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\'They will be dispatched in the battleground based on your desire.

Though, they can\'t be dispatched in the territory of the opposite side.\'

Such a rule was implemented to avoid making ambushes.

Imagine copying a supernova fleet and then dispatching it in a core region after sneaking inside.

The results would be catastrophic for the opposite side.

\'I know.\' Felix nodded.

Should we send them back now Mistress Candace asked as she eyed the void raccoons.


There was no need to leave them here when they had been copied successfully.

By the way, what will happen to them if they died in the battleground Mistress Candace wondered.

She was new to this system of having wars in UVR and still was having trouble understanding all the rules.

Nothing. Felix chuckled.

Huh Mistress Candace was bewildered by his answer.

The rules works only for intelligent lifeforms or objects. Felix clarified, In the case of intelligent lifeforms, Queen Ai takes care of them by execution.

As for weapons, spaceships, and such, the owner is enforced to destroy them or the SGAlliance will take care of it.

The rules have nothing against unintelligent lifeforms unless they wear AP bracelets. Felix added, It is done like this since there are races with cultivation systems that focuses on summoning and controlling hordes of unintelligent lifeforms.

It would be a chore to kill them or enforce the owner to do so. Felix concluded, Since they will be useless after their owner dies, no rule was implicated on them.

I see. Mistress Candace nodded in understanding.

She realized that Felix was taking advantage of this rule that was quite useless in wars between humans.

Even the beast masters weren\'t that useful in those wars since they control a very limited number of beasts.

Meanwhile, Felix was going in with 90 million void creature...No one knew that it was possible and Felix believed that after this war, there would be new rules added due to him.


After the void creatures were sent back to the void realm, Felix beamed a new AP bracelet.

Nimo, come here. Felix called.


Nimo stopped playing around in space and rushed back.

Felix made him stand still and placed the AP bracelet in direct eyesight of Nimo.

\'Queen, I would like to manually bind AP Bracelet number 5471...4dH with my pet\'s consciousness.\' Felix requested.

The moment Nimo had grown to the size of an adult cat, he stopped being considered as a toddler.

So, he was allowed to join the UVR.

If Felix didn\'t feed him void energy and allowed him to grow naturally, it would have taken two years or more.

\'To bind pet\'s consciousness, you need a proof of ownership.\'

Just like with void creatures, Felix needed to be responsible over the actions of his pet inside the UVR.

When Nimo\'s intelligence reached human standards, Felix would abolish his pet contract and free him.

\'Here it is.\'

Felix showed the contract to Queen Ai.

He had done it a month ago when he tried to test if Nimo was old enough to join the UVR.

Naturally, it wasn\'t a slavery contract where Queen Ai would execute Nimo if he dared to misbehave.

Felix considered Nimo as part of the family, and he would never make him sign such a contract.

It was the same as making your son sign it.

Sometimes, trust was more than enough to keep one at ease.

\'Binding has been concluded.\' Queen Ai informed.

Felix stared at Nimo, who had his eyes closed shut and requested, \'Please log him out.\'

Ee Eee

In a few seconds, Nimo opened his eyes with a confused expression. 

You will get used to it. Felix smiled gently as he made Nimo wear the AP bracelet like a collar.

Miss Candace, it\'s your turn. Felix said as he eyed Mistress Candace.

My main consciousness is already trapped inside your mind. Mistress Candace shrugged her shoulders as she joked, Signing a slavery contract will just make it official on paper.

I am glad you are seeing the humor in this. Felix chuckled as he offered her a contract to sign.

Without a slavery contract that enforced Mistress Candace to give up on her identity and roots, there was no way that Queen Ai would allow her to join the battleground.

Only Mariana Empire native born citizens were allowed or true permanent slaves.

Felix couldn\'t use the void army properly without Mistress Candace\'s assistance.

In addition, he would not be able to travel through the void realm without her help...His plans relied heavily on the void realm.

Thankfully, Mistress Candace didn\'t mind.

Honestly, she was unable to say no even if she wanted.

Still, Felix preferred not to use force or threats.


