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Chapter 756 – The Conversion Technique II

“Whats that supposed to mean” Felix was baffled.

“Who knows for sure” Lady Sphinx added, “All we know is that the same sentence repeat in every inscription.

The only difference is the element.”

“Yep, in my case, it says that lightning is in all things and all things are in lightning.” Thor agreed.

“The creation primogenitor has found out that if you pronounced it successfully, your body will start absorbing the neutral energy around you and transform it into your elemental energy.”

“Thats it” Felix said speechlessly.

He thought that the technique would be insanely complex and would take him at least a couple of years to master since it was in 3rd stage of manipulation.

Who would have known that it would be the same as using a magic spell

“Learning the technique is easy, but mastering it Thats a different story.” Jörmungandr scoffed at his belittling.

“Just like absorbing elemental energies from objects, every person has his own speed based on his affinity.” Thor explained, “In the case of the conversion technique, your affinity will be playing a massive role as well.”

“The technique enable you to convert neutral energy to elemental energy, but the speed, the quantity, and the quality are on you.” Lady Sphinx further clarified.

“There is also an advanced level of conversion, where you can convert energy externally.

This meant, you can literally create poison abilities from nowhere.” Jörmungandr added.

When Felix heard it like this, it began to make sense why his masters believed that it would take him a while to truly learn this technique effectively.

“All this talk got me excited to see how it goes.” Felix requested eagerly for the pronunciation from Jörmungandr.

Jörmungandr went on and taught Felix how to pronounce the sentence letter by letter, so he wouldnt butcher it.

The first time Felix tried to say the sentence, he sounded like a goblin getting chocked…He completely butchered it.

The spelling was even worse than the hive race language.

Still, it took Felix a mere fifteen minutes of repetition and correction until he finally got it right.

The moment he spelled it out, the written sentence on his chest began turning brighter and brighter until it was illuminating akin to a green lamp.

“Its burning.” Felix knitted his eyebrows after sensing heat rising from it.

“Let it be.

It will be over soon.” Jörmungandr said.

Sure enough, the heat dissipated, but the light remained shining brightly.

Before Felix could feel worried that it would stay like this forever, Jörmungandr asked him to recall his inscriptions.

Felix did so and was relieved to see that the sentence had disappeared with the rest.

“Now what” Felix wondered.

“Just like bloodline abilities.

Think about converting neutral energy into poison energy, and it will happen automatically.” Jörmungandr informed.

“Okay.” Felix extended his palm forward and began thinking of absorbing neutral energy from it.


Just like a magic trick, the wind in the room began rushing towards Felixs palm.

It wasnt that noticeable from a far, but Felix could feel a new type of energy coursing through him.

It was soft, mild, and warm.

Before he could enjoy it more, the energy turned almost instantaneously into his familiar poison energy!

“2%, 4%, 10%, 20%…Haha, this is crazy!” Felix laughed in excitement at the sensation of having his tank being filled without touching a single elemental stone!

It was truly a miracle in display and anyone who saw it would have their jaws dropped in shock.

“Dont get too excited.” Jörmungandr said, “Your absorption speed is still crap and the energy converted is the lowest quality there is.”

Upon hearing so, Felix realized that he was indeed right.

The converted poison energy was the same as the one gotten from low-tier poison stones.

Sure, his tank was being filled but that energy would be used almost immediately to fuel a single ability of his.

For example, Asnas purified energy was the best for a simple reason.

It enabled Felix to use more abilities due to the energy being compressed to the limit, not taking space at all in his elemental tank.

“How do I increase it” Felix asked with a serious tone, knowing that he couldnt bring such crap energy to the diamond ranked games.

It would take him hours to fuel a single solid poisonous needle.

“Practice and Affinity.” Jörmungandr summarized.

“Since you already increased it to a good level in the past months, you only need to practice doing one thing.” Jörmungandr paused, “Try to absorb neutral energy again, but this time close your eyes and heighten your senses to the limit.”

