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Chapter 777: An Embarrassing Early Exit

The primogenitors immediately turned to the Manananggal, wanting to see his reaction over his champions early exit.

He was literally blasted into oblivion before he could even use the trump card prepared for him by Manananggal.

Seeing that Manananggal was trying very hard to keep his calm, Thor and Jörmungandr couldnt help but break the silence by a mocking snicker.

“Champion my ass.” Thor sneered, “He lasted even less than that random winter wolf.”

There was no way Thor wasnt going to rub salt in Manananggals wound in front of everyone.

“Give him a break.” Jörmungandr smiled, “At least, his champion defeated that orc.”

“Yes, yes, we should thank him actually.” Thor nodded with a pleased expression, “He just handed our cutie a free elimination.”

Erebus and the others couldnt help but sympathize with Manananggal after seeing that Felix had gotten three eliminations added above his head.

Eliminations were transferable after all.

Thats why Felix didnt need to rush himself and attempt to kill steal the Destroyer.

All he needed to do was wait until Bloodcoral lowered his guard and harvest everything at once.

“Feeling proud Huh, your champion used Lord Khaos abilities in the ambush.” Wendigo decided to back Manananggal after such an embarrassing display.

He had been told by Manananggal that his champion was given a rare scroll that was capable of killing Felix by a horrific mental attack.

Alas, he couldnt even use it.

Most likely, even if he used it, Felix would be just fine…After all, his mental defenses had been boosted to a unfathomable degree.

The Darkin faction had no idea about his visit to the Loftus Dust kingdom or his void abilities.

If they did, they would have strategized another plan against Felix or at least warned their champions about it.

But now They could only try to salvage whats left of Manananggals face.

“Its actually quite humiliating.” Saurous added to the fire, “Your champion has used Lord Khaos abilities more often than yours even though he has two limited manipulations.

If I were you, I wouldnt have the face to brag about it.”

What he said did make some sense…If Felix killed Bloodcoral by using poison or lightning, then his two masters had the right to brag about it.

However, when he used void abilities, only Lord Khaos could claim credit over this.

Unfortunately for the Darkin Faction, Thor had absolutely no shame whatsoever while Lady Sphinx and Jörmungandr were more practical.

“Cry me a river.”

“A kill is a kill.”

“Just be ready to cough out your treasures at the end of the game.”

They commentated at the same time, not giving a crap about his low-cost insults.

“F*cking shameless pricks.” Saurous cursed under his breath.

‘Thats enough, we are just embarrassing ourselves more. Manananggal spoke with Saurous telepathically,The only way we can redeem ourselves is by having your champion win this game.

‘Dont worry about that. Saurous smiled faintly,She can sense the distortion in space instantly…The moment that little sh*t tries to ambush her by his void blink, he will get himself killed.

Felixs blink might appear like an instantaneous teleportation, but in fact it left a few markings that could be used as a giveaway.

The moment he blinks, space get disoriented in his exit to prepare for his arrival…If Bloodcorals senses were heightened to the limit, he would have noticed the disorientation and evaded before Felix appeared.

Too bad, Felix had chosen the perfect moment to ambush…It was known fact that almost everyone lower their guards the minute they won a hard fight.

After all, fights required utmost concentration and attention…So, when it ends, its expected to lose such peak concentration.

Anyhow, Sunny was different.

Heightened senses or not, she was a gravity elementalist…She was more sensitive to anything related to space, dimensions, and even time.

‘I hope he blinks near her. Saurous smiled coldly as he eyed Felix chilling above a tree branch,He will be delivering himself straight inside her gravity domain.

‘Lets hope it goes that way. Wendigo frowned,We cant afford to lose two games against those buffoons.

After Felixs successful ambush, he decided to lie low for now…He had five eliminations and that ensured his entry to the fifth round in the second phase.

However, it didnt mean that he wouldnt be looking for free targets in the forest.

‘Sunny and Exodial have been placed in the desert region. Felix wished,It will be best if they fought against each other before we meet in the lake.

Exodial had been pretty active in the desert…Felix knew this due to the terrorizing explosions occurring periodically.

If he had to guess, most of the players should have been forced to migrate to another region, fearing for their lives.

He was completely right…

“Only Exodial and Sunny are left in the desert region.” Sage Marshal gave a forced laugh, “Exodial have really kicked everyone from an entire region.”

When the camera was spotted on Exodial and Sunny, one was seen flapping his humongous wings towards the volcanic region, while the other hovered towards the rainy forest.

Unluckily, they didnt cross path as Felix hoped for.

Before long, the 2nd round ended and the map began shrinking yet again, forcing the remaining players to edge closer to the center.

As before, the execution round didnt take anyone…In fact, all the remaining players had the corespondent kills to survive it.

Still, only nineteen players remained on the island.

When Sage Marshal highlighted all of them in the screen, some had more eliminations than the others.

Regardless, the lowest elimination score was three and the highest was six.

Surprisingly, it belonged to Phantom Eye.

He had gotten such numerous elimination due to killing one of his own inside the shadow realm!

The shadowborns had no issue killing their own if it served their benefits.

Since this was a battle royal and only one player was going to win it, Phantom Eye decided to act first and get rid of one his brothers.

Erebus was more than happy about it since his descendant was topping the charts in a game for other primogenitors champions.

“I am starting to think that my descendants might actually clutch this game.” Erebus chuckled.

“Keep dreaming.” Saurous snickered, “He cant even assassinate my champion or Cherufes champion.”

Since the start of the game, neither Sunny nor Exodial had landed on the ground.

One was flying continuously and the other was immune to gravity, making her levitate freely in the sky.

How could Phantom Eye assassinate either of them when their shadows were cast on the ground

“He already tried and failed to kill little Felix.” Thor added as well, “Trust me when I say that he will never succeed again.”

“You guys are just being haters.” Erebus grinned, “We will see who will emerge victorious at the end.”

“Oh What do we have here.” Aspidochelone raised his eyebrows in surprise after noticing that Sunny was moving in Felixs direction.

She had just entered the rainy forest, so she was still tens of kilometers away from him.

However, she was moving towards his location like she could see him.

Based on her speed, she would reach him in twenty minutes at best if she wasnt interrupted.

Speaking of the devil, the instant Sunny crossed a few kilometers through the forest, she was intercepted by an Exonian!

He was standing above the tip of a tree while donning a dō-maru[1] and carrying a sheeted katana on his belt.

Unlike the Executioner in Felixs previous game, this Exonian was carrying a real katana…It was an artifact that had three gray futharks engraved on its blade.

An Exonian with his real katana was a whole new level of terror compared to the Executioner!

“Lady Sunny, shall we have a go” The Exonian bowed his head respectfully.

“Are you certain Mr.

Celerity” Sunny titled her head to the side as she said softly, “Your speed means nothing to me.”

“I know it will be a hard battle.” Mr.

Celerity eyed Sunny with a serious expression, “Thats why I am seeking it…How can I restore my races lost honor if I hide from the strong and fight the weak”

“Well said.” Sunny smiled faintly, “I hope you wont regret your choice.”


[1] A unique Japanese samurai armor wore during the Heian period (794-1185)

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