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Chapter 772 – Forcing a Hand to Hand Combat!

Seeing such a hair-raising scene made Snowflake reconsider fighting off against Felix.

‘Snap out of it! All of this happened due to an ambush.

If that retard listened to me, none of this would have occurred. Snowflake regained control over his emotions, knowing that fear had no place in diamond ranked games!

‘He is alone in a snowy peak.

This is the best opportunity to secure a kill and move to the next round.

When his nerves were calmed, he began seeing his overwhelming advantages.

He was a winter wolf in his preferable environment…It was a one vs one and the nearest player was kilometers away.

So, what if Felix was a void elementalist

Snowflake didnt spend those ten days watching the moonlight and howling at it.

He trained hard to counter Felixs void abilities just like the rest of the players.

If he wasnt going to use them here, then he should just surrender while he still can.

“You are too cocky for your own good.” Snowflake clapped his hands together as he shouted, “Snow Cage!”update faster perks google search pan.da no.vel,remember to remove punctuation

Whoosh Whoosh!

The snow above the peak rose into the air and covered Felix inside a giant white dome.


Snowflake wasnt done yet as he controlled the snow cage to solidify, hoping to entrap Felix for a few seconds!

“Ice Hammer!”

Not daring to waste time, Snowflake lifted his hands up and began expelling a torrent of blue particles that ended up shaping as a humongous crystal hammer.

He created it so fast by using the falling snow as a material too!

Elementalist might not be able to create real snow, fire, plants or such, but they could control it by using external manipulation.


Snowflake smashed the snow dome with the ice hammer as hard as he could! The shock was enough to break the cage into little pieces!

Not waiting until the dust settles, Snowflake manifested hundreds of sharp crystallized objects and bombarded the peak to oblivion!

Huff Huff!

A few seconds later, Snowflake stopped the bombardment and began examining the ruined summit with a penetrating look.

Soon, he found a separated bloodied hand buried a little in the snow.

However, before he could feel delighted, he noticed that it belonged to his partner, Mr.


“Looking for me”

Suddenly, a faint whisper emerged right next to Snowflakes ear, sending the coldest chills he had ever felt in his life through his spine.

With his insane honed instincts, Snowflake swung his arm behind him like a whip, trying to push Felix away from him.


Alas, Felix blocked it with his forearm that was covered in his symbiote suit!

His physical defenses were already noteworthy.

When adding the toughness of the symbiote suit

Felixs body stopped being a weakness and was one of his strongest assets in the games!

Still, the split second resulting from this contact was enough for Snowflake to activate another ability!

Ice Spikes!

Long sharp ice spikes protruded from his back, forcing Felix to guard his face while backing off.

The moment some distance was created, Snowflake jumped from the ice pillar and landed on a newly created one.

“Here I was thinking we will be getting some hand-to-hand combat.” Felix sighed in disappointment while withdrawing his symbiote suit into his bracelet.

“I am not a fool to engage in a close combat with you.” Snowflake sneered, “The moment you touch me with your void element, I will be done for.”

“Are you stupid” Felix eyed him weirdly, “Do you honestly believe that you will still be alive for this long I didnt want to”

Snowflake wanted to believe that Felix was bluffing, and he was simply trying to play mind games with him.

However, his instincts screamed at him that Felix was being dead serious, and he should f*ck off while he still had the chance.

Remembering how Felix appeared behind him akin to a ghost made him more certain that Felix wasnt fooling around.

‘Shit, he is much creepier than I anticipated. Snowflake gulped a mouthful,Should I escape and find another victim I dont even know how he managed to teleport behind me.

This is getting too risky.

“Hey, hey, I know that look.” Felix scolded, “Stop dreaming about escaping.

If you know anything about void realm, it should be that I can find you even if you hid in the depths of the island.”

Upon hearing so, Snowflake realized that he only had two ways to escape from this situation.

Either kill Felix or delay the fight until other players get attracted by the noise and come rescue him.

Well, they wouldnt be rescuing him, but he believed that Felix would withdraw from the fight when it gets crowded.