When Felix tried doing so, he was astonished to see tiny green particles filling the room!

Some of them were rushing through his palm while the majority remained remained suspended in the area, not bothering to approach him.

“How is this possible” Felix asked with a curious expression.

“The moment you learned the conversion technique, your senses were now equipped to feel the little poison particles inside the neutral energy.” Thor clarified for him.

“It might be called conversion technique, but the process was more of a filtration.” Lady Sphinx added, “Neutral energy has particles for every element in the known universe.

When you absorb neutral energy, you will filter out the rest of the particles and keep the poison ones.

Then, they merge to make poison elemental energy within you.”

Lady Sphinx explanation was Felix needed to understand the principle of conversion technique.

In fact, he already figured out that his poison affinity role in this was to help him sense more poison particles and focus on attracting them.

By increasing his affinity and making sure to practice on daily basis, his body would soon be converting neutral energy into a high quality poison energy.

Sure, it wouldnt be as good as Asnas energy, but he would have an infinite source since neutral energy was literally everywhere besides areas with extreme environments.

“I believe the same principles applies to the rest of the elements” Felix said.

“Indeed.” Jörmungandr nodded.

“Then, should I head to master Thors galaxy now to increase my lightning affinity” Felix mentioned his plan, “I can practice on my conversion technique on the way by making a few stops.”

“You are getting ahead of yourself.” Jörmungandr shook his head, “Did you forget already that your lightning inscriptions are sealed”

“Sh*t.” Felix facepalmed.

Felix completely forgot that he needed to unseal his lightning inscriptions to increase his affinity properly.

How could he increase it when he was unable to use even external manipulation

But if he unsealed it, he would be forced to seal his poison inscriptions and this would ruin his attempts at training the conversion technique.

In other words, Felix could forget about focusing on two elements at the same time when the seal was still a thing.

“How am I supposed to master 3rd stage of manipulation though”

“No one can truly claim to master 3rd stage of manipulation when they havent learned even 1% of the written techniques.” Jörmungandr answered.

“Huh So, how am I supposed to remove the seal” Felix was baffled.

He was told that the only to remove the seal was by mastering the 3rd stage of manipulation and getting the poison inscriptions under his command.

“Since the only known technique in 3rd stage of manipulation is conversion, mastering it will be equivalent to mastering the 3rd stage of manipulation.” Jörmungandr clarified what he said.

Now it made sense in Felixs eyes.

“When you achieve so, the inscriptions will see if you are deemed worthy to listen to your commands.” Jörmungandr added.

“They are alive” Felix was stunned.

“No, but it is believed that they have a will of their own.” Thor replied.

“Just like bloodlines.”

Felix recognized the similarities between them and bloodlines.

They also rebel when a bloodline with the same rank or lower get merged with them.

Those two inscriptions refused to stack on each other and would be in a constant war unless Felix could control one of them.

Now that he knew the method to achieve so, he wasnt planning on lazying around…Especially, when he wasnt going to replace Lord Khaos bloodline anytime soon.

Felix had already decided that he wouldnt be replacing it before he reaches at least the 6th Devourer mark.

The void bloodline was already too overpowered to handle his upcoming battles.

So, it was better to hold into it while increasing his physical strength as much as possible.

If he went and replaced it after reaching the 6th mark, the replacement enhancement would be on a godly level!

“Might as well go to fairies dimensional pocket and remain there until I am in control over my poison inscriptions.” Felix made a viable decision.

He knew that Thors galaxy was nearby the fairies dimensional pocket.

This would enable him to start searching for areas rich with lightning energy the moment he took control over his inscriptions.

He wasnt going to the fairies dimensional pocket for sightseeing but to improve his consciousness lake, which would help him toughen his mental defenses even further.

Just like that, he would be taking care of most of his glaring weaknesses and join the diamond ranked games fully prepared!

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