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Chapter 802: The Individual Game

Meanwhile, a small chatter broke within teams after the news was delivered to them.

Only the participants in the individual game had been notified.

Unlike Felixs situation, they were all extra pressured to win it for their ancestors.

After all, this opportunity was worth more than even the placed bets in the game.

Even if the primogenitors would not use it, they could always trade it with Lady Sphinx or someone else.

Just like that, the atmosphere for the individual game had thoroughly changed.

“Call over the judge.

We let the kids wait long enough.” Siren proposed.

“Yes, lets continue our discussion after they leave.” Cyclope nodded.

Today was just the opening for the event and to introduce the three games for the champions.

Naturally, they would be given a small period to prepare for the games, so they could bring their utmost effort.

In a few moments, a humanoid spider was summoned in the primogenitors floor.

He had eight black, hairy legs and massive abdomen.

Meanwhile, his upper body consisted of a human torso that was scaled with gleaming red color.

He had four eyes and two snappers at the sides of his cheeks.

“Mikey, take it away as always.” Jorōgumo ordered with a faint smile.

“Will do, Ancestral Mother.” Mike bowed his head as he responded respectfully.

He didnt dare to even glance at any of the other primogenitors, knowing that he was way out of his place.

Soon, he teleported in front of the players, making them all quieten down and focus on him.

“I am Michael and I will be your judge for all three games.” Michael informed composedly while holding his hands behind his back.

Without nonsense, he waved his hand and created three gigantic holographic wheels.

Then, he spanned the wheel for the individual game to find out its format.

Although the games were customized, they were still picked from a wheel to make it more fair for everyone.

If they were prepicked, some primogenitors might take advantage of it to harvest most of the treasures from their peers.

Ting, Ting…Ting!

-Congratulation on picking the puzzle format.-

The needle ended up stopping on the puzzle format to the dissatisfaction of many champions…Especially, the dragons.

They desired straightforward battles since it limited the variables that could lose them the game.

Meanwhile, some players were pretty content with the pick…Felix included.

Not caring about their reaction, Michael spanned the wheel again that was packed with puzzle type games.

After a couple of spins to add suspense, he stopped it.


-Congratulation on picking The Abyssal Platforms!-

Automatically after the notification resounded loudly in the arena, the details of the game were displayed before the primogenitors and the players.

// Game Platform: Custom Game Mode.

Game Format: Puzzles.

Game Name: The Abyssal Platforms.

Participants Number: 24.

Strength Allowed (Human Race System): From Awakening Realm to Origin Realm.

Items Allowed: Nano based items, symbiote-based items, and artifacts.

Prize Pool: None.

Rules of the game:

1) All the players will be teleported on twenty-four platforms.

2) The platforms will be above an abyss and lifted by eight chains.

3) The players will be subjected to questions, problems, written puzzles, visual puzzles, and riddles by the judge.

4) The players, who answer those puzzles and questions correctly, will be given three choices: lift their platform higher, cut a single chain of another player, or challenge a player to duel.

5) If the challenger won, he will have the right to switch platforms with the loser.

If the challenged player won, he will remain in his platform.

Plus, gain immunity to challenges or having his chains cut off by another player for three rounds.

6) If a player had all of his platforms chains cut out, he will fall into the abyss and perish.

7) Its possible to cut only one chain per round by another player.

8) Only the first 50% of players, who answered correctly, will be given the three choices.

9) Players with wrong answers will suffer from having one of their eight chains snapped.

10) Players are allowed to abstain from answering without consequences.

11) If two players or more answered correctly, the order of picking the three choices will be based on whom answered first.

12) Alliances and telepathic communication are banned.

So as battle abilities, items, flying, dimensional jumps, mental abilities…etc.

They are allowed only during the challenge period.

13) When a challenge is on going, the game will be paused for five minutes until the battle is concluded.

If it isnt concluded in five minutes, the most passive player will be deemed as the loser.

14) Players are allowed to challenge everyone…Even the players who answered correctly.

15) Twenty Four golden crowns will be placed high above each platform.

The first player to wear a crown will be declared as the winner.

For more information, please open your SG profile interface.

Good luck to all champions.//

The majority of the champions couldnt help but frown at the details of the game, not loving its complexity one bit.

The rules had made it crystal clear that knowledgeable and intelligent players would have it much easier in the game compared to the rest.

After all, if they managed to answer the questions or puzzles faster than the others, they would always be a step ahead.

Thankfully, they were given the right to either sabotage or challenge other players for their platform.

So, even the most intelligent player of them all might still mess up an answer and have his situation taken advantage of by the rest!

No one was safe and no one was doomed to fall into the abyss!

“I love it.” Lord Quetzalcoatl clapped his hands.

“Its not bad.” Siren smiled, “It will test both the players intelligence and battle prowess.”

‘Crap, this game is just too perfect for that little **. Saurous cringed at the sight of Lady Sphinx smirking faintly.

‘God knows how much knowledge she taught him. Wendigo wasnt pleased either.

“It looks like you are fairly confident in your champion, Sphinxy.” Lord Quetzalcoatl teased.

“I have taught him a couple of things.” Lady Sphinx replied causally, making the other primogenitors a little nervous.

Lady Sphinx was knowledge junkie…As her student, he was bound to be taught strictly.

Unbeknownst to them, Felix had spent at least two years in confinement, reading every book thrown at him by Lady Sphinx.

With his perfect memory and enhanced cognitive reasoning, he managed to read and memorize a ridiculous number of books!

Felix might not show it, but he owned a library in his mind filled with knowledge that was simply waiting to be tapped in.

‘Listen to me well. Saurous had contacted all six champions of his faction and ordered,I want you to unite your efforts to snap all of that little **s chains as fast as possible.

‘Do as he says. Manananggal supported.

‘Only after you manage to make him fall into the abyss, can you focus on winning the game. Wendigo stressed.

‘We will not disappoint you. Their champions assured them confidently.

‘You better hope not. Saurous threatened.

He knew that it would be tough to deal with Thor and Jörmungandr if they lost against them again…Especially, when they had six champions.

The worst part If they lost, it would be in front of the majority of their peers!

They really didnt want to lose face in front of them.

Meanwhile, Micheal had just finished spinning the other two wheels, showing the teams the games picked for them.

Felix merely glanced and ignored them for now, putting his entire focus on his upcoming individual game.

“The individual game will be hosted in three days.

The three vs three game will start in seven days.

Lastly, the five vs five game will commence in ten days.” Micheal informed calmly.

No one reacted differently to his announcement.

They were already familiar with the rules of the event.

“As for the prizes.” Micheal waved his hand and displayed twelve gigantic holographic items that were shimmering brilliantly.

All the champions began salivating at the sight of those refined treasures.

Even Micheal gulped audibly after seeing them…Every god-damn year, he hosted this event and get rewarded with a couple of trillions coins.

It was the highest commission any judge could receive from judging private events like those.

So, he shouldnt be complaining…But, every time he displayed the prize pool, he felt like those trillions were mere peanuts.

“For the individual game…The prize will be this legendary axe for the first winner.” He said while clicking on an double faced arched axe.

“Its called Crescent Battle Axe.” Mike introduced with an envious tone, “It has been forged by emperor Lokhil himself a thousand years ago.”

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