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Chapter 797: The Birthday Party

“Felix, are you alright” Asna asked with a worried tone after seeing a single tear falling down Felixs cheek.

When Robert and Olivia saw it, they couldnt help but start to regret holding this birthday party for Felix.

It was forever since they saw Felix cry…They knew if he cried, it only meant that he still hadnt moved on from his parents death on his birthday.

“Oh this Its just a new face exercise.” Felix chuckled while wiping his tear with his sleeve.

“Gramps! Little Oli, whats up with those looks” Felix scolded jokingly, “Are you regretting celebrating my birthday after everything I have done to you How selfish!”

When they saw that he was being all chirpy and happy, they honestly didnt know if he truly wanted to celebrate or just masking his pain.

Unbeknownst to them, that tear wasnt out of sadness but happiness.

The memory of his parents death sure stung his heart like hell, but when he saw how crowded his party, he felt at peace.

His girlfriend was holding his hand, his family was here, his teammates were making fun of Leo, his subordinates were looking at his respectfully, and even his masters were watching over him kindly.

Compared to his empty birthday party thirteen years ago, he truly had gained countless people at his side.

Felix might have lost his parents, but he had gained many people who loved and cared for him as a friend, as a family, as a student, and lastly, as a lover.

“Come on, cue the music and lets get this party started.” Felix clapped his hands while walking towards his grandfather.

He gave him a big old hug and whispered in his ears, “I am fine gramps, I am really fine.”

“Thats all I ever wanted to hear, son.” Robert patted him in the back with a proud look.

After they separated from the hug, Felix went and brought Asna to Robert.

“This is Asna, my girlfri…Oww!”

“Nice to meet you elder Robert.

I heard a lot about you.” Asna greeted politely after stepping on Felixs toe with her heel.

“Hoho, it looks like this little rascal has won the jackpot with you.” Robert complemented while chuckling.

‘He approves of me Asna blushed while lowering her head shyly.

Seeing such reaction almost melted everyones hearts, not knowing that her real personality was that of a sadistic queen.

Felix went on and introduced Asna to the rest.

Then, he left her to hang out with Olivia and the other girls.

He wanted her to have some interaction with other people beside himself and the tenants in his mind.

Who knows, she might even make friends with Olivia, Sylvia, and the rest.

“So, how did you meet Felix” Olivia narrowed her eyes at Asna, not trusting her yet.

She didnt care about her goddess-like beauty or her perfect figure…She just wanted for Felix to be happy with someone.

“We met in ruins exploration.” Asna coughed, a bit ashamed.

She couldnt tell them the truth about their first meeting.

It was doubtful if they would accept her if they knew that she tried to possess Felixs soul by penetrating his anus.

That wasnt a cute romantic first meeting at all.

“Sounds interesting!” Sophia said with a gossipy look, “Did he save you from a trap Did you end up splitting from your team and joined hands to survive”

“The first one.” Asna smiled genuinely.

It might seem like a lie, but she really meant it.

Felix had indeed saved her from eternal imprisonment even if it wasnt intentional.

“Kyaa! Thats so romantic!” Hina expressed excitedly.

Sylvia couldnt help but exhibit a bit of envy before she hid it behind her cold expression.

She might not have expressed her feelings, but Sylvia actually liked Felix.

How could she not like him

At this moment, Felix could be considered as the most desirable man in the galaxy by every woman alive.

He was the indirect leader of a federation, he was the strongest human alive, he was extremely handsome, he was a potion master, and last but not least, he was famous throughout the entire universe.

He was the prince charming in real life.

Only after seeing Asna face to face did Sylvia understood why Felix never made a move on her.

While Asna was clicking with the girls and some nosy men, Felix was sitting with his subordinates in a corner table.

“Any updates on the rocks” Felix inquired with a serious tone.

“Boss, this is your birthday.” Erik scratched his head, “Cant you relax a little”

“If he asked, you answer.” Malak smacked him in the head in irritation.

“I am just saying…”

“Erik is right.” Felix smiled, “This is my birthday party, and it will look bad on me if I worked instead of entertaining my guests.”

Felix was used to not wasting time, he stopped trying to even relax a little unless he was completely exhausted.

Tonight, he wanted that changed.

Sometime later…Felix could be seen sitting on a table while surrounded by everyone.

There was a three layered chocolate cake in front of him…It had two candles in the shape of twenty-four affixed on its center.

Robert lighted the candles and began singing happy birthday song to Felix.

The others soon joined in the song.

When their voices harmonized, Felixs memories of his eleventh birthday overlapped with the present…The birthday that he had never received as a kid had finally happened.

The moment the song ended, Felix blew the candles off after making his wish…It was a simple wish of having his parents live peacefully in the spirit realm.

Clap Clap!

Everyone started applauding and whistling happily, feeling content that Felix had finally blown his own candles.

Asna leaned next to Felixs ear and whispered, “What did you wish for”

Just as Felix wanted to answer her, Asna held him by the hair and tried to shove his face into the cake.

Alas, this was Felix…His reflexes were beyond abnormal.


His forehead smacked with the hard wooden surface of the table after he pushed the cake away from his face at the last moment!

“…” Everyone eyed him speechlessly.

“Hahaha! What an idiot!”

Only Asnas mesmerizing laugh resounded in the hall at the sight of Felixs reddened forehead.

“Lets see if you will laugh after this.”

Felix grinned faintly as he picked a piece of cake with his hand and smeared it all over Asnas gorgeous face and hair.

“You, You! You!!! You never mess with a girls face and hair…YOU ARE A DEAD MAN, FELIX!” Asnas charming laugh had turned into a demonic howl, scaring the ** out of Felix.


Just like obedient students, Ronaldinho, Leo, Aadav, and almost all the men in the hall rushed to help out with Asnas request.

“F*ck, stop simping over my girlfriend and let me go!” Felix cursed them after being tightly held by all of them.

“Sorry captain.” Leo apologized with a wide happy smile, “I want to be thanked by the goddess.”


“Cough, I just want to see her be happy.”

“I think I am in love with her…”

“You sick bastards.” Felix cried out loud, “Dont you dare join her cult as well.”

“Shshshshe.” Asna placed her thin fair finger on Felixs lips, shushing him with a creepy gentle smile.

Then, she pushed the cake closer to Felix and held him by the hair again.

Before Felix could beg for mercy, Asna shoved him hard into the cake until half of his head was planted inside it.

Clap Clap!

Olivia and the rest started to clap while laughing out loud in amusement as they watched Felixs head squirm within the cake.

In a few moments, she pulled him out, making everyone burst in laughter yet again at the sight of his chocolate covered face.

Such an embarrassing situation truly wasnt befitting of a Hall of Famer.

While everyone was laughing and having fun, Noah eyed the ruined cake with a faint sad look.

‘I wanted a piece… He thought to himself while holding a plate and a fork.

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