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Chapter 773 – Hand to Hand Combat!


Not waiting for Snowflake to make another move, Felix launched himself in his direction and did a back kick towards his chest.


Snowflake blocked it barely, but he ended up getting pushed further more into the edge of the summit.

‘Such a powerful kick! Snowflake exclaimed after feeling his arms shivering from the aftershock of the kick.

Not done yet, Felix rushed at him again and began assaulting him with quick punches, aiming at his jaw, liver, and even his crotch!

There was no such a thing as honorable fight in the games.

Felix had been taught by Jörmungandr to aim at every available weakness without exceptions!

Unfortunately, Snowflake managed to parry all the punches successfully.

He didnt even react when Felix attacked his crotch, knowing that he would have done the same.

In fact, when he retaliated against Felix, he attempted to knee Felix in his crotch as well, wanting to paralyze him for a split second.

Too bad, Felix always expected the worst from his opponents, allowing him to intercept Snowflakes knee with an elbow.


Both of them were launched a few meters back from the aftershock of their bones colliding fiercely.

Before they could even stabilize their footing, they blasted off the ground and connected yet again in a rapid frenzied assault!

Kicks, punches, bites, claws, elbows, knees, grapples…Everything was being used in the fight, resulting in an artistic but savage form of battle!

“I cant see **!”

“They are moving too fast!”

“Slow down! Slow down!”

The normal viewers could only complain with agitated expressions as they stared at two silhouettes, moving faster than what their eyes could capture.

Meanwhile, high leveled bloodliners and other viewers with heightened senses could only marvel at the fight.

They could see that no one was having an advantage over the other.

Snowflake possessed sharp claws that acted as weapons while Felix had electricity covering him.

When Snowflake land a punch, his fist get paralyzed slightly.

Because both of them possessed abnormal defenses and rejuvenation, no one was capable of handicapping the other even when they land a direct hit.

“He is actually keeping up with a winter wolf…How is this even possible”

“Does he have any weakness!”

“If even winter wolves cant kill him in hand-to-hand combat, who will!”

The viewers, who bet against Felix, started to feel like they had been cheated out of their money.

Unbeknownst to them, even Snowflake was losing his composure each second he spent in the fight.

‘This cant be real! He must have drank a battle potion to boost his physical strength! He thought with a maddened expression.

With each clash, he realized that Felix was learning and adapting to his fighting style.

At the start, Felix had received many hits to non vitals areas but now

He was capable of predicting Snowflakes next move with all the data he obtained from his previous clashes!

Ever since then, he stopped getting hit and began sneaking one counter-attack after the other.

Snowflakes defenses and rejuvenation were naturally capable of handling just as much.

But he was still getting agitated since he could feel that Felix was using him as a mere practice doll!

He had exposed his vitals two times by mistake, yet Felix didnt even bother to aim at them.

He was simply grinning from ear to ear creepily as he kept evading his claws.

‘More! More! More!

He was absolutely right…Felix was enjoying the battle more than he could ever comprehend.

He didnt want it to end so soon since he knew that it would be hard to meet another remarkable opponent, who could actually make him break a sweat physically!

Alas, fun times always end early.


With one last clash, Felix and Snowflake were propelled into opposite directions.

Both of them appeared like they have just emerged from a bar fight.update faster perks google search pan.da no.vel,remember to remove punctuation

While Snowflake was covered in purplish bruises, Felix had a few bloody claw marks in his back and shoulders.

Yet, none of them looked at each other.

“They will be here in less than half a minute.” Snowflake spoke while smelling three approaching foreign scents.

“I know.” Felix nodded calmly while eying the same three skeletons.

“How about we call it a day and leave while we still can.” Snowflake suggested, knowing that Felix had to take him on his offer.

The contract bound them to fight physically, which meant Felix couldnt kill him in such a short window even if he went all out.

Thats what he believed…Sadly, he was dead wrong.

“I need less than that to end this.” Felixs expression turned cold all of a sudden as he dashed towards Snowflake.

“What are you doing! You will get us both killed!” Snowflake could only shout at him furiously while blocking his frenzied assault.

Snowflake understood that the moment those three players arrive here, they wouldnt hesitate to focus on them.

