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Chapter 774 – A Living Weapon

Seeing that Felix had decided to chill on another mountains peak, Sage Marshal switched the camera to other three players, hoping for a three-way to happen.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Felix was absorbing neutral energy through his new jacket and converting the energy into poison.

He had to be discreet since primogenitors were watching him.

If they caught wind that he learned conversion technique, it wouldnt be hard to guess that Jörmungandr had bestowed his perfect manipulation to him.

When that happen, the hoax would be in the open and Felix would be exposed to own also Thors perfect manipulation.

Hence, he must be discreet always while converting energy.

While the process was on going, he was being bathed inside his revitalization inducement.

His wounds were healed at a remarkable pace due to his rejuvenation being quite abnormal on its own.

After he was back in shape, Felix beamed a large normal metallic pole and buried it deeply in the snow next to him.

He sat in a meditation position while leaning against the pole.


Before his fans could wonder about the poles purpose, it was struck by two thick lightning bolts!

The electricity coursed through the pole and was delivered to Felix.

“Is it just me or does he resemble a battery” Witch Naima commentated speechlessly while watching the game stream in a classroom with a few witches.

“First time I see someone wanting to get struck by lightning willingly…”

“No wonder he has chosen to teleport to the mountains peak.”

The witches and other fans figured out Felixs reasoning for picking the snowy mountain region.

During the fight, he literally fought against two players in their preferable environment while he benefited nothing from it.

Now, they understood that his aim was the thunderclouds, which acted as a way to help him recharge his lost electricity during his fights!

As long as he was near them, he would never worry about running out.

After a few minutes and tens of lightning bolts, Felix finally had restored his lost electricity to the last drop.

When he was done, he opened a tiny void rift and extended his exposed hand inside.

“He must be recharging his lost void energy.” Zosia guessed.

“He has an infinite source of void energy at his disposal.” Maganda Chief snickered, “Its really unfair to the rest of the players…But f*ck them, they had plenty of advantages over us in the games and no one complained.”

Boo! Boo!

As he mentioned, the other viewers realized what Felix was doing and couldnt help but start crying out loud at how unfair it was.

An entire realm of void energy and Felix could access it with a simple void rift.

While the others struggle to maintain their elemental tanks, Felix could go all out and refill his tank again and again…

Alas, no matter how much they whined and booed, neither the Queen nor Sage Marshal bothered to address their complaints.

“Oho, it looks like Exodial has finally found his prey.” Sage Marshal tried to defuse the crowds boos by switching the camera to Exodial.

“Why run when you know its futile” Exodial sighed in frustration as he watched two players breaking from their fight and running in opposite direction.

The moment his shadowy figure was cast on those two players, they didnt hesitate to split up and run for their lives.

Alas, they were in a desert, making it impossible for them to find a place to hide or take cover from whats about to come.

“Whatever, might as well stretch my throat a bit.” Exodial eyed the two players lazily as he opened his jaws wide open!

Then, his throat began expanding bigger while turning crimson red through the scales!

Instead of aiming at any of the players, he affixed his wide open jaw on their previous battle location.

If the camera was positioned inside his throat, the viewers would be alarmed to see a tiny dark red dot getting created from condensed crimson flames!

A split second later, the tiny dot became as big as a soccer ball.

‘This should be enough for those two ants… Exodial thought lazily while drawing a deep breath.

Then, he launched the dark red sphere at the desert…It was so small, the viewers wouldnt have noticed it if it wasnt for Sage Marshal zooming on it.

“Thats it…”

Before an ignorant viewer could comment at the cute size of the dark red sphere, the rest of his sentence refused to come out after the screen turned as white as snow.Do you want to read more chapters Come to panda-novel,com


A couple of seconds later, a deafening blast rocked the entire stadium and was followed by the screen brightness fading away.

What was left behind was a magnificent mushroom that touched the ceiling of the sky…

It was high enough, every player managed to see its magnificence.

If nukes and plasma beams werent banned from the games, the players would have assumed that someone had just triggered one.

Honestly, they all wished that it was the doing of those heavy weapons.

Alas, every one of them recognized that no one was capable of such mass destruction besides Exodial…The only Red Dragon in the game.

‘They are really a living weapon. Felix stared at the mushroom with a serious expression.

Dragons werent feared and respected for no reason.

Flame Breath That was for dragonlings and dragon babies.

Adult dragons were capable of condensing their sacred flame to the point it could be considered as a plasma attack.

Felix knew that the last attack wasnt even Exodials best…Still, it was enough to reshape a few kilometers in the desert.

As for the poor two players One of them surrendered the instant he felt heat on his back while the other believed that he could make out of the blast zone.

Too bad, he was too confident for his own good and ended up turning to ashes.

“Just terrifying! Exodial has just reminded us why dragons are the strongest race in the universe!” Sage Marshal commentated with a dry throat.

Even as a commentator, he was scared **less of that attack.

Dont even mention the players, who were participating with that monster.

None of them wanted to imagine what would happen when the island shrinks to center, and they end up facing Exodial in such a confined area.

In a short while…

-The First Round has been concluded, the map will start shrinking in ten seconds.-

Queen Ai made a global announcement, warning everyone to stay away from the edges of the map.

No one knew exactly how long the shrinking process would last, and they preferred not to stay nearby the edges to find out.

Meanwhile, the players without an elimination above their heads were seen sprinting all over the map akin to madmen.

They werent scared of the map shrinking but what would happen after it.

The execution round!

Unfortunately, all the players with kills went into hiding, not wanting to fight those cornered beasts.

There wasnt really that many of them.

After all, everyone was proactive in finding battles at the beginning.

So, it wasnt hard to secure a kill.

However, there were exceptions like Felix and Exodial…Players, who eliminated more than one player!

Because of them, there was a shortage of players to fight against, making it possible for some players to end up meeting no one in fifteen minutes.

Peep Peep!

When the countdown ended, a loud horn noise resounded thunderously throughout the island as a final warning.

Then, the map began getting erased from existence…Literally!

Felix sat on a snowy boulder at the edge of the summit and watched it happen through the thunderclouds.

Ground, trees, mountains, desert, the sky, everything was getting deleted by a visible blue hue that surrounded the island.

The process was chosen to be done like since elemental circles would not be good enough to finish off every player.

This wasnt a gold game in the human platform branch, where a circle of extreme fire was enough to burn everyone to ashes…Besides that abnormality Wally.

Even Exodial would get killed instantly if he got caught by the blue hue.

After five minutes, the blue hue finally disappeared, sparing the island.

“If had to guess, it should have taken more than 30% of the landmass.” Felix murmured as he eyed a nearby mountain that was split in half.

It was such a smooth cut it made the mountain appear fake.

This had happened in all regions…Hell, the volcanic region had it worse.

An entire quarter of the giant volcano was gone, leaving lava to spill into the void.

‘Forty eight…I guess no one died in it. Felix checked the numbers of remaining players and realized that it was still the same.

‘Now, lets see how many will remain after the execution round.

The moment Felix mentioned it, Queen Ai sent out second global announcement.

-The execution round will start in ten seconds.-

This announcement was even more terrifying for some players than the previous one…

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