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Chapter 792: A Second Date

Sometime later…Felix could be seen standing in front of door for his house while wearing a stunning blue marine tuxedo.

He had his purplish hair pulled behind, making him appear more presentable.

‘As always…Never in time. Felix clicked his tongue in vexation after seeing that Asna was still upstairs.

It was already past eight pm by ten minutes now.

While Asna was preparing herself, he dressed up, styled his hair, and called Mr.

Igris to book an entire restaurant just for the two of them.

Felix didnt want to be in public spaces when the entire media was still going crazy due to his victory.

‘Bold of you to assume that anyone will care about you when Asna is around. Thor chuckled.

Felix wanted to retort, but he had no words for it.

He still hadnt forgotten about what happened when he visited the movies with Asna.

People literally fainted due to her otherworldly beauty…It was simply too much for anyone to handle.

‘Fine, I also want to avoid interacting with Asnas worshipers…They creep me out. Felix shivered in his tuxedo after remembering his visit to one of her cults websites.

Asna was being treated as a goddess…Literally.

They were worshiping her for real and praying for her reappearance.

The worst part The cult was universal and had trillions of active users from different races.

Felix didnt doubt for a second that if Asna wanted to start a religion or an empire, the majority of those people would be either her first citizen or worshipers.

Cluck Cluck…

Just as Felix wanted to hasten Asna, his ears picked up a fable noise of heels tapping on the wooden stairs.

When he turned around, his heart skipped a beat immediately.

Asna was descending from the staircase while appearing as beautiful as an angel.

She was wearing a floral white dress that covered one of her shoulders, leaving the other exposed and flowing down into a beautiful court neckline.

It was a snug fit which emphasized her breasts in an elegant and dignified manner.

Her arms have been covered all the way down to her wrists.

Meanwhile, the sleeves were a loose fit from top to bottom, giving the dress a slightly casual look.

The dress waist was broad, but it was a tight fit.

A black cloth ribbon had been wrapped around her and was tied on one side.

Below the waist, the dress had a tulip style…It reached to just below her knees, leaving her fair unblemished legs exposed in the open.

She was a wearing a black peep toes with thin heels.

A strange, yet seemingly perfect choice that matched well with her dress.

To top it all off, she was wearing light makeup like she ever needed it when her natural beauty was more than enough to make emperors fight over her hand.

“Why are you wasting time now” Asna chided Felix with a faint blush, feeling a bit overwhelmed by his prolonged gaze.

“You are really going to be killing the restaurant staff tonight.” Felix said smiled wryly as he offered his hand.

“hehe.” Asna giggled while taking it gently.

Then, they left the estate and took the hover car.

They were currently in the Mariana capital that had already experienced many heavy changes due to the new regime in power.

After a few minutes of driving, Felix and Asna arrived at the booked restaurant.

It was a two-story restaurant that was located in a hidden alley, making it hard for anyone to actively seek finding it.

This was one of many fancy restaurants owned by Felix.


Igris had recommended it heavily to Felix after hearing that he had a date.

From the outside, It gave a casual and modern vibe with its large glass windows and minimized style of decoration.

Yet, the inside of it still appeared elegant and well-designed…This was to Felixs cup of tea.

“Lets hope the food is as good as its appearence.” Asna said as she locked her arm around Felix without her realization.


When they reached the glass door, it was opened by a waitress that had her hair made into a bun.

She seemed unable to remove her eyes from Asnas face even when she was welcoming them inside.

“No need to guide us to our table.” Felix spared her from dealing with Asna.

He took Asna with him and walked to the staircase.

After climbing them, they were met with a single table placed in the center of a finely decorated roof.

The table was already prepared with two expensive bottles of wine, glasses, plates, and a small flower vase in the middle.

As for the roof It was also part of the restaurant as most of the client prefer eating under the moons and stars.

Felix pulled the seat for Asna in a gentleman manner, and waited for her to get comfortable.

Only then, did he sit in front of her.

“So, what do you think” Felix coughed, “I had only an hour to prepare it, so dont be too hars…”

“I love it.” Asna smiled as gazed at the glimmering stars and the two giant crescent moons.

“I am glad.” Felix picked one of the wine bottles and asked, “Red or white”


Felix popped it open with his fingers causally and poured half a glass for both of them.

This was supposed to be the job for the waitress, but Felix didnt want her to end up ruining their date by spilling it over Asna or something.

He knew that Asnas current appearence was a mental attack.

“To your win.” Asna smiled as she clicked her glass with Felixs.

“To us.” Felix chose a better toast.

“To us…” Asna murmured as she clicked his glass again.

Seeing her get all embarrassed made Felix chuckle a little.

“You really have changed.” Felix said while reminiscing on his first day with Asna.

“Did I” Asna titled her head in confusion.

“Being forgetful now, huh” Felix mentioned.

“I dont know what you are talking about.” Asna shrugged her shoulders.

“How about your freedom” Felix said, “You used to be obsessed with splitting our souls.

Now I almost started to believe that you have stopped thinking about it.”

“Well…” Asna murmured, “What if I dont want it anymore”

“What!” Felix almost spat his wine all over her after hearing so.

Even the primogenitors were left at loss for words at her response, not expecting it one bit.

“Is it that shocking” Asna justified her decision while eying the stars and the moons, “I am now enjoying my life in the UVR…It has everything that I desire.”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Felix gave her a harsh look, “You can enjoy the UVR even when freed.

Dont settle just because something is hard.

Dont you trust in my capabilities to free you”

Felix knew that freeing Asna was almost impossible.

He was already told that the Spirits and Souls Guardian was residing in the spirit realm.

Asna had told him that he was the only one capable of splitting their souls permanently without damaging either side.

Even Lady Sphinx was unable of achieving so.

The problem was that the spirit realm wasnt accessible by the living…Lady Sphinx had already tried thousands of methods to enter it but to no avail.

In fact, she was banned from even staring into the spirit realm with her spiritual vision.

She gets kicked out the instant she peeked at it.

With Felixs insane upgrade to his mental capacity, he was now capable of unlocking the third level of his truth vision.

Unfortunately, he wasnt capable of sustaining his spiritual vision for a mere millisecond.

How could he free Asna when he wasnt even capable of peeking into the spirit realm

Even if he did, Lady Sphinx had already exhausted almost all methods that he could think of.

“Its not that I want to give up because of its difficulty.” Asna shook her head, “Im aware that with time, you will find a way eventually.”

“So whats the problem”

“Ah…You wont understand.” Asna smiled bitterly.

“Try me.”


“Asna.” Felix eyed her sternly, “I have never ever pressured you to open up to me.

But if you really consider me as your partner, you will share your worries without me needing to ask you.”

Seeing that he was being serious, Asna didnt know how to respond…She wanted to stay quiet but at the same time, she didnt want Felix to think that he wasnt her partner.

As he said, he had given her always space and peace of mind by not asking her about her past.

This was one of the many reasons why liked him.

However, Felix could not keep his hands away from this anymore when Asna made such a critical decision that would change both of their lives forever.

“I can only help if you let me.” Felix smiled gently while placing his palm on her hand.

When she felt his warm touch, Asna eyed reddened while holding his hand tightly…Soon, she began sniffling softly.

“I am scared…Okay I am scared of them!”

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