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What do we do! What do we do! What the hell do we doo!! The first guard was already starting to lose his **.

He rushed to commander Hade\'s corpse and saw that he couldn\'t be any more dead.

Soon, he started to run around the throne frantically, thinking that the enemies might still be hiding here.

In his eyes, the whole killing and kidnapping sequence occurred in less than a second.

He saw just blips of everything before the chamber returned to its peaceful atmosphere.

He was a mere 6th stage bloodliner, there was no way that his mind could track Felix and Mistress Candace\'s movements.

F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! Let\'s inform the captain! The 2nd guard finally remembered his protocol that he never needed to use. 

Whenever ** goes down, contact the royal guards captain.


While the royal guards were retelling the most shocking experience in his life to the captain, Felix and Mistress Candace had already crossed thousands of kilometers away from the capital planet.

When they reached an empty area, they entered the matter universe and continued their journey on the Dark Deviant.

Are you alright Felix inquired after seeing Mistress Candace massaging her temples.

He was told by her that she didn\'t possess a much higher spiritual pressure than the emperor due to being a mere wisp of consciousness.

It was barely enough to freeze him for a few seconds before she experiences a nasty headache.

If she had her main consciousness inside her body, emperor Rawal would have been played like a puppet.

I am fine. Mistress Candace moved next to emperor Rawal and said, I will be starting now.

Good luck. Felix moved back to giver her some space.

Mistress Candace placed her palms on emperor Rawal temples and closed her eyes.

Then, she dove within his dream and picked a small hidden corner.

Next, she opened a mirror that was linked with his memories and began reading them quickly.

Usually, she would avoid reading her targets memories until they were already enslaved by her.

After all, this was a violation of privacy and if she didn\'t have them hooked on her, they would resist her enchantment attempts much harder.

As she was browsing through the emperor\'s memories, trying to find the names and location of the other nine assigned leaders, Felix was measuring the emperor\'s pulse.

He intended to pump more of his hypotension inducement into the emperor\'s veins the moment he senses that his pulse was on the rise.

This plan was the best one to extract information from the emperor without any side effects.

To use truth inducement, the emperor needed to be awake.

As for using rank 4 potions that were able to extract memories They were hit-and-miss potions.

Typically, the extracted memories were useless.

In case Mistress Candace failed to extract the needed Intel, Felix would be using the other methods.

Isn\'t better to just force him to surrender Asna wondered, With his personality, I believe he will agree if you spared him.

You are wrong. Felix shook his head, He might be greedy and have an inflated ego, but he isn\'t a coward.

He will rather die than surrender and have nothing left.

Felix would rather leave that option as the last resort.

After all, there was always the possibility that emperor Rawal would be crazy enough to blow up his soul.

If Origin Bloodliner blew his soul, the explosion would be more than enough to cover five hundred cubic kilometer!

Felix didn\'t want to be in the center of that.


Back in the palace, the royal family and the generals were gathered in the throne chamber yet again.

Commander Hade\'s corpse wasn\'t moved at all.

The two royal guards kept their heads lowered while the royal family and generals kept eying the throne with bewildered expressions.

They had been called by the captain as an emergency.

They thought that the emperor was the one calling for them, but when they arrived and heard what happened, their brains were short-circuited.

Commander Hade killed Emperor Rawal kidnapped

They would rather believe that the federation alliance had somehow breached their territory defenses and attacked the capital city, then believe in that brainless crap.

Alas, commander Hade\'s corpse was left there by the captain to make the situation more believable.

Queen Norfolk herself went to check on commander Hade\'s corpse.

Although it was without a head, she knew that it was him...She was an Origin Bloodliner too and spent many millennials dealing with commander.

This is really happening...

Finally accepting this f*cked up situation, the Queen turned to the two royal guards with a livid expression and hollowed at them, SPEAK NOW!

The two guards had anticipated the royal family\'s boiling rage and were prepared to handle it.