“Listen, I just want to have an honest hand-to-hand combat.” Felix smiled innocently, “You have my word that I wont be using my elemental abilities or symbiote suit.”

“What is Landlord trying to achieve here” Sage Marshal was baffled, “Isnt he aware that winter wolves physique and battle instincts were even better than werewolves”

In the eyes of the viewers, Felix was either asking for a beating after growing too confident in his physical strength, or he was trying to trick Snowflake.

Snowflake thought the same.

“Your word” Snowflake snickered, “Do you think I am a child to believe in you cunning humans”

“How about a contract then” Felix forwarded a contract instantly that ensured neither of them use elemental abilities or items…Except Felixs passive, lightning quick reflexes.

Still, it would be a pure hand-to-hand combat.

When Snowflake read the terms, he realized that Felix was being serious.

He didnt even care that he could use that passive since he believed that his reflexes would still be faster than him.

‘Does he think he can take me down with only physical strength after blocking my arm before Snowflake was confounded,That wasnt even at my best.

‘F*ck it, he is doing me a favor. Snowflake signed the contract instantly, fearing that Felix might take it back.

He already realized that it would be extremely difficult to kill Felix when he was capable of literally teleporting.

In addition, he couldnt escape or hide due to Felixs ability to travel through the void realm.

He was cornered and Felix had just given him a way out.

“Good, good, good.” Felix smiled widely in satisfaction while cracking his fingers.

Felix didnt go through so much length to increase his physical strength just to not experience his prowess against worthy opponents.

Especially, when he went through hell to learn hand-to-hand combat with Jörmungandr.

“I have no idea how did the situation derail to this, but I am not complaining.” Sage Marshal commentated in eagerness while opening a live bet for the result of this battle.

Bets could be opened anytime for any situation within the games if the MC deemed them worthy of a wager.

The moment the wager went public, most of the viewers placed their bets on one of the two.

Unsurprisingly, most of Felixs fans went all out on him, knowing that he would never drop the ball on them.

As for the other viewers They were more rational and placed a bet on Snowflake.

They firmly believed in winter wolves physical capabilities and knew that Felix was going to be taught a lesson he would never forget.

Meanwhile, Felix and Snowflake were still standing silently on two opposite pillars.

They were in battle stance but no one made a move as they kept their eyes affixed on their opponents movement.update faster perks google search pan.da no.vel,remember to remove punctuation

‘I need to kill him fast before the others ruin this perfect chance. Snowflake narrowed his eyes at Felix, hoping that he would make the first move.

However, when he saw that Felix was as static as a boulder, he knew that he couldnt carry on this stare off.

He could smell that at least three players were edging closer to the peak.

So, the instant he saw Felix blink, he propelled himself towards him with his glimmering sharp claws extending forward!


Felix activated his supersonic mode, allowing him to see the incoming attack at a normal speed.

Just as he tried to evade it, he found himself losing his balance unexpectedly!

‘Cunning dog. Felixs expression hardened after realizing that the ice pillar beneath him had been disintegrated into ice particles.

It was known fact that evading an incoming attack without a footing was almost impossible!

‘Checkmate! Snowflake grinned after seeing Felix guard his face with his arms.

Snowflake knew that his claws werent going to be stopped by those two skinny arms!


However, before he could celebrate his perfect first move, he was dumbfounded by the sight of Felixs thighs and legs growing to an abnormal size!

Then…Gravity did its magic and pulled Felix into the ground faster due to the increased weight in his bottom half!


With widened eyes disbelief eyes, Snowflake flew right past Felixs head, missing him literally by a hair strand!

Thud! Thud!

Felix landed on the ground akin to a large rock while Snowflake ended up falling into the edges of the peak.

“Not a bad try, honestly.” Felix cracked his neck while reducing his bottom halfs size into normal.

Sage Marshal and the viewers could only stare at him with a dumbstruck expression, never expecting the first interaction to end up like this.

“What did I say” Maganda Chief smiled wryly, “His creative use of abilities is the most terrifying aspect of him.”

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