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Chapter 766 – A Four Way Showdown!

It was expected that a couple of champions would be included in this game due to the numbers of the players.

But, Felix had to be that unlucky to land against two champions from the Darkin Faction.

“It will be hard, but I am not afraid of them.” Composed, Felix clicked on the names of all champions, “I am not the same as before.”

“Thats my boy.”

Jörmungandr and Thor smiled in satisfaction at his confidence.

“What if you allied with the other champion That red dragon” Asna suggested.

It was a smart suggestion.

Sunny and Bloodcoral would most definitely take down Exodial together after they handle Felix.

So, why not turn this game into a two vs two

“Sigh, it was any other champion, it would have worked.” Felix shook his head, “But, we are talking about a real red dragon.

The most prideful race in the entire universe.

You already had a little taste from Flame Bearer, the Dragonling in my previous game.”

“Felix is right.” Lady Sphinx nodded, “Dragons will never ally with a human.

Even if Cherufe ordered them to do so, they would reject it vehemently.”

The Magma Primogenitor Cherufe was the Dragons sponsor.

They werent his descendants or had a drop of his bloodline…But still, he sponsored them just like Lady Sphinx was sponsoring the witches.

“I dont mind at all.” Felix shrugged his shoulders, “Dragons see all races beneath them equally.

Their pride was inherited and a trait of their personality.”

Felix would have taken it to heart if another player decided not to ally with him because he was a human…But not the dragons.

Thats just how they were born, and they couldnt change themselves even if they wanted.

“Since we are on him, lets check him out first.” Felix enlarged the Exodials profile and began studying him.

The first thing that caught his eye was his picture.

“They sure know how to strike terror with a simple pose.” Felixs heart skipped a beat at the picture.

Savage ebony eyes sit lightly within the creatures angular, hard skull, which gave the creature a threatening looking appearance.

One enormous central horn sat atop of its head, just above its tiny, pointy ears.

Small fan-like skin and bone structures ran down the sides of each of its jaw lines.

Its nose was large and had two wide, warped nostrils and theres a small tendril on its chin.

Rows of large teeth poked out from the side of its mouth and showed a glimpse of the terror hiding inside.

A strong neck ran down from its head and into a gigantic body.

The top was covered in thick red scales and rows of dark armor plating coursed on its spine.

Its bottom was covered in reptilian skin and was colored much darker than the rest of its body.

Four powerful limbs carried its body and allow the creature to stand noble and arrogantly.

Each limb had four digits, each of which end in thorny talons seemingly made of onyx.

Yet, what was more terrifying out of all of this, were his set of demonic red wings.

Their skin was thin and tattered like it could be damaged with a single kitchen knife.

But Felix knew that misconception had ended up turning many players into ashes.

Last but not least, Its thick tail ended in a gentle point and was covered in the same thick scales as its body.

This was the appearance of the top apex predator in the current Era!

“Heh, you might be the first to claim the unique singular title, The Dragon Slayer.” Asna grinned faintly.

In The SGPlatform, there were unique singular titles that were placed down for millions of years now for anyone to grab.

They were proclaimed as one of the highest honors anyone could obtain from the games.

The Dragon Slayer was one of those titles.

It was a title that was placed down personally by the Ancient Dragon himself, meaning that it was as legit as it could be.

The way to obtain the title was simple…Just slay a dragon in the games.

Yet, such a simple title was left unclaimed until almost everyone had forgotten that it existed.

Many Dragons had lost many games.

Many Dragons had died in many games as well due to the game designs.

Many Dragons had died in the hands of players trickery.

But not a single one of them had truly slayed a dragon!

How could you kill something that was able to reflect 99.99% of the damages done to its scales

It was simply impossible…They were immune to almost everything.

In addition, their mental defenses were one of the best, making them capable of surviving even the worst attacks from the Hive race.

The only weakness they possess was their reverse scale.

However, unlike the dragonlings that had it exposed at the back of their neck, real dragons had it under their chin.

It was tucked quite deeply, making it almost hopeless to aim at it.

After all, the dragons werent going to standing still while you try to hit it.

From birth, they were trained to protect it until it became an instinctual behavior.

The moment they sense a danger approaching, the other scales tightened up until the reversed scale disappear within them.

The Dragon Slayer title was a direct challenge to everyone imposed by the Dragon Race.

As long as no one was capable of slaying them in the games, they would always keep their heads lifted proudly.

No one had any right to insult them for it.

“Lets see if their scales will reflect even void energy.” Felix smirked faintly while closing Exodials profile.

Felix didnt feel a single ounce of worry against Exodial.

If he had only poison and lightning, he would be already strategizing a way to avoid meeting him.

But now He saw him just like any other player in the game.

All of them were going to be disintegrated on a cellular level the moment they get hit by his void energy.

“You better not get too cocky.” Lady Sphinx shared, “The dragon scales might not be able to completely negate the destructiveness of void energy, but it will make sure that it take a long while before it gets disintegrated.”

Naturally, void energy speed would be affected based on the material it tried to destroy.

For example, Felixs symbiote suite had a high resistance against void energy, enabling him to enter the void realm for a few seconds at best.

However, a high-end nanobot suit would be ruined within a second by a mere touch.

The dragon scales were tough enough to survive against the void energy for a short while too.

“Yes, I know.” Felix nodded, “Thats why I intend to use only the most potent void energy against him.”

“As long as you know.”

After watching a couple of highlights for Exodial, Felix moved to the other champions.

Exodial played only three games, so there wasnt much to see.

Still, in those three games, he absolutely obliterated anyone who stood in his path.

When Felix opened the profiles for the other two, he was more drawn by Sunnys picture.

She had an ashen gray skin and two pair of beautiful crystal butterfly-like wings…Two long antennas were attached to her forehead, making her resemble a butterfly even more.

She didnt have a nose…Only nostrils.

The last unique thing was her pupiless white eyes.

“Astra race, a truly fearsome bunch.” Felix commented as he pressed on her highlights.

It was always fascinating to watch Astrains in their games due to their gravity manipulation.

They were capable of doing all sorts of unique things with it, making them fearsome opponents.

In one of the highlights, Felix couldnt help but feel chills at the sight of a player getting crushed into the ground due to his own weight.

“No wonder they are ranked as the 7th strongest race in the alliance.” Asna said.

“She will be a tough opponent.” Felix shared, “I have never fought against someone with gravity manipulation.”

“Its not fun I tell you that.” Thor sighed, “That bastard Saurous was capable of opening black holes during our fights, making it extremely hard for us to escape from its terrifying pulling force.”

“I doubt his champion is capable of opening a black hole.” Jörmungandr said, “But, you still need to be wary of her other abilities.

Its better if you spent the next days fighting against her copy to familiarize yourself.”

“Will do.” Felix nodded.

“Dont underestimate Manananggals champion too just because you already defeated one.” Lady Sphinx mentioned, “Diamond ranked vampires are at another league compared to that kid you killed.”

When Felix watched Bloodcorals highlights, he couldnt help but agree with her…Especially, when he saw how Bloodcoral was capable of enslaving players by controlling their bloodstream!

Just a tiny exposed wound was all it took for him to make a diamond ranked player his b*tch!

“Those are just three players from a hundred.” Felix felt his blood get heated at the scene of hundred players of such caliber all in one island.

Truly the best stage to restart the climb!

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