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Chapter 803: Unthinkable Prizes!

“Its embodied with fifteen futharks that enhanced its durability, toughness, sharpness, self-recovery, and a few noteworthy abilities.”

Micheal snapped his finger and summoned the axe above his palm.

It was really worthy of the name Crescent battle Axe.

Its handle was made out of a unique material that resembled green roots, clutching into the head.

It was shaped as a crescent moon, giving it a unique design that would make anyone wonder if this weapon was truly an axe.

As for the futharks gems Most of them were embodied within the green roots, making them resemble colorful fruits growing on it.

“Let me show you a bit of its capabilities.” Micheal created a dummy far away from him and hurled the crescent axe at it.


The axe accelerated on its own magically, making it able to break through the sound barrier even though the throw was pathetic!

The axe reached the dummy and cleaved through it without a single ounce of resistance.

Then, it turned around and actually flew back towards Micheal akin to a boomerang!

Micheal caught it easily in his hand without being harmed by it.

‘It will serve as fine weapon. Felix approved of the weapon after seeing its extraordinary effect.

His poison abilities were struggling on their own against most diamond ranked players due to their defenses.

He knew that it would much easier to kill them if his poison travelled through their bloodstream.

With this crescent axe, he could lace the edges with his worst poison and hurl it at players.

The best part, if he missed or his attack was dodged, the axe would return to him.

Clearly, he wasnt the only one interested in the legendary axe.

Most players desired to own it, knowing that they could always trade it with another legendary artifact that was more befitting of their style.

“Thats it for the individual game.” Micheal proclaimed.

He didnt mention the opportunity to enter the spirit realm since that wasnt a reward for the players but for the primogenitors.

He moved on to the rest of the prizes.

He started with the three treasures that would be given to the winners of the three vs three game mode.

“Only the winners would be getting the treasures.” Micheal clarified, “In case one of the winners died, the treasure would go to the best performer in the team.”

The same rule applied in the five vs five game mode.

This entailed that if only one player survived in the winning team, he would be earning all five treasures at once!

It was done like this to create rifts between the mixed teams.

Primogenitors wanted to be entertained, and nothing was more entertaining than drama and fall-outs.

“As for the last three prizes, they would be given to the best three performers in the entire event.” Micheal highlighted the three treasures before the players.

“For the third rank, you will be getting a permanent photography memory potion.” He said with his hand shaking faintly while holding into the potion.

“Its here! I will get it regardless of what!”

“Finally, it is placed as a prize again!”

“Lets go!”

Unlike Felix, the other champions had gotten excited by the reveal of the potion.

All of them desired to own perfect photographic memory.

After all, nothing was more rewarding than tapping into the full potential of your own mind.

So much knowledge goes to waste because of memories always failing us.

Alas, only Lady Sphinx was capable of concocting this potion.

The Sage Witches were able to concoct only temporary inducing potions.

Most of those high ranked players had already grown immune to effects of those temporary potions.

This showed just how priceless the permanent photographic memory potion.

“The second prize is a divine spatial ring.” Micheal highlighted a golden ring that was inscribed with the metal primogenitors divine codex.

“It is refined with strucrase material, making it extremely resistant to elements and destructive forces.” Micheal added, “Most importantly, the ring has a small habitable pocket dimension within it.”

The moment the champions heard so, they were left utterly dumbfounded…Even the dragon team had their eyes widened.

A spatial ring with a habitable pocket dimension!

Most of them didnt even know that it was possible to create such a divine treasure!

‘No wonder you spoke highly of the metal primogenitor. Felix said in admiration.

‘This is nothing to Cyclope. Thor replied,This kind of treasure is merely thrown on the ground of his secret vault.

‘Sheesh. Felix didnt even know what to say.

“Last but not least, the prize for the MVP of the annual event will be awarded with this slip of paper.” Baffled, Micheal announced while holding into a tattered piece of paper.

The champions were all left confused by the prize too, feeling like the primogenitors were pulling a prank on them.

