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Chapter 804: Supernatural Response Time!

“You guys have five minutes to ask questions about the game.”

The moment the spectators quietened down, Micheal went straight to business, knowing that the primogenitors disliked wasting time on such useless fanfare.

“How many rounds will it take us to reach your platform in the game” A male Astrian asked calmly while glancing at Felix.

“Fifteen rounds if you answered everything correctly and lifted yourself in every time.”

This was the most ideal situation.

But in reality, everyone knew that it would take more than this.

“Thank you.” The Astrian nodded and then eyed his partners in crime.

‘Lets make sure that he never reaches even the eight round. He said coldly.

‘My thoughts exactly, Sir Sunblight.

A scrawny hunched goblin-like creature crackled in a sinister manner while eyeing Felix.

His skin was wrinkly and black while his mouth was packed with tens of tiny razor sharp teeth.

With his pitch black smokey eyes, he truly resembled an evil creature emerging from an abyss.

This was a gremlin, one of the few races that inherited Wendigos darkness elemental manipulation and abilities.

They werent well liked in the alliance as a race due to being too mischievous and dangerously violent.

‘As expected, they have formed an unofficial alliance against me. Felix couldnt miss such a glaring interest in him by those six champions.

Being targeted by six players in this game mode should scare anyone since they would be able to cut off their platforms chain in every round.

However, Felix wasnt even fazed by their intimidating looks.

He already created a counter-plan that would make them regret even targeting him.

A few minutes later, the Q&A segment was concluded.

“Lets begin.” Micheal smiled faintly as he snapped his finger, teleporting everyone into the game world.

Immediately after Felix opened his eyes, he found himself standing above a wide metallic platform.

It was gripped by eight thick chains from the edges and sides.

There was no guard rail around the platform to protect the players from falling into the abyss.

This meant, if they werent careful, they might fall off after a few chains get cut off from the platform.

“Will you look at this.” Felix looked around him and couldnt help but smile coldly after seeing he was placed next to a golden haired elegant vampire.

“You wont be laughing shortly, peasant.” The vampire proclaimed in a dignified manner.

“We will see about that.”

“Everyone, eyes here please.”

Soon, Micheal appeared before everyone.

He was hovering in the air while in front of a towering white screen.

“The questions, puzzles, visual puzzles, riddles, and even visual problems…All of them will be displayed in the screen behind me.” Micheal explained carefully, “The moment a question appears or such, you will be given ten seconds to answer it.”

Micheal snapped his finger and soon everyone had a personal holographic board to write their answers on.

Naturally, the champions couldnt see each others boards unlike the viewers and Micheal.

“As per the rules, the first to wear a crown will be declared as the winner.” Micheal concluded.

Felix and the rest lifted their heads after hearing so.

They ended up seeing twenty-four glimmering tiny stars.

‘They are really quite far. Felix had to zoom a little to finally see the crowns in their glory.

“Are you ready” Micheal eyed them sternly.

The instant he noticed that all the champions had their eyes focused on the white screen, he turned it on.

Instead of showing a question or a puzzle abruptly, they were given a ten seconds countdown.

‘The first round is the most important one. Felix took a deep breath while narrowing his eyes at the countdown.

Electrical sparks started to flicker in his hair and eyes…Abilities were banned but not mutations!


The instant the countdown reached zero, Felix activated his supersonic mode, turning himself into the god of thunder!

Time got slowed before his own eyes as he stared at the newly brought out question in the screen.

-In The Dark Ages, who was the primary cause of the near extinction of the Fairies Race-

‘Dark ages, who, primary cause, extinction, fairies.

Felix analyzed the question in less than ten milliseconds before typing the answer with a lightning quick fingers!

The moment he double pressed on the answer to lock it down, he closed off his lightning absorbers!

‘0.02 second…Not bad. Felix smirked faintly while fixing his electrocuted hair.

He answered the question so fast, the rest of the players were still in the process of reading it!

‘Are you f*cking kidding me Micheal was left utterly speechless after seeing that Felix had already locked his answer.

