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Chapter 793: Until Death Do Us Apart

“Scared of whom The ones, who imprisoned you” Felix asked with a stern look as he moved his chair next to hers.

“Yes…I want to avoid saying their names, they give me the creeps.” Asna sniffled, “Lord Khaos told me that they are still watching…I am scared of them imprisoning me again when I get freed.”

Felix was honestly a bit terrified by those beings, who were capable of scaring even Asna.

She was supposed to be an Unigin.

Based on his knowledge, they should be the strongest entities in the universe.

If even them were scared of those beings, Felix had no idea how to pacify Asna.

He knew that he could promise to protect her, but with his current strength, he would honestly make a fool of himself.

Felix refused to give out empty promises.

“Whats worse, even if they didnt imprison me, I will be forced to start doing my duties for eternity.” Asna eyed Felix with a pitiful look, “Cant we just stay like this forever At least, I am free in the UVR.”


Felix didnt know how to comfort her.

He could see that Asna simply decided to choose the lesser evil.

Sure the UVR had 100% realism and could even outrank real life with the infinite possibilities in it.

In some sense, if one was rich, it could be considered as paradise.

Asna was living her paradise at this moment, making her doubt if it was even worth it to split her soul with Felix.

Still, Felix felt that it was wrong.

“Asna, I understand where you are coming from.” Felix sighed as he patted her in the head gently, “But, the UVR is still an illusion, no matter how good it is.”

“Who can tell if the UVR will even remain the same in the future” Felix said, “It can be deleted in the blink of an eye if more than ninety percent of the alliance members decided to do so.”

Not everyone knew this or bothered to know about it, but the UVR had a kill switch in case something horribly wrong happened.

“Is this the world you want to make as home” Felix smiled bitterly.

“I know its not ideal…But what can I do” Asna leaned against Felixs shoulder, feeling somewhat hopeless about her situation.

“For now, you dont need to do anything or make any decision.” Felix caressed her hair gently as he advised, “We have plenty of time before I find a method to enter the spirit realm and contact the spirits guardian.”

“Only when we reach there, and you have all the cards, can you make your decision.”

Felix refused to promise her protection, or he would kill those coming after her.

He would rather be realistic and give her actual useful advice than a false hope that he was capable of changing her fate.

He wasnt a monster to take advantage of her momentary weakness and openness to strengthen their relationship through empty words.

Still…Felix was capable of promising her one thing.

“Regardless of what decision you make then, I will be at your side until death do us apart.” Felix smiled faintly as he lifted her chin, “Deal”

Asnas heart raced at the sound of Felixs promise.

One of the unmentioned reasons, was that she didnt want to lose Felix after they split their souls.

She wanted to avoid admitting it out loud, but she was attached to Felix heavily now.

She simply couldnt imagine her life without him being by her side.

Felix had just assured her unsettled heart, that he wasnt going anywhere.

He might not slay her enemies, he might not be strong enough to even protect her like some sort of prince in a fairy tail.

But, he was going to stay by her side through thick and thin forever.

Thats all Asna wanted to hear from him…


Asna stared at his mesmerizing sincere eyes and couldnt help but lean forward with her eyes closed shut.

Felix could only watch her gorgeous face approaching him slowly with a stiffened expression.

Before he could react, her glossy enticing lips connected with his lips softly.

Time stopped when his lips met hers, but the flutter in their hearts only intensified.

Asnas heart pounded in her chest while her body felt limp.

She could only focus on how soft and sensational he felt against her mouth.

Felix kept his eyes wide open, still blanking out at the notion that his lips were touching Asnas.

Usually, he would be the active part in kissing.

But, when it came to Asna, the most beautiful woman in the universe, his expertise had failed him.

He could only watch Asna pulling away from his lips.

‘What did I just do Asna touched her parted lips with widened eyes, not daring to believe that she had actually kissed Felix!

When she saw that Felix was looking at her in daze, her ears and cheeks started to heat up akin to a boiler.