Ma\'am, I think it\'s better to see it personally.

The 1st guard forwarded a holographic screen that contained the recordings of what happened a few minutes ago.

His perception might be too slow to comprehend what happened, but his eyes still captured everything.

Queen Ai had recorded everything and turned it into data, allowing them to edit it as they pleased.

This is the slowed version.

The 1st guard played the recording and didn\'t speak again.

Prince Balin, Princess Alma, General Creed, Commander Edward, and the rest of the onlookers concentrated on the footage with serious expressions.

If what the royal guards claimed to be the truth, they knew that the repercussions were too big to stomach even for them.

Alas, when they saw how Felix and Mistress Candace appeared out of nowhere and did exactly what the royal guards claimed, they were left with no choice but to believe it.

How is this even possible Princess Alma jaw was dropped at the sight of her father being thrown like a sandbag.

Who are those two bastards and where did they come from

Are we still in the battleground Who\'s strong enough to blow a powerful origin bloodliner head\'s off with one punch Commander Edward murmured with a baffled look.

Silence! Queen Norfolk shushed everyone and ordered coldly, Play it again.

After the recording was played again, Queen Norfolk paused it exactly when Felix and Mistress Candace\'s appearance were shown on the screen.

Mistress Candace\'s beauty had already made a few men in the royal family to lose their focus and start daydreaming about her.

Yet, Felix\'s appearance attracted even more eyes since everyone was familiar with it.

How could anyone ever forget Felix\'s face when it was used to be popping off throughout the entire network

Is that really Landlord!

It must be him!

But, doesn\'t his hair and that forehead\'s red eye resembles Lance\'s

Yes, it\'s almost identical.

Soon, the onlookers had spotted the uncanny resemblance with Lance.

Since he was being super active in the network for the past months, everyone had already familiarized themselves with his appearance.

So, is he Landlord or Lance General Creed wondered, Or someone else entirely, who used a disguise to throw us off

That\'s your job. Queen Norfolk gave everyone a frigid stare and ordered, Find out his true identity, so we can make contact!

In Queen Norfolk\'s eyes, since they kidnapped the emperor instead of killing him, they still had hope of rescuing him.

\'This is a joke.\' Prince Balin thought otherwise.

In his eyes, there was no such hope.

It was game over for the royal family.

Felix and Mistress Candace had demonstrated that they could kill and capture even the highest ranked individuals in the galaxy within a second.

All of this while being inside the most protected area in the empire.

Since they attacked the royal family in the battleground, it only meant that they were siding with the federation.

He had no idea how did the federation managed to find or hire those two monsters, and he honestly wasn\'t planning to find out.

\'Time to liquify my assets to secure my freedom.\' He decided.

In his eyes, the war had ended the moment the emperor was kidnapped like a toddler.

It was better to liquify his properties and hid the money, so it could be used to pay for his freedom.

After all, when the war ends, everyone involved in the war would be imprisoned by Queen Ai inside the battleground until the winning side decide what do with them.

Prince Balin wasn\'t the only one thinking this rationally.

Many royal relatives and generals were  preparing their exit strategy too.

I don\'t want a single word of what happened here to be leaked outside! Queen Norfolk shouted, Now Move!

In such a crisis, time was everything.

The royal family and generals started to disappear one by one until only Queen Norfolk and the guards remained.

Forward the recording to me. Queen Norfolk ordered.

The moment the 1st royal guard did so, he found himself flying in the air while the world kept spinning and spinning.

A brief moment later, he fell into the ground and finally realized that he was decapitated...

Thud Thud!

Not being left alone, both the 2nd guard and captain\'s head had fallen next to his.

While their consciousness was slipping into the eternal darkness, the only thing they heard was Queen Norfolk\'s footsteps getting softer and softer.

In consolation to their death, at least they managed to witness the greatest and most shocking assassination/kidnapping attempt in the history of the galaxy....

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