, not liking what she was seeing at all.

Felix wasnt really flirting because he was enchanted by Ambers beauty and gentle charm.

He was simply waiting for her to make the first move because he knew absolutely nothing about her!

She never participated in a game before, making it hard for Felix to dig any information about her capabilities.

The worst part He couldnt find any other news related to her either!

She was like a ghost that appeared out of nowhere and took part in this event as Yggdrasils only champion.

Because he knew nothing about her, Felixs vigilance was raised to the limit.

He would rather overestimate her capabilities than underestimate them and end up getting killed without knowing how it happened.

“You are not going to make the first move” Ambereye asked.

“Ladies first.” Felix offered shamelessly.

“You are such a gentleman.” Ambereye smiled while beaming a weirdly shaped thin wooden rod.

‘A runic wand. Felix thought inwardly.

This was the first time ever for Felix to see a spell casting wand held by a real magician!

Elves refer to their cultivation system as magic unlike the rest even though they use the same elements, energies, and laws as them.

But, it did make sense to separate their system from the rest.

It was quite unique.

While werewolves, vampires, spider kin, and other races own either limited elemental manipulation or inherited bloodline abilities, elves were able to harness the mysterious powers of runes without needing talismans or scrolls!

They only required to own a runic wand, peak elemental affinity to an element, runic familiarity, and then learn the spells that could be created by using those runes.

In other words, Talism race were capable of inscribing runes into talismans…No one but them could harness the powers of those talismans.

Sage Race were capable of inscribing abilities on scrolls, and they could be sold and used by anyone.

Lastly, the elves were capable of inscribing abilities in air by using their runic wands!

This unique style of fighting had made them being referred to as Magicians.

Ambereye held the wooden wand in her hand and pointed it at the ground.

Then, she mumured softly with a peculiar sounding language, “Wings of Wind.”

Runic sentences began illuminating with gray light on the wooden stick.

In less than a split second, a small circular hex with the same peculiar runic sentences appeared at the tip of the wooden stick.


Soon, wind began spinning around her faster and faster until two magnificent gray windy wings emerged behind her back.

“Here I come!”

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