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Chapter 806: Staying True to His Word

Felix focused on the countdown for the third question, not realizing the unenviable situation he landed in.

The instant the countdown reached zero, a visual puzzle had manifested on the screen.

It was two identical pictures of a busy plaza in some city.

Thats what everyone believed before they read the question above the pictures.

-Mark the ten differences in those two pictures.-

It might look easy but finding ten differences in a bustling city that was filled with small details had stomped most players…Especially, when they were given only ten seconds!

The worst part

The moment they attempted to try to find those similarities, they would waive the right to abstain!

‘Dogs eyebrow missing, cars window is open, different heel color, different cloud shape…

Felix didnt even consider the thought of abstaining again.

His eyes were travelling from a corner of a picture to the other at a supersonic speed.

Meanwhile, his brain was scanning the two pictures repeatedly until differences started to become visible.

‘One more.

Seconds went by and was left with just one differnece.

He kept scanning the pictures composedly, not losing his calm one bit.

He knew that a mere moment of agitation would be enough to evaporate his concentration.

Thankfully, he kept his calm as he had found the last difference the moment seven seconds went by.

‘A small crack to a cars front light. He sighed in relief after he locked all of his answers.

With his truth vision and supersonic mode, Felix could be considered as a god in solving visual puzzles like those!

As expected, the rest of the players either finished in the last second or failed.

This time, the majority had failed to find all ten differences in ten seconds…There was simply not enough time and too many details to watch for.

//1) Landlord—Timer: 7.1 seconds.

2) Ambereye—Timer: 8.2 seconds.

3) Riverbleeder—Timer: 9.4 seconds.

4) Gloomripper—Timer: 9.7 seconds.

5) Sunblight—Timer: 9.8 seconds.

6) Starfollower—Timer: 10.2 seconds.//

“Only five of you managed to finish the puzzle in time.” Micheal raised an eyebrow, “Landlord is first again by a wide margin.”

‘Damn it, we need to exhaust his stored lightning quickly. Gloomripper frowned, knowing that as long as Felix was capable of entering his supersonic mode, they would always be a step behind him.

He was one of the two gremlins in the Darkin faction.

He prided himself in his intelligence.

But even him knew that Felix would continue to be the first to lock his answer if nothing was done.

“Landlord, your choice” Micheal inquired.


Felix stayed true to his word and challenged Sunblight.

“Just fight as planned.” Gloomripper shouted at him from above.

“I know what I am doing.” Sunblight replied while knitting his eyebrows.

“Feels bad, right” Felix ridiculed, “Being forced to share your thoughts in the open like this.”

“You wont be laughing soon.” Sunblight smirked at him.

“We will see about that.”

A few moments later, both of them were teleported back to the arena under the applause of the champions.

“Fight!” Micheal started the fight immediately after teleporting above them.

“I will show you true despair.” Sunblight hovered in the air while pulling his hands together like a Buddhist.

Then, he manipulated gravity in the surrounding area externally, managing to create a zero gravity field!

If it wasnt for the tiny pebbles on the ground starting to float higher and higher, no one would have believed it.


It looks like Sunblight intends to drag this fight as long as possible.” Micheal commentated while lining up the zero gravity field for the viewers.

‘Hundred meters radius, still nothing compared to Sunny.

Felix didnt react much after calculating the gravity maximum range by using the floating pebbles as indicator.

Sunny received utmost care and grooming by Saurous to achieve that monstrous range.

Naturally, he couldnt do the same with all of his champions even if he wanted.

A hundred meters radius was still good for a peak diamond ranked player.

‘I just need to watch my back and keep defending in the first three minutes. Sunblight planned how the five minutes of the battle should be played out.

Drag it for the three minutes then go full ham in the last two minutes to avoid being proclaimed as the passive player in the battle.

It was a smart strategy that was respected by the viewers…Alas, Felix wasnt planning to play by his rules.


Felix sprinted rapidly towards Sunblight, bridging the distance between them.

The moment he closed in to the zero gravity field, he stopped suddenly and extended his palms forward.

Then, he spewed out a flood of corruption poisonous mist at Sunblight!

The zero gravity field allowed the mist to travel without affecting its momentum one bit.

‘What is he doing

Still, Sunblight merely raised an eyebrow in bafflement, not feeling even an ounce of threat from the poisonous mist.

Thats because his defensive gravitational field blocked the mist easily and forced it to go down without touching even his clothes.

However, instead of going down into the ground, the poisonous mist started to build up around him, creating a giant dark cloud!

This resulted in having his vision gradually getting blocked!

‘Trying to ambush me while my vision hindered! Sunblight snickered after picking up Felixs strategy.

He swiftly blew away the poisonous cloud with a mere gravitational shockwave that travelled quite far.

The moment his vision got restored, he found out an expanding void domain in Felixs previous location.

‘Why did he use it now He narrowed his eyes at it, not knowing what Felix was planning to do.

He couldnt detect his gravitational waves within the void domain, but he knew that he was still inside it.

Saurous had informed him about the glaring weaknesses of void domain used by a mortal.

The first one was the fact that Felix was unable to power it without keeping its fuel up and running continuously.

‘Is he trying to put me within it Sunblight frowned,I can just move away with my gravity field.


Meanwhile, Saurous was cursing inwardly at the sight of his champion having his entire concentration placed on the void domain.

Alas, no matter how much he cursed or shouted, nothing changed.

The ability was simply too fearsome it left unshakable trauma in all the players, who seen Exodials fate after being touched by the domain.


Abruptly, the void domain stopped expanding at once and actually started to shrink gradually.

This resulted in space to fluctuate like crazy since it was trying to repair itself after being devoured by the domain!

‘Is he changing his mind..Huh

Just as he believed that Felix might have flopped his plan, Sunblights attention got allured by a small fluctuation in space happening right above him.

The moment he lifted his head, his pupils reflected a pencil-thin purplish beam appearing suddenly in front of his forehead.


He couldnt even comprehend what it was before the pencil-thin beam pierced through his gravitational field, armored artifact, and then forehead like they were made out of cottons.

“How…” Sunblight managed to utter a single word before his brain was fully consumed by the void energy.

Soon, the rest of his body followed, leaving behind not even his wings.

“Two down, four more to go.” Felix said causally while removing his symbiote suit.

“Its over, just like that” Micheal commentated speechlessly as he watched Felix getting teleported back to his new platform.

“No wonder you have taken a liking to him Lord Khaos.” Lord Quetzalcoatl praised, “He is quite a schemer.”

“Hmm.” Lord Khaos made a grunt of acknowledgement.

“You think too highly of him Lord Quetzalcoatl.” Thor jumped in with a petty chuckle, “His opponents are simply too foolish to fall into his traps every time.”

‘Motherf*ckers! Saurous tightened his fists in anger, trying his best to not snap in front of everyone.

Nothing was more pathetic than showing such a reaction because of a champions death.

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