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Chapter 798: Aspidochelones Team l

Two months later…

“Felix, we have received another team invitation by Jorōgumo, the Silk Primogenitor.” Lady Sphinx informed Felix, who was currently training his conversion technique.

“I see…I will be checking on her champions soon.” Felix replied.

“Dont forget, there is only two months left before the start of the event.” Thor warned him, “Most teams will start training in the upcoming days to prepare for it.”

In other words, Felix didnt have two months to make a decision and pick a team but merely a few days at best.

In the past two months, Felix had gotten a dozen of team invitations from Erebus, Siren, and even Kumiho.

Still, he postponed responding to any of their invitations, knowing that this was a big decision to make.

“Dont worry, I will be deciding today.” Felix assured Thor while opening a holographic screen.

It was displaying Jorōgumos champions in diamond/radiant games.

‘Spider Kin, I have yet to fight against one. Felix commentated while watching highlights of humanoid spiders with different sizes, shapes, and abilities.

The race was called Spider Kin for a reason…It consisted of all spider species in humanoid forms or even monstrous forms.

When it came to their population, they surpassed humans by many digits!

However, the majority of them were considered from weak breed due to their thin ancestral bloodline.

They could be considered as the commoners within the Spider Kin.

As for the real upper echolone

They consisted of clans that perverse their ancestral bloodline purity at all cost, making them able to inherit silk manipulation and other enhancements if they were gifted.

The champions before Felix were the current most gifted clan members.

They werent to be underestimated at all.

“Silk is truly a flexible element.”

Felix could only wonder as he watched those champions putting their opponents into silk cocoons just to crash them from within.

Silk was already an extremely tough and durable material…In fact, it was five times stronger than steel while still enjoying the benefits of being soft and flexible.

Now, imagine if silk was hardened or solidified

Even, Felix knew that it would be hard to break it apart with just his physical strength.

“I cant ally with them.”

Still, Felix didnt see himself joining their team…With his void abilities, he would be forced to keep worrying about touching his teammates with them.

Their silk manipulation was astonishing alright, but their physical defenses consisted of hardened scales.

Felix knew that even void seekers would cause them great harm if it landed on them.

“I guess I am back to the first invitation.” Felix smiled wryly.

“Already told you so.” Asna yawned lazily while lying on the couch next to him.

Aspidochelones team consisted only of heavenly turtles…With their indestructible shells and tough skins, Felix knew that he wouldnt need to worry too much about them.

Even if a void seeker landed on them during the chaos, it wouldnt be capable of harming them at all.

They only needed to worry about his void domain and void beam.

“Did you make your mind” Lady Sphinx inquired.

“Yes.” Felix nodded while closing the hologram.

“Okay, I will contact him now.” Lady Sphinx said.

A few days later…

Felix and his masters could be seen standing on a spacious arena with empty audience stands.

Next to them was Aspidochelone in his humanoid form.

“I am glad that we have you in our team, child.” Aspidochelone spoke with a kind elderly tone while patting Felixs head.

“The pleasure is mine elder.” Felix replied respectfully.

Suddenly, five gigantic flashes of light appeared on the arena in front of Felix and the others.

A second later, they turned to be five gigantic heavenly turtles.

They didnt all appear the same.

One of them was much larger than the rest and had a brown earthly shell on her back.

Another one had a longer neck and a snapper mouth.

Yet, the most unique one was a turtle with a spiky shell!

“Good morning elders.” All of them bowed their heads respectfully…Then, they eyed Felix with various looks.

Some were curious, some were disinterested, and some were outright ignoring his existence.

‘It looks like some of them are still not convinced about having you join them. Asna giggled.

‘They will be convinced soon. Felix grinned wickedly while staring at them in the eyes.

“Introduce yourselves to your new teammate.” Aspidochelone wasnt concerned about the friction between his champions and Felix.

He didnt set up a meeting in an arena for no reason.

“I am Xulud…My SG ID is Rotspawn.

I am a mid-tier radiant player.” The heavenly turtle with the long neck and snappers introduced nonchalantly.

“I am Ualka, but you can call me Barbyclaw.

Also, a mid-tier radiant player.” The biggest turtle of them spoke with a gentle feminine tone.

“Slagwing…High-tier radiant.” The spiky turtle said while staring at Felix coldly.

Felix picked up a tint of hate from his tone, making him unable to discern if he was simply a racist or hating on him for a different reason.

“Webor here! But you can call me Cloudface.

I cant wait to talk to you about your void abilities.

Oh, and I am a low-tier radiant player!” A heavenly turtle with a thick short neck introduced happily.

“Nina…High-tier radiant.” The last turtle spoke with a lazy tone, like she was going to sleep at any given moment.

When it came to heavenly turtles, they were known for two main personalities…Chirpy and chatty or lazily and cold.

Those two truly portrayed the stereotype to perfection.

As for their ranks Felix already knew that Aspidochelone would bring only radiant players with him.