If this was a cartoon, smoke would be coming out from her ears.

“I..I…I…am sorry!!”

Abashed and ashamed, Asna bowed her head at Felix rapidly and then dashed towards the roofs door.

In a few moments, her heels couldnt be heard anymore.




Mistress Candace and the primogenitors could only stare at the roofs door speechlessly while holding into popcorn buckets.

They were just celebrating Asnas bold kiss, believing that it was enough for Felix and Asna to take their relationship to the next level.

Now They had no idea what to think anymore.

‘I heard about dine and dash…But, kiss and dash Thor remarked speechlessly,Thats new to me.

‘The hell are you sorry for

Felix finally broke from his daze and couldnt help but scold Asna furiously.

‘I am your boyfriend! Not some random dude you just kissed.


Asnas cheeks turned even redder after hearing Felix finally putting a label on their relationship.

Still, she didnt answer him or stopped running away.

Before long, she ended up getting lost within the alleyways.

‘Where did you go Felix asked while jumping from the restaurant roof.

The moment he landed, he looked around him with an annoyed expression, knowing that Asna shouldnt be left alone to roam the streets.

After all, she was a walking disaster.

As expected, the moment Asna entered the crowded main street, she stole everyones attention instantly.

“Its..h..er…Its the goddess!”

“Am I dreaming How can someone be this pretty…”

“Dont look at her in the eyes, you blasphemous bastards!!”

Chaos erupted in the pedestrian lane immediately after they realized Asnas identity.

Most men rushed towards Asna with feverish looks, making her recoil back in worry.

However, instead of jumping her as she assumed, those men knelt in front of her and started kowtowing.

Crash! Crash!!

Meanwhile, a traffic jam was created suddenly in the street as cars started crashing into each other due to pressing brakes abruptly.

One gander was all it took for everyone to be charmed by Asna and cause mayhem to arise!

“Please, can I take a picture with you!”

“I will pay anything to spend a day with you!”

“Can I have your ID”

Too bad, it didnt take long before some thirsty men started approaching Asna with ill intentions.

Asna couldnt even make a run for it since she was surrounded!

Just as she wanted to log out to avoid being touched…The kowtowing men stood up with livid expressions and guarded her.

“I swear to god I will f*ck you up if you dare take another step.”

“How atrocious! No one is deserving of breathing the same air as our goddess!”

“I will report anyone to the Queen, if you continue harassing my wif…My Goddess!”

Those men were clearly active users of Asnas cult in the network.

It had trillions of users.

It wasnt farfetched to meet a a couple of them in the Mariana Capital.

Unfortunately, they didnt look as intimidating as they hoped.

The thirsty men were already far gone in their fantasy world to fear for their lives.

So, they continued moving towards Asna while preparing to enter a fist fight if needed.

‘Screw this, I am logging out. Not planning to get caught in the fight, Asna quickly requested from Queen Ai to log out.

“I knew this will happen…Such a troublemaker.”

Out of nowhere, Felix landed from the sky next to Asna and flicked her in the forehead.

He easily found her by following the noisiest location.

“Oww!!” Asna cried painfully as she held her forehead.


The moment the cult followers heard Asnas painful groan, they turned around with murderous looks.

Alas, when they noticed that Felix was the culprit, their guts, and courage had extinguished immediately.

No one dared to breathe out loud in front of Felix…He had just slayed a dragon a few hours ago…It was still fresh in their minds.

In addition, he owned the federation in directly, which meant, being in his presence was the same as being in the presence of an emperor!

“Lets go.”

Felix ignored everyones stunned looks and pulled Asna through the crowd while holding into her hand.

“You didnt have to flick my forehead that hard.” Asna mumbled, keeping her disgruntlement to herself.

After they left the crowd, their hover car went down and picked them up…Then, it took them back to the restaurant.

Felix wasnt going to let Asnas freak out after her kiss ruin their date.

She took a step forward towards the right direction, and he was going to make sure that she wouldnt regress again!

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