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Chapter 807: First Fight with Darkness Elementalist

‘I knew it. Wendigo frowned,His elemental tank must have been increased significantly.

‘Its Lady Sphinx again. Saurous cursed,That b*tch is starting to get in my nerves.

They knew that it should be impossible for Felix to create a small void domain and abandon it without being completely spent.

Yet, he managed to blink and also fire a void beam at the same time!

Thankfully for Felix, the void beams thickness and strength depended on its fuel instead of being a fixed ability.

Against Sunblight, a pencil-thin beam was more than enough to deal with him.

“Congratulation on another win.” Micheal nodded at Felix after seeing that he had been teleported to Sunblights platform.

“Thanks.” Felix smiled as he looked at Gloomripper and the remaining three Darkin faction members.

All of them felt they were being stared at by the grim reaper.

Their previous confidence had already cracked with the death of Shadechaser.

Now It was about to be completely shattered.

How could it be not They knew that the difference in strength between them and the other two wasnt that wide.

Whether they went on offense or defense made it hard for them to see a way out to win against Felix.

‘Dont let him get in your head. Gloomripper eased his agitated heart by taking a deep breath.

‘He is exposing his strategies one by one…I just need to lie low and hope that he challenges the others before me to learn more about his trump cards.

Because of this decision, Gloomripper had chosen to lift his platform instead of cutting a chain again from Felixs platform.

The other three didnt even answer correctly to be given the choice.

“Hehe, their plan is falling apart.” Asna chuckled while eating melon seeds next to Mistress Candace.

Well, the moment Felix started challenging them one by one, their plan to make him fall into the abyss was doomed to fail.

After all, every time he won a challenge, he was given the right to change the platform.

Whats the point of cutting off his chains when he was continuously hopping from platform to another

The only way to stop him was by actually defeating him in the fight.

Unfortunately, none of the champions sent by the Darkin faction members seemed adequate to handle Felix.

In the upcoming two rounds, Felix had managed to come on top again.

This resulted in him challenging the second vampire and astrian back to back.

The fight was somewhat harder than the previous ones since his strategies were running thin.

After all, only utter retards would fall against the same strategy that was used merely a few minutes ago.

Still, he managed to eliminate them both before Saurous and Manananggals numbed expressions.

They didnt even know how to feel anymore after having all of their champions being the first to be kicked off from the game.

It honestly felt like they were being bullied by Felix…

‘Bastards, why do you look like you have given up on hope. Wendigo chided them immediately,My champions are still in the game.

‘Nothing can kill that cockroach. Saurous sighed heavily.

‘Just leave it to my champions. Wendigo snickered,He avoided challenging my champions for a reason.

‘Im aware that your champions are pain in the ass to deal with, but he is much worse. Manananggal shook his head.

‘We will see about that.

Meanwhile, the game had already reached the sixth round.

The platforms placement began to get a little hectic.

Majority of the platforms were still hanging at the bottom.

Felix was part of them due to not focusing on lifting his platform at all.

Yet, Felix wasnt too worried about it.

He simply kept concentrating on the screen, waiting for the countdown to end.

Immediately after it reached zero, the screen displayed a long riddle before the players.

-What can bring back the dead; make you cry, make you laugh, make you young; is born in an instant, yet lasts a lifetime-

The moment Felix analyzed the riddle a few times, he already deducted a couple of answers.

By process of elimination, he ended up with the most likely answer from the batch.

‘Memories. Felix assured himself while locking his answer.

The last phrase was a clean give away to the answer being memories.

They could be created in a moment yet remain remembered for eternity.

It turned out to be quite an easy riddle for everyone as none of them had answered wrongly.

//1) Ambereye—Timer: 2.1 seconds.

2) Landlord—Timer: 2.6 seconds.

3) Gloomripper—Timer: 2.9 seconds.

4) Riverbleeder—Timer: 2.9 seconds.

6) Starfollower—Timer: 3.1 seconds.//

When Micheal displayed the results, everyone raised an eyebrow in surprise after seeing that Felix wasnt first.

‘Hmm, didnt he use his mutation Gloomripper wondered while peeking at Felix from above.

He guessed correct.

The moment Felix noticed that it was a riddle, he didnt bother to enter supersonic mode and waste his stored lightning.

He was fairly confident in his capabilities to solve riddles.

The fact that he still came second after not even using his supersonic mode just proved it.

‘High elves intellect is really on another level.

Felix knitted his eyebrows as he stared at Ambereyes platform that was tens of meters away from him.

Felix already knew that the nature primogenitor Yggdrasil had brought with her a single champion to join the festivities in a polite manner.

Felix was honestly glad that she didnt bring more high elves with her.

Ambereye alone was going to be giving him a headache in this game.

Felix knew that her intelligence should be equal to him even though he had drunk five potions to enhance it.

High elves werent part of the top ten races for no reason.

They were the only race that could be considered as balanced perfectly in the universe.

Their intelligence wasnt as good as the Metal Race, but it was up there.

Their strength wasnt as strong as the dragons or heavenly turtles, but they could give them a run for their money.

“Ambereye, your move.” Micheal requested.

“Up.” Ambereye replied softly while pointing her finger upward.

She had a golden shimmering hair that was long enough it was about to touch her ankle.

She was as fair as an albino woman, making her ocean blue eyes appear even more breathtaking.

Yet, the unique characteristic were still her long pointy ears that were protruding a little from her hair.

Her gentle and peaceful expression made it seem like she didnt fit here at all.

When everyone looked at her, it was hard not to imagine her sitting in a flower field under a tree while surrounded by small animals.

The viewers might let themselves be fooled by her breezy gentleness, but Felix and the rest of the players knew that underestimating her would result in a quick and gruesome death.

“Landlord, challenging again” Micheal asked.

“Naturally.” Felix smiled faintly, “I have yet to finish cleaning those insects.”

“Your pick”

Felix lifted his head and pointed his finger at Gloomrippers platform.

‘Me Gloomripper frowned,Does he think I am easier to deal than Darkoon

He really believed that Felix would leave him last since he was a better fighter than Darkoon.

It wasnt hard to figure out whos stronger and weaker when both of their highlights were in the open.

Not caring about interrupting Gloomrippers thought process, Micheal snapped his finger and teleported both of them back to the arena.

“Why me” Gloomripper asked while squinting his eyes at Felix.

“You climbed the highest.” Felix replied causally while putting his arm within a void rift.

Compared to Darkoon, his platform was indeed way higher.

In fact, he was separated from Ambereye by mere ten meters.

‘Does that mean he isnt planning to challenge Darkoon at all” Gloomripper deducted.

His conclusion was correct.

Felix felt that it would too much of a hassle to kill even Darkoon when he had already demonstrated that they werent his match.

This entailed that as long as he managed to kill Gloomripper, he wouldnt need to worry about Darkoon in the next couple of rounds.

Felix didnt want to place too much effort on those six losers when Ambereye and a couple more threatening players were vying for the win.

‘He is actually underestimating me. Gloomripper sneered inwardly,Its been a long time since I have been treated like this.

“Allow me set you straight.”

Gloomrippers eyes suddenly turned completely dark while he placed his palms on the ground.

Soon after, a pool of darkness began spreading on the arena floor.

It appeared like a living creature devouring the ground instead of a shadow being cast on it.

“See you shortly.” Gloomripper crackled evilly while being pulled within the darkness beneath him!

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