The MVP prize was always the best one in the entire event, making every champion go an extra mile in their performance to obtain it.

When Micheal saw their confusion, he read the details of the prize out loud, “Its a piece of paper from Lord Osiris Death Note.

If you own it, you will be capable of killing three people below the race leaders as long as you write their full name in it.”

‘Dear lord.

Even Micheal felt chills course on his spine after he finished reading the details.

The piece of paper suddenly felt as heavy as a boulder!

Possessing this paper was the same as controlling the fate of everyone in the entire universe besides the mentioned exceptions.

As for the champions

All of them didnt know if they should feel excited to own such a dreadful treasure or be scared at the thought that this piece of paper was merely a small part of an entire note.

They knew that Lord Osiris was the Death Primogenitor and that their ancestors respected him greatly.

But, they never expected him to possess the ability to kill anyone in the universe by merely writing their names on a note!

It made them understand that their fates were literally not in their hands!

‘Felix, you need to get that piece of paper or at least make it impossible for Darkin faction champions to own it. Jörmungandr stressed with a stern tone.

‘I know. Felix frowned as he eyed the piece of paper.

He understood that if it landed in the hands of the Darkin faction, they wouldnt hesitate to use it against him.

Since Lord Osiris had placed the paper as the prize, this meant that he wouldnt object to anyone killed by it!

In his eyes, he already did his job by limiting its powers to people below the race leaders to avoid chaos rising.

In reality, not even the ten rulers were outside his range.

“You are excused for now.” Micheal closed all the holographic tabs and wished them good luck.

Without further ado, the champions began breaking into light particles.

When Felix opened his eyes back inside the living room, he swiftly asked Lady Sphinx, “Master, do you think the questions will include even primogenitors”

‘I dont really know. Lady Sphinx replied.

The puzzles, questions, problems, riddles, and such were going to be handled by Queen Ai.

They could range from basic trivia to advanced complex puzzles.

So, he could only spend the next three days cramming as much knowledge as possible before the start of the game.

His opponents would be doing the same…The only difference was that Felix could burn a book in his memory within minutes while the others needed hours to achieve the same feat.

They really werent competing on equal grounds.

“Probably the first time you will be considered as the biggest threat from the start of the game.”

Asna chuckled as he watched him flipping pages of a book about the dark ages like he was on steroids.

Felix was so focused on the books, he didnt even hear her.

‘A chance!

Seeing that she was being ignored, Asna tiptoed sneakily next to Felix and kissed him in the cheek.

Then, she wished him good luck softly near his ear and went upstairs, not wanting to bother him anymore.

Surrender coupon wasnt allowed in the next three games, so Felix needed to be at his peak performance to avoid getting killed.


Three days later…

The champions participating in the Abyssal Platforms were summoned on the arena field.

Meanwhile, the rest of the champions could be seen sitting in the stands.

It wasnt just the ones participating in the event but most of the champions belonging to each primogenitor.

Since some primogenitors owed hundreds of champions that were spread out in gold rank and above, the stands didnt seem too empty.

Speaking about the primogenitors, they could be seen sitting in single armchairs that were facing the arena.

They were all gathered in a single place to facilitate their discussion.

Naturally, the four attending elemental lords were given the best seats.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the annual primogenitors gathering!” Micheal appeared out of nowhere, wearing a new flamboyant red suit and a hat.

The champions in the stand welcomed him with a thunderous applause that lasted a few seconds.

Then, they began cheering for their brothers and sisters.

‘This is a bit weird.

Felix was used to hearing his name being chanted by his fans at the start of every game.

Now Not a single person was cheering for him besides Webor.

“You got this captain!” Webor shouted out loud happily, merging his voice with the others.

‘I hope he gets killed. Slagwing wished with a sinister look, knowing that if Felix died, his girlfriend would be returned to the main team.

Unbeknownst to him, Barbyclaw had already accepted Felix as her captain and was cheering for him silently.

So, he was really simping for nothing…

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