He knew so because of a green circle above Felixs head that was illuminating brightly.

A moment later, the same green circle began appearing above the other players.

Just as it seemed like everyone was going to blaze through the question easily, three red circles suddenly popped out.

Those three players werent given time to even feel horrified at their **ty answers before the first round had been concluded in less than four seconds!

Fifteen players had answered correctly while the rest had abstained from answering after realizing that it was already too late.

It was the smartest decision to make.

If they answered correctly, they would be given nothing.

If they were wrong, they would be punished by having one chain getting snapped.

“Lets see those answers.” Micheal eyed Felix weirdly while displaying everyones answers on the big screen and their timers.

//1) Landlord—-Answer: The Dust Harvester, King Beshka./Timer: 0.02 second.

2) Ambereye—-Answer: The Dust Harvester, King Beshka./Timer: 0.1 second.

3) Starfollower—-Answer: The Dust Harvester, King Beshka./Timer: 0.2 second.

4) Darkoon—-Answer: Fairies Rituals./Timer: 0.4 second.

5) Sunblight—-Answer: The Dust Harvester, King Beshka./Timer: 0.5 second.

9) Shadechaser—-Answer: The Dust Harvester, King Beshka./Timer: 1 second.

24) Skyshine—-abstained.//

When everyone saw Felixs horrific response time, their jaws were dropped to the ground.

“Is this for real”

“How can he be so fast!”

“How is it possible to analyze such a trick question in less than twenty milliseconds!”

Majority of the players were forced to read the question twice after realizing that the trick involved in its phrasing.

If it was read with a simple glimpse, everyones eyes will pick up the major keywords and answer based on them.

In this case, they weredark ages,primary cause,extinction,fairies race.

However, the players who did so had ended up writing fairies rituals as the primary cause!

Thats because they were lured by the main keywords into believing that the question wanted the primary cause not the person most responsible over the fairies near extinction.

He was King Beshka, nicknamed as The Dust Harvester for a single reason…He captured and enslaved tens of millions of fairies throughout the universe!

He worked them to death by selling their rituals continuously and without care to the fairies extinguishable lifespan in the process.

He was the primary reason why fairies were left with one surviving pocket dimension.

In this Era, mentioning his name in the Loftus Kingdom was a punishable taboo.

If those three players had paid attention to the interrogative pronounwho in the question, they would have answered correctly too.

Such a tricky question was answered by Felix in less than 0.02 second!

How could the other champions even brag about their response time when such a giant chasm stood between them and Felix

“How cheeky Lady Sphinx.” Kumihos eyelids twitched, “You must have taken great care of him with multiple intelligence enhancing potions.”

The primogenitors werent that dim to believe that Felixs supernatural cognitive reasoning was all natural.

“Is there a problem with me taking care of my student” Lady Sphinx smiled faintly while crossing her legs.

“Of course not.”

Kumiho and the rest could only keep their grievance inside, knowing complaining about it would merely make them look petty in front of the four elemental lords.

“Speed is important, but still make sure that your answer is a hundred percent correct before locking it.

Otherwise…” Micheal snapped his finger with a stern expression.

Cluck! Cluck! Cluck!

The players with wrong answers had one of their chains getting cut abruptly by Micheal.

Their platforms shook a little and stopped without an issue.

However, the three players still gulped a mouthful in fear at the thought that only seven chains separated them from death.

“Landlord, its your turn.” Micheal extended his hand at the screen, that was now showing the three choices, and asked, “Will you lift yourself Cut a chain of another player Or challenge someone”

The players didnt feel too fearful from Felix since they believed that only lifting himself up was the obvious choice.

Cutting another players chain was dumb when everyone was on the same line…The same applied to challenging another player.

However, Felix grinned sinisterly as he turned around to the elegant vampire next to him.

When the vampire saw Felixs expression, his heart skipped a beat, feeling like something terrible was about to happen.

“Lets start with you, shall we” Felix cracked his knuckles as he announced, “I challenge Shadechaser!”

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