After all, it wasnt that hard for heavenly turtles to reach that rank.

“Nice to meet you everyone.” Felix introduced himself with a faint smile, “I am Felix Maxwell and known as Landlord.

I dont mind referring me with either names.

Currently, I am a low-tier diamond ranked player.”

“Nice to meet you!” Excited, Webor waved his gigantic paw.

Meanwhile, the others didnt even bother to spare Felix a polite nod…Especially, when they heard about his rank.

“Now that we have gotten rid of the introductions, how about a little spar to enliven the atmosphere” Aspidochelone proposed.

“Agreed.” Thor accepted it immediately, knowing that Felix wouldnt garner his teammates respect if he didnt beat them to plump.

If Aspidochelone didnt suggest the friendly spar, he would have done it.

“I am willing to learn.” Felix smiled politely.

“You will learn alright.” Slagwing sneered while stepping forward, letting everyone know that he would be going first.

Just as Felix wanted to step forward too, Aspidochelone held him by his shoulder.

“Haha, dont be too rush everyone.” Aspidochelone chuckled, “This is a friendly spar, so there should be some rules to help you learn more about each other.”

“What do you propose” Jörmungandr inquired.

“Little Felix should not use his void domain and my champion will not dig underground.” Aspidochelone said, “It wont be much of a fight if you defended yourself with the void domain or my champions hid underground.”

‘The f*ck, how is this bullsh*t fair Asna cursed instantly.

‘Be chill, I expected as much.

Felix still had the same polite smile even after hearing that he would be banned from using his strongest ability.

‘Hehe, its actually good that they brought it on their own. Asna snickered,Now, when you thrash them, they will not have an excuse.

“Do you agree to the rules” Aspidochelone asked.

“Yes.” Slagwing nodded with a hidden grin.

He would be lying if he said that Felixs void domain didnt scare the ** out of him.

He had watched the Sleepers useless attempts against it.

Most importantly, he saw what happened to Exodial when he touched the void domain.

“I dont mind even if they went underground.” Felix cracked his neck while approaching Slagwing, “His ending will be the same either ways.”

“Hahaha! Bold words! I love it.” Aspidochelone laughed out loud.

The same couldnt be said about his champions.

All of them gave Felix a frigid stare, feeling like he was belittling them in front of their ancestor.

‘You better wipe the floor clean with him. Rotspawn stressed telepathically.

‘Dont disappoint me Slaggy, or you can forget about your date with me. Barbyclaw threatened.

‘Just make it quick…I dont feel like fighting at all today. Nina yawned.

‘You guys dont have to worry too much. Slagwing sneered coldly,You think I will go soft with him after making my Ualka a substitute

No wonder he hated Felixs guts in his first meeting…It turned out that Aspidochelone had placed Felix in the main team straightaway.

Barbyclaw was the victim of Felixs sudden addition to the team.

Alas, they could not object to Aspidochelones decision.

Felixs relationship with his masters wasnt the same as those turtles with their ancestor…His orders must be carried out at all cost even if it meant death.

So, the only way to make him reconsider was by thrashing Felix right now.

This would make him realize that he wasnt worthy of being part of the main team.

“Clear out the floor.” Aspidochelone clapped his hands, resulting in everyone getting teleported to the stands.

Only Slagwing and Felix remained standing on the spacious arena that was at least a couple of kilometers wide.

“You may begin!”

Immediately after hearing Aspidochelones announcement, Felix opened a void rift in front of him and jumped inside.

Slagwing heightened his senses, knowing that he could emerge at any given moment next to him…Or worst, assault him with that horrifying void beam.

Unfortunately, Felix did neither.

‘Hm Slagwing soon noticed tiny fluctuation in space emitting from the center of his body.

The instant he noticed them, he swiftly tried to move away from it.

Too bad, his gigantic size made it hard for him to move quickly…Especially, when he wasnt on mud to enhance his speed.


Hence, a small void rift was opened right inside his stomach, managing to split it like it was made out of batter!


Slagwing screamed with a twisted expression that conveyed immense agony.

Sadly, that was merely a small taste of the hell he was about to experience by having his unprotected organs in direct contact with the void realm!


Slagwing hallowed in utter horror as he sensed the void energy disintegrating him from within.

Because of his remarkable endurance and durability, he didnt die even when half of his vital organs had been erased from existence.

Aspidochelone and the rest of his champions could watch Slagwing screeching in pain while being covered in void energy.

He resembled a dead elephant being devoured by a swarm of flesh eating locusts.

After a couple of seconds, nothing of Slagwing was left behind, besides some drops of blood and a tiny void rift.

It wasnt even bigger than a babys fist…Yet, it was enough to wipe out a heavenly turtle in mere seconds.

A moment later, Felix opened a new void rift next to it and stepped causally into the arena while wearing the same misty black poisonous outfit.

He uncovered his face from the poisonous mist and turned towards Aspidochelone and his champions.

“Whos next” He asked calmly.

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