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Chapter 771 – First Blood Has Been Drawn!

Not realizing that he had brought out an intense reaction from many viewers, Felix removed his symbiote suit and checked it out.

‘Tsk, one blink, and its already getting damaged a little. Felix was fairly disappointed with the symbiote suit.

But alas, there was no better option in the market to handle void energy.

He could only swallow his frustration and refocus on the game.

‘Ten seconds left before the grace period expires. Queen Ai notified him.

Without further ado, Felix began scouting the entire mountain range from above, seeking his prey.


Soon enough, he caught wind of seven players spread out all over the place.

Two of them were within the mountain and the others were currently sprinting all over the place.

When Felix saw that two humanoid red auras were rushing to the peak, he began preparing the stage for them.

Felix pulled out the sets of nails with wires.

Then, he swiftly started positioning away from the center.

Naturally, he was burying them within the snow, so they wouldnt get noticed.

When he was done, he made sure to hide his footsteps and such.

Next, he went to the center and buried himself a few meters under the snow while still holding into the wires connected with the nails.

“Is he setting up a trap” Sage Marshal inquired while highlighting the network of wires under the snow.

When exposed from above, they appeared just like a spider web connected with the center.

No one understood why Felix was doing so besides a few observative viewers.

In their eyes, it was redundant to go this far when he could simply blink behind them just like he did previously.

“It seems that little junior is having trouble remaining long within the void realm without risking ruining his items.” Queen Allura reasoned while watching the stream with elder Dalilia.

“What do you mean” Elder Dalilia frowned.

“I believe that he possess void immunity, allowing him to travel void realm as he pleased.” Queen Allura clarified, “However, his AP bracelet isnt immune as him.”

“I see, so he needs to wear symbiote suit to protect it.” Elder Dalilia nodded, “Though, his symbiote suit is also struggling to fight off the potency of void energy.”

“Indeed, so he needs to refrain from traveling through the void realm only when necessary.” Queen Allura nodded.

‘It seems like his friend was responsible over long travels. Queen Allura thought to herself.

Just like she figured this out, the rest of the rulers were bound to reach the same conclusion.

Felix didnt care whether they knew about Mistress Candaces involvement or not from analyzing his actions.

He simply kept hiding under the snow while watching the two humanoid red auras get closer to the peak.

When the camera was spotted on them, it turned out to be a partnership between a werewolf and a winter wolf!

“Faster Snowflake! We need to reach the high ground before anyone else!” The werewolf spoke with a rushed tone as he jumped from a rock to another.

“We have to be careful, Mr.

Kindle.” Snowflake replied while knitting his white eyebrows.

“Careful from what” Mr.

Kindle shared, “We saw that no one had landed near the peak.

Plus, dont you trust my nose”

Werewolves had one of the best noses in all species in the universe as it allowed them to track someone from a hundred of kilometers by a mere whiff.

All werewolves had memorized every players smell during the game hall, allowing them to pinpoint exactly their locations on the island.

At this moment, his nose hadnt picked anything near the peak since they landed on the island.

Winter wolves sense of smell was also remarkable, but they were weaker in this aspect compared to the werewolves.

“I am just saying we need to keep an eye out.” Snowflake stressed, “I have played two diamond games now and lost them both due to carelessness.

I cant afford to lose another one by the same mistake.”

“We lost games too, stop whining.” Mr.

Kindle said, “We have reached the peak already.”

With one final jump, Mr.

Kindle landed on the snowy summit.

A moment later, Snowflake landed next to him and started eyeing the peak with a penetrating look, worrying that an ambush might be in place.

“See Nothing here.” Mr.

Kindle said as he walked towards the center.

“Wait, doesnt the snow seem oddly disturbed” Snowflake mentioned after spotting a few patches of the snow being out of shape compared to the area.

In normal cases, no one would have spotted those distortions since they were at windy snowy mountain peak.

However, Snowflake was extra paranoid this game, since he preferred not to get demoted to platnuim rank.

This made him question even the tiniest detail that was out of place.

When he walked to one of the spots that were disturbed, he placed his hand on the snow and closed his eyes.

A split second later…He noticed ice particles surrounding a dark object that resembled a nail.


Without an ounce of hesitation, Snowflake yelled at Mr.

Kindle while jumping as high as he could!

‘Oh no!


Kindles instincts were finally triggered when his foot touched a thin smooth metallic wire, making him realize that he had walked into a trap.


Alas, just as he attempted to jump away too, his foot had been hit by millions of electrical volts traveling through the wire!

He began twitching while his eyelids rolled at the back of his head like he was having a lethal seizure.

Whoosh Whoosh!!

A split second later, Two purplish blasts of energy emerged from underneath the snow and landed on Mr.

Kindles chest directly!

The void blasts didnt penetrate his chest or bounced off it…Instead, the void blasts merged with it and started disintegrating every single cell it touched.

In a split second, a small hole had emerged on Mr.

Kindle chest…The scariest part It was expanding wider and wider, exposing his internal organs!

All of this was happening while he was still getting shocked by millions of concurrent volts!

He was utterly hopeless to save himself!

When Snowflake saw Mr.

Kindles unenviable situation, he realized immediately the identity of the ambusher!

“LANDLORD! YOU CHOSE THE WRONG PLACE TO AMBUSH US PROUD WOLVES!” Snowflake yelled furiously while standing above a newly erected ice pillar.

It was at least forty meters long, putting enough distance from Felix.


Felix jumped from beneath the snow and landed right next to Mr.


He dusted his hair from the snow with one hand and used the other to rip out Mr.

Kindles heart!

He made it seem like it was just a causal day in the field.

“Did I” Felix answered lazily while bursting Mr.

Kindles heart into little pieces.

Some landed on him, but Felix didnt care…He was used to blood and guts by now.



Kindles corpse fell on its back after Felix cancelled his electrical discharge.

Blood seeped through its wide open chest that was still being devoured by the void energy…When it landed on the snow, it tainted red like a bottle of wipe spilled on a white carpet.

“First blood has been drawn brilliantly by Landlord!!”

Thrilled, Sage Marshal commentated loudly while zooming on Felixs bloodied hand and Mr.

Kindles corpse!

“Lets f*cking goooo!!!”

“My Lord never disappoints!”

“Holy **! He actually killed a diamond ranked player within the first minute of the game!”

Felixs fans went absolutely bonkers like they were just given a direct dose of well-needed dopamine.

Felix refrained from joining the games for four years!

Four long damn years!

When he finally returned, he gave them exactly what they wanted from him!

Meanwhile, the rest of the viewers had no idea how to react to the current development.

Such a simple trap wasnt supposed to work on a diamond ranked player.

“Heh, he might possess an unfathomable strength, but his intelligence and creative use of his abilities, scares me the most.” Maganda Chief commentated with a bitter smile.

Just like most observative viewers, he realized that Felixs plan worked only due to players ignorance of his blink ability.

Who would guess that Felix had blinked to a mountains peak that was twenty kilometers away and set up a trap on it

Adding the fact that no player had been spotted landing near the peak made it impossible to consider such a fact.

Last but not least, Felix had made sure to conceal his markings from the very start of the game.

No one does this since the known rank 3 Camouflage Potion could last for a mere five minutes.

So, if someone brought it with him, it was only logical to save it in climatic situations.

All of those points stacked with each other had caused Mr.

Kindles demise.

In fact, if Snowflake wasnt extra paranoid, both of them should have been dead by now and no one would blame them for it.

The trap was simply too perfect!

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