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\'I just need for my lord to wake up.

He will serve me justice!\' Mistress Candace hardened her will to be their maid for now only because of her trust in her lord.

Just like her prayers were answered, Felix received a notification from the Queen that Nimo had woken up.

Felix went out to check on him and saw that Nimo was stretching while yawning cutely on the bed.

Eee Eee!

The moment Nimo saw Felix, he jumped into his embrace and snuggled inside his jacket.

Hmm You are a bit heavier. Felix pulled Nimo out and weighed him on his palm.

He noticed that he gained three kilograms.

Yet, his size remained as tiny as always.

At least, the food is impacting you. Felix patted Nimo in the head and returned him inside his jacket\'s pocket.

My lord...

Meanwhile, Mistress Candace had just received the shock of her life after watching Felix and Nimo\'s interaction.

Not in her wildest dreams did she expect to see her lord acting like a little puppy.

She knew that even if her lord was reborn, he would have retained most of his memories and personality.

Otherwise, what\'s the point of doing it in the first place

I have been duped... Aghast, Mistress Candace fell into her knees near Asna and the others.

She finally realized that Nimo wasn\'t the paragon of sins even though they had the exact unique evil aura.

Congratulation, you played yourself. Asna being mean as always didn\'t miss this chance to make fun of her.

Mistress Candace couldn\'t even be mad at her since Asna was right.

From the moment she noticed Felix, she created a false conclusion based on the little information she had.

From thereon, she was falling deeper and deeper into her own missundertanding.

If he is not my lord, then who is he It\'s impossible that two law guardians exist in the same universe. Mistress Candace still retained a tiny bit of hope.

You are right.

The universe won\'t allow for two guardians of the same laws to exist. Asna smiled deviously, That\'s why, my cutie Nimo would be replacing your lord when the time comes.

Replacement That\'s impossible! Mistress Candace was stupefied by Asna\'s declaration.

Putting the paragon of sins into slumber was merely appetizer. Thor sneered, The real universal  punishment is to replace him.

Mistress Candace wanted to retort over their preposterous statements, but she had nothing.

She understood that neither Asna nor Thor had anything to gain by lying to her when they control her life.

In addition, their reasoning was the only thing that made sense at this moment.

Still, it was pretty hard for her to accept that her creator was going to be replaced.

He was akin to a god to her.

Gods should be untouchable and eternal.

\'Wait a second, if this so called Nimo is my lord replacement, isn\'t better for me\'

Mistress Candace suddenly snapped her eyes wide open at the realization that she was standing before an opportunity that would never occur again.

\'He will reach the same level as my lord eventually, and if I helped him during his journey, he might bestow some of his gifts to me!\'

Mistress Candace had absolutely no loyalty to the paragon of sins.

So, she was merely shocked by the statement instead of feeling heartbroken or depressed.

As the embodiment of the sin of lust, she only cared about getting more abilities and gifts related to her sin.

She might have said that she mastered her gifts, but in reality, she knew that there was more to it.

The limitation on the slaves\' number was one thing that she hated.

The only one who could get rid of it and the rest of her limitations was the paragon of sins.

Now Another candidate had appeared.

A candidate that wasn\'t slumbering and still too young to make an impact in his life.

Hmm, what\'s up with her creepy smile

Asna frowned her eyebrows after seeing that Mistress Candace was smiling from ear to ear like she just won a jackpot.

She realized that it wasn\'t so bad to be with us. Lady Sphinx smiled faintly and returned to reading her book in peace.

As Lady Sphinx mentioned, Mistress Candace was always thinking of ways to escape from this terrible situation.

But now She didn\'t hesitate to bow down before Asna and ask, Madam, do you want me to serve you some wine

Hehe, I can get used to this. Asna gladly took her offer. 

Asna didn\'t care whether Mistress Candace was scheming something or not.

As long as her main consciousness was trapped here, she couldn\'t threaten anyone.

Meanwhile, Felix was facing his own issues.

He wanted to travel at the speed of light towards the nearest planet, but he was unable to do so while leaving Nimo alone in the spaceship.

He wanted to bring him inside the UVR, but he was still too young.

The only way to hasten his maturity was by feeding him void energy.

But, it seemed like Nimo had a limit to his daily intake. 

Felix attempted to feed him again but Nimo refused to touch the void energy.

He just wanted to hop around like a monkey.

This signified that Felix would need to keep traveling at a normal pace.

In this infinite universe, that was the same as staying still.