After all, their conditions werent optimal, and the players werent dumb to not take advantage of it.

Alas, Felix thoroughly ignored his concerns and continued attacking him.

Snowflakes agitation kept increasing with each second gone by, feeling like he would be ambushed at any given moment.

Losing ones calm during such a high paced fight was a fatal mistake that had only one result…Giving out an opening.

Thats precisely what Snowflake ended up doing…Only this time, Felix wasnt going to ignore it.


A horrific uppercut landed straight on Snowflakes jaw!

The blow was strong enough it caused the brain to bounce off the walls inside Snowflakes skull!

Usually, this causes someone to lose consciousness, but Snowflake wasnt just anyone.

The punch simply paralyzed him for a split second.

Unfortunately for him, that was all Felix needed to commence a submission hold.


Felix swung his right leg at Snowflakes neck…Instead of hitting him as hard as he could, he jumped in the air and placed his other leg on his neck too!

Then, he tightened his grasp on his neck and rolled into the ground, forcing Snowflake to fall down against his will.

Then, he caught his extended arm and began pulling it as hard as he could!

Before Snowflake could understand what Felix aimed to achieve by such a useless submission hold, Felix murmured, “legs, arms, X2!”

Felixs legs and thighs began expanding bigger and bigger until Snowflakes face turned purple from getting suffocated by them!

Crack! Crack!

In fact, the pressure they caused to his neck was so horrifying, his neck bone began fracturing bit by bit!

Snowflake was already struggling against Felix before.

Now that size manipulation had been added to the mix He was being utterly overpowered in front of everyones dumbfounded looks.

‘F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, not like this, not like this!!! Snowflake was losing his mind at the thought of getting killed by a human in a physical battle.

He struggled, he kicked, punched, and even tried to claw Felixs thighs…Alas, nothing worked.

Through the blood and the wounds, Felix kept a cold expression as he tightened his legs to the limit.

“He really has him pinned down!” Sage Marshal exclaimed, “Will he surrender or accept his fate”

‘I surrender! I surrender!

Finally, Snowflake was left with no other option but to give up on the game to survive from an excruciating slow death.update faster perks google search pan.da no.vel,remember to remove punctuation

If it was possible to use elemental abilities, he would have escaped years ago from such a submission hold.

Alas, the moment he did so, Queen AI would be the one executing him based on the contract terms.

Upon seeing that Snowflakes body had been disintegrated into light particles, Felix reduced his legs and arms size back to normal.

He looked above him and saw that he had number two as a tag.

Felix wasnt surprised by this as he had already known that indirect elimination were counted as kills too.

If it wasnt for so, everyone would be executed when they fail to kill their opponents because they surrendered.

“Boys, you can have fun without me.” Felix said calmly while being covered in his symbiote suit, appearing like he was being devoured by a living creature.

Then, he waved his hand causally and blinked to the opposite peak that was in his line of sight.

A few seconds later…

Three players emerged from edges of the summit and eyed each other with baffled expressions.

They thought that Felix was cornered and had no way of escaping without using his void rift.

They were fully prepared to strike him the moment they notice a void rift being opened.

Alas, Felix had no need for it.

As long as he had a location in his line of sight, he could blink to it instantly…The only reason he uses void seekers was for hidden corners or to travel further distances.

“I cant believe he actually won fair and square in a physical battle against a winter wolf…” Sylvia murmured with a dazed expression.

“Does that mean his physical strength has already surpassed the known limits of humans” Leo mentioned with an awed look.

“Seems like it.” Sophia nodded.

“Brother Felix is really breaking a limit after another.” Olivia smiled proudly.

This type of conversation was being held in all bars, cafés, restaurants, and any gathering that involved this fight.

Humans always struggled due to the limitation imposed on their physical bodies.

Even if they reached origin realm, they were still much weaker physically than naturally gifted races.

Felix had just shown everyone that it was more than possible for humans to gain the same physical strength as those races.

He didnt defeat an orc or a giant, who could be outsmarted…But, a winter wolf!

A high acclaimed race in hand-to-hand combat to the point, most races avoid fighting them up close.

This was more than enough to prove that there was no such thing as limitations for humans.

They might be masters of none, but it was possible to be masters of everything!

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