Inside the battleground, Felix had opened his eyes in his dark deviant spaceship.

He had copied his spaceship as well and made it as his protected spot.

Then, he requested the Queen to keep traveling through the galaxy nonstop.

This was a simple foolproof plan that worked every time.

As long as his spaceship avoided populated areas and space routes, it would be impossible to catch him in real life.

\'Log in Miss Candace and Nimo.\' Felix permitted.

In a few seconds, those two materialized next to him.

Eee Eee!

Nimo swiftly rushed towards Felix and hid under his jacket, clearly still rattled by the whole experience.

What now, Sir Felix Mistress Candace asked.

Let\'s dispatch the void army first.

Felix intended to go straight to the enemy territory.

He couldn\'t dispatch them there.

\'Queen, can I dispatch my void creatures in the void realm\' Felix asked.

\'It\'s possible.\' Queen warned, \'But, you need a method to extract them on your own.\'

\'Leave that to me.\' Felix smiled, \'Please dispatch them in the void realm.\'

Queen did as she was told.

She might be having a nonexistent connection with the real void realm, but in the UVR She could do anything she pleased with it.

After all, the void realm wasn\'t that complex.

It was just an infinite space filled with void energy.

Felix used his void vision and was satisfied that all of his void raccoons were placed around his spaceship in the void realm.

This saved him the trouble of putting them there personally.

Let\'s see if there is any development to the war. Composed, Felix sat on his bed and created tens of holographic screens.

Each one was for a news outlet that was responsible over the war.

After watching the news for a half an hour, he recognized that the federation alliance needed help more than ever.

Emperor Rawal truly screwed them big time with his private wormholes ambush strategy.

The ten captured regions had already become fifteen and his Royal Army was still expanding to other regions nonstop.

Since he was hitting multiple regions at once every time, it was hard to keep up with him.

No matter how bright Zosia was, she could not command her alliance army properly in this condition.

After all, it was impossible to strategize when everyone in the alliance were worried about their own territories.

Unlike Emperor Rawal with a firm control over his army, she needed to go an extra mile to convince a leader why they should send half of his troops to rescue the neighboring region.

Even then, generally she fails and gets forced to use the contract\'s terms against them.

In other words, she forcefully took over command of the regions\' armies to further her strategies.

When they fail to work, she gets criticized by hundreds of leaders.

When it works She gets nothing since it was her job as the Great Commander of the army.

It was truly a rewardless job that was fraught with nothing but stress.

They are really desperate.

Felix smirked after checking his email inbox and seeing that Maganda Chief and Zosia were hoping that Felix would join as soon as possible.

If possible, he could make the organization join the war as well.

Their agreement was with Felix and not the organization.

Still, they actually wanted the help from the organization instead of Felix.

After all, he was an individual in a galactical war.

In their eyes, nothing much could be accomplished by him to turn the tides in their favor.

Before meeting Mistress Candace, Felix would have agreed with their worries.

But now

Let\'s see about that. Felix chuckled and closed all the holographic screens.

Then, he emailed Zosia, informing her that he is going to hold his part of the deal.

Let\'s move. Felix grinned, Emperor Rawal has been bullying everyone a tad too much.

It\'s time for him to have a small taste of his own medicine.

Only Felix dared to claim that he was able to bully Emperor Rawal.

When looking at his unfathomable strength, Mistress Candace\'s assistance, and the void army behind him, no one would consider him as a bragger!


While Felix was preparing to start his travel through the void realm towards the Mariana empire capital city, Zosia had just called over Maganda Chief and the others to her office.

The reason Felix\'s email!

What does he mean by holding his part of the deal Gabriel wondered.

Most likely, he just joined the battleground. Maganda Chief informed, I have heard news from my subordinates that he had returned to Earth.

Should we send a small fleet to escort him to the core of the territory Raka asked.

No need, I believe he can manage himself. Berry added, Plus, it\'s better for us if he ended up in trouble.

The organization will be forced to extend a hand to assist him.

It\'s even better if he died. Gabriel said coldly, They might go all out to avenge his death..

After all, he is a very viable subject to them.

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