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A few hours later, a small void rift was opened on an empty calm beach.

Felix stepped outside the rift and was followed by Mistress Candace in her maid clothing.

Asna wasn\'t forgiving enough to allow her to dress as she pleased in the real world.

Ahhh, the smell of fresh air. Felix removed his helmet and took a deep breath in exhilaration.

Eee Eee!

Nimo jumped from the backpack and started playing in the sand happily.

Felix let him be and sat on the sand while facing the sea with a peaceful smile.

Sir Felix, is this your home Mistress Candace asked as she looked around her in wonder.

When he told her that he was going home, she didn\'t expect that it would be on an island in this backward planet.

Yes. Felix stretched his arms lazily and stood up.

He knew that the Sky Pearl Island wasn\'t the same anymore.

It was turned into a fortress for his family.

They made sure to use their wealth from his grandfather chain pizzeria in the UVR and other successful side businesses, to develop it extensively.

The moment he stepped foot on the beach, he must have appeared on their radar.

He wanted to avoid dealing with island security.

So, he wore his artificial symbiote suit that he picked up two months ago from the cargo company in the guardian empire, and then he stepped inside a void rift.

When he reemerged again, he was standing in his empty hotel\'s suite that was left untouched since the moment he left the island.

His grandfather kept it empty for his return and the rest of the family didn\'t dare to complain about it.

I still need to get used to wearing it. Felix swiftly removed the suit.

A second later, it was turned into a small dark ball.

He beamed it back in his AP bracelet and took a deep breath.

This was the second time he wore it since he got it.

It felt somewhat stuffy and uncomfortable like wearing five thick hides at once.

But, it was better than getting nude every time he needed to enter the void rift for quick travel like this.

After getting comfortable on his bed, Felix dialed his grandfather.

A couple of rings later, the call was picked up.

Grandpa, where are you at Felix asked.

I am still in the Androxa capital. Robert complained, It\'s hard to find a good location in the inner city to open another restaurant here.

If you need any help with that, you have Mr.

Igris\'s number. Felix reminded him.

I can manage myself. Robert denied his help and asked, So, are you planning on visiting

I am already at my suite in Sky Pearl Island. Felix informed.

What! Robert exclaimed, When Why did no one tell me about it!

In Robert\'s mind, there was no way for Felix to enter his suite without being spotted by the radar or someone.

He invested a good deal of money on this island\'s security, making it the top three safest places in the planet.

Just as Felix wanted to explain, Robert cut him off, Stay right there.

I am logging off now.


After he was hung up on, Felix wasn\'t left to wait for even a few minutes, before his grandfather came barging from the door.


The instant Robert saw Felix lying on his bed with Nimo, his eyes brightened up in delight and rushed towards him.

Still as lively as always, Grandpa. Felix chuckled as he hugged his grandfather tightly.

Huh, calling me lively when you go around the universe, making trouble everywhere you step. Robert laughed as he patted Felix in the back.

It\'s been years since they had met in real life and Robert was really joyful that Felix returned sooner than he expected.

Although they met a few times in the UVR, real life still had its own distinctive taste.

Boss!! I missed you!

Out of nowhere, Erik appeared on the balcony window with an excited expression.

He jumped inside the room and joined their hug without an ounce of shame. 

I am sorry Sir Felix, I tried to stop him, but he is like a golden retriever.

Just like Erik, Malak entered from the window akin to an angel with her flaming blue wings.

She retrieved them and bowed at Felix respectfully.

I don\'t mind. Felix smiled as he said, I miss you guys as well.

Felix had sent his squad back to Earth the moment he realized that he was going to the guardian empire to hunt for void creatures.

Instead of leaving them wonder the universe without a purpose, it was better to use them as extra bodyguards to his grandfather.

After the last expedition, he realized that he needed to turn a few more of his squad into primogenitors bloodliners, so they could handle the exploration on their own.

He couldn\'t be always there, and he also didn\'t want to give up on those ancient ruins.

After all, he found Nimo in one of them.

He might not be as lucky next time, but it was worth the try

Unfortunately, so many things were happening at the same time, Felix wasn\'t given time to focus on making a few more primogenitors bloodlines.

Where are the others Felix inquired as he released his grandfather from the hug.

They are spread out on the island. Malak answered, Erik and I are responsible for sir Robert while the others are left to their own devices.

There was no point in having everyone guard Robert.

The island itself was hard to infiltrate...Naturally, Felix wasn\'t counted.

I see. Felix proposed, Gather everyone in the evening, let\'s have dinner together.

I was already preparing to hold a welcoming party. Robert asked with a serious tone, Unless, you don\'t want everyone to know about your arrival.

Robert understood that Felix had his own share of enemies, and he needed to remain on the low to avoid dealing with them.

No, just do as you please. Felix permitted.

As he mentioned, he stopped trying to live in the shadows.

If anyone wanted something from him, he would be waiting for their arrival.


Later that day, the island atmosphere had become festive and lively due to Felix\'s return being shared by Robert.

The family elders, Abraham, Albert, Charlotte, and Carter were beyond thrilled by the news and went an extra mile to erect a magnificent party in the hotel and plaza in front of it.

The news didn\'t take long to be leaked outside the island and cause chaos to arise in every continent.

[My idol is finally back! I will pay anything to be on that island now!]

[Is the party exclusive I really want to meet Sir Felix.

This might be our only chance!]

[Tsk, so the king finally returned to his land]

[I don\'t understand why people are worshiping him.

He literally strong-armed our leaders to hand over our lands.

He is just a dictator in a disguise of a hero.]

    [F*ck you and your greedy useless leaders! The moment he took command, the planet has already experienced a booming development in many sectors.]

    [I would rather have him as a dictator than a hundred sleazy politicials, who are looking merely for their own benefits.]

The earthling network was filled with discussions about Felix\'s return.

The majority was excited to receive him since they were smart enough to know that everything in their possession was only possible due to Felix\'s struggles.

Just like everything else, there were sad envious losers, who hated on Felix due to his successful life and the attention he was receiving.

Their angle of attack was always claiming that the planet was under a dictatorship ruling due to Felix.

They were right but no one gave a crap.

Felix had demonstrated many times that he never sought to harm his people and he was already rich enough he could own tens of solar systems.

In fact, they were happy that he didn\'t abandon them and joined another kingdom or empire.

It was that easy to switch citizenship to another planet.


Late in the evening, Felix could be seen sitting with, Mr.

Rodrigas, Leila, Jack, his squad, and elders in his table.

The rest of the guests were sitting around them while taking a few peeks here and there at Felix.


Rodrigas and some high leveled staff in the association were invited by Felix personally to show appreciation over their hard work for the planet.


Rodrigas was the one doing all the work while Felix was focusing on his own matters even though he owned the planet.

We are missing just the earthling team in this gathering. Mr.

Rodrigas smiled.

How are they faring in the camp Felix inquired in intrigue.

We hear very little from their side. Mr.

Rodrigas disclosed, But, I am informed that Olivia, Noah, Sylvia are close to reaching peak 5th stage of replacement.

Already Felix was slightly surprised.

He knew that the training camp was known to be hardcore but still, to reach such a high integration level in a few years was doable only by those desperate enough.

He had a feeling that Noah and Sylvia might reach the 5th stage of replacement but for Olivia He honestly was doubtful.

\'It looks like little Oli has finally matured.. Felix smiled lightly.

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