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Chapter 759 – The Stolen Goods District.

“I dont have such a thing.” Felix shook his head, “I just wanted to pay my respects.”

“Aha…” Laylay narrowed her eyes at him for a second before returning to her chirpy personality.

“Anyway! You have my contact.

Call me if you need a tour or something.” Laylay winked, “I can also arrange some fun times with my sisters if you are interested.”

“How muc…”

‘Wanna die Asna said coldly.

“Cough, not interested.” Felix changed his response at the last second after hearing Asnas warning.

“Your loss!” Laylay closed the door after saying so.

‘Good thing you didnt give her your treasure, those little vixens are honest thieves. Mistress Candace said.

‘I know, they might seem as beautiful as goddesses, but they are tricksters. Felix nodded with a stern expression.

He was already handed the treasure by Lady Sphinx when he was on Earth…Now, he just needed to find a way to give it to the Matriarch without the other fairies knowing about it.

There were many reports on the forums, condemning the fairies for luring in visitors to bring treasures for a chance to receive personal ritual by the Matriarch.

But in fact, most of those treasures never make it to her.

If someone dared to point fingers at a fairy for stealing it, they would be asked to give a proof or else they would be ejected from the kingdom and banned from entering it again.

It wasnt that easy to give a proof when most visitors were forced to leave their bracelets under the fairies care.

Whats worse, it was almost impossible to cause trouble here.

Since everyone had drank the Pooh-Pooh solution, they were in a significant weakened state.

Even Felix was currently not in his optimal condition.

All in all, the moment one set foot in the Loftus Dust kingdom, they needed to be on guard against the fairies and their tricks.

“I still have two months before my reservation with the shaman fairy…Might as well check out the market.” Felix stretched his arms while observing the bustling lively town from his window.

Felix wanted to meet the Matriarch after he finishes the shaman ritual.

He knew that the Matriarch would make an exception and give him a second ritual by her if she saw his treasure.

However, if he met her first, he would be evicted from the kingdom the moment he gets the ritual even though he already had another reservation in place.

After Nimo woke up, Felix placed him on top of his shoulder and exited the apartment.

Nimo seemed dazed at the start due to the sudden decrease in size, but he got over it soon after being fed void energy.

Although Felix was tiny, he was still capable of opening void rift and sustaining it until Nimo had his fill.

Sometime later, Felix reached the marketplace and began looking around for anything interesting.

“My dust is capable of increasing fire affinity by 10%! Purchase my ritual for only eighty million coins!”

“Limited offer, the first three buyers will be getting an extra five minutes in their ritual.”

“I am interested in ritual to increase my water affinity, any fairies available”

Most of the sellers were fairies, attempting to get as many clients as possible for their rituals.

Felix ignored them and continued looking around.

He wasnt interested in those rituals since they were just a waste of a lifetime opportunity.

Increasing affinity Boosting physical strength Enhancing senses All of those blessings were obtainable through other means.

Meanwhile, strengthening the consciousness lake wasnt that easy.

The only methods known either had gruesome side effects like potions or were monopolized by the top ten races.

The fairies ritual was the only method available to strengthen their consciousness without side effects.

Since it was impossible to have two rituals by the fairies, one needed to pick the best option lest he regret it forever.

After walking for a while, Felix reached thestolen goods district.

It wasnt called as such naturally…But, Felix knew that almost 80% of the treasures on display were taken from the visitors in hopes to land in the Matriarchs hands.

This market was his target all along.

He understood that fairies prefer liquifying the stolen treasures as fast as possible to avoid getting accused.

This meant, they usually dont make a proper research of their treasures before putting them on sale.

‘Is that what I believe it is Surprised, Felix walked to one of the vendors and started examining her collection with a curious look.

“Handsome fella, do you like anything” The fairy vendor asked with a breathtaking smile.

“Hmm, whats the price for this pot I want it as a decoration for my apartment.” Felix inquired as he eyed a holographic flower pot.

There were two white flowers within the pot that kept emitting electricity sparks every so often.

Felix recognized those flowers as an A graded natural treasure instantly!

It was called Thunder Glaive.

It was an extremely rare plant that wasnt registered in Queen Ais database due to going extinct hundred million years ago.

Felix recognized it because of his two years cramming over Lady Sphinxs books.

He was already familiar with billions of unique natural treasures from every known element! His knowledge came straight from Lady Sphinx, who lived for billions of years.

“You are the first person I meet, who wants to decorate his apartment with a natural treasure.” The fairy vendor giggled over his attempt to lower the price.

Before Felix could get worried that the vendor knew about the real worth of Thunder Glaive, she began bull**ing with an honest smile, “This is Lightning Twin, a natural treasure that is graded asC.

But, most experts claim that its worth should be at B.”

“It cost twenty million SC on the outside, but for you, I will lower it to fifteen million.” The fairy stressed, “You can search for it online right this instant.

You will see that I am telling the truth.”

‘She seems confident…Dont tell me she is mistaking the Thunder Glaive for the Flaming Twins

Felix went a head and checked online, but he found out news only about the Flaming Twins.

It was a C ranked natural treasure that appeared somewhat the same as Thunder Glaive if it wasnt for the coloring being red and the flowers spewing hot flames.

“Cough, they are of the same species.

Since that one is C ran…”

“Just save it.” Felix facepalmed, “I will be taking it.”

“Really! Cough, I mean of course.” The fairy hid her excitement like she had just gotten rid of a nuisance.

After all, everything here was stolen goods, and they could be recovered at any moment if the original owner brought evidence that he got ripped off.

Felix didnt care about her charade and wired her the money after signing a contract to not get cheated.

“Do you have AP bracelet with you” The fairy asked.

“Yes, please beam it to me here.” Felix requested as he unlocked his spatial card.

The fairy nodded in understanding and sent the flower pot straight to his spatial card as blue particles.

It had to be done like this since the pot had a regular size and was banned from being beamed in the kingdom.

After the transaction was concluded, Felix went to another vendor, feeling like his luck was turning around for the night.

He just scored an A graded natural treasure that was worth at least seventy billion SC or more if it was shown in private auctions.

The natural treasure went extinct, but Felix had read about its benefits in ancient times.

If the two flowers were digested together, they would increase lightning affinity by at least 60% immediately!

Yet, their most efficient use was in potion-making.

Lady Sphinx had been using this exact natural treasure to concoct potions that werent even ranked!

Though, Felix bought it for a single reason…His stock of natural treasures was about to run out, and he needed to fill it up again.

For the next hour or so, Felix walked through the stolen goods district and purchased every natural treasure that was corresponding to his elements.

Because this stolen goods district was filled with remarkable treasures meant for the Matriarch, he ended up buying tens of natural treasures cheaply!

Unfortunately, he wasnt as lucky as the first time…Everything that he purchased was ranked C, B, and only one A graded natural treasure.

“I guess this is last vendor to visit.” Felix murmured as he walked towards wooden stall that had no customer checking the staff on it.

When he got nearer and checked them out, he realized why.

‘What is this broken junk Felix commentated speechlessly as he eyed hundreds of holographic dark pieces thrown on the stall.

Some pieces were as small as a pebble while some pieces were as big as a boulder.

At first sight, they looked like a bunch of dark rocks thrown together on a stall.

‘She is really daring to attempt and pull off such a blatant scam..


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