It would have been wonderful if I could travel through the void realm with my spaceship. Felix sighed in frustration.

\'A chance to prove myself!\' Mistress Candace\'s ears perked up in interest after hearing his woes.

Sir Lan..Felix, I think I can help you with that. Mistress Candace offered with a pleasant smile while serving wine to the tenants.

Hmm How

Felix and the others were all interested in hearing her answer.

Traveling through the void realm was an hard problem to solve even for Lady Sphinx.

How could you find materials that could resist the void energy disintegration when it was able to annihilate even energy itself

Simple, put your spaceship inside a spatial card and I will be your transportation method through the void realm. Mistress Candace informed.

Seeing the confusion of Asna and the others, she disclosed, Each unique void creature was born with bodies that were immune to void energy and flexible just like liquid.

Just like symbiotes How will that help me though Felix wondered with a bewildered expression.

I can transform myself into a giant enclosed sphere in the matter universe.

Then, Sir Felix and Lord Nimo can sit inside. Mistress Candace continued on her insane strategy, When I enter the void realm, the void energy will not be able to penetrate my skin and harm your belongings.


Felix was left totally speechless by her method.

Yet, no matter how much he thought about it, he felt like it would work just fine.

Have you ever done this before Jörmungandr asked.

Not personally. Mistress Candace admitted, But, I have seen others doing it.

Upon hearing so, Felix slightly more relieved that other unique void creatures were already using this method.

If you don\'t have a spatial card with a big dimensional pocket to place your spaceship, I have an extra one. She offered again, appearing like she was trying her best to please Felix.

Her new obedient attitude didn\'t raise many concerns since Felix had heard their previous conversation about Nimo.

He also realized that Mistress Candace was clearly planning on making herself as useful as possible, so she could be trusted by them and especially Nimo.

If she had any bad motives or was being deceitful, Lady Sphinx would have spotted them immediately with her truth vision.

Okay, let\'s try out. Felix agreed to the plan.

I need to communicate with my wisp of consciousness that I left behind in my body. Mistress Candace informed with a nervous expression.

\'Don\'t worry, she is just nervous that we will mistake her intentions of being bad.\' Lady Sphinx said telepathically to everyone.

You better behave. Still, Asna warned her with a cold stare.

Then, she allowed her to control her wisp of consciousness on her body.

Mistress Candace didn\'t play any games and did as promised.

She opened a void gate in Felix\'s bedroom and stepped inside.

Then, she closed it shut and bowed her head respectfully to show that she had no intentions of harming him. 

Mistress Candace was smart enough to understand that the instant she had a single thought of harming Felix, Asna would smite her main consciousness.

Her other wisps would soon follow her since they couldn\'t survive for long without the main consciousness acting as their center.

Only beings such Thor and Jörmungandr were able to sustain themselves with just a wisp of their consciousness.

Let\'s go outside.

Felix changed his clothes into a spacesuit with a helmet and created a special pocket for Nimo, allowing him to be protected and also peek outside.


In a few minutes, Felix could be seen suspended in the empty cold space with Mistress Candace.

His spaceship had been stored inside his new spatial card that was a hundred times bigger than his own!

Felix knew that the price for this spatial card could reach up to three hundred billion SC...That\'s if he managed to find out anyone who\'s willing to sell them for coins.

So far, he was truly pleased with Mistress Candace\'s contributions even though she was a void creature.

\'Are you ready\' Mistress Candace asked.

\'Go for it.\' Felix nodded his head.

The moment he gave her permission, Mistress Candace\'s alluring body started to twist and wrap until it turned into a ball of dark goo.

Then, this ball started to expand bigger and bigger until it turned into a minimized version of his spaceship!!

Woah... Felix was completely awed by her transformation.

\'I thought it will be too boring to be inside a sphere.\' Mistress Candace expressed while opening a door in front of Felix.

\'Thank you for this.\' Felix nodded his head in appreciation and stepped inside the spaceship, feeling less weird about the whole thing.

After getting inside, he floated to the front and sat on a chair that had a seatbelt.

He put it on and gestured his readiness to travel.

Mistress Candace closed the door and then created a small rift.

She went through it and and closed the rift behind her.

Felix opened his void eye and looked around him.

The first thing he saw was the void raccoon still hanging next to them.

Just as he wanted to speak, the void raccoon disappeared from existence.

\'Are we on the move\' He wondered, feeling like they were standing standing still.

\'Yep.\' Mistress Candace informed, \'We will reach Nibiru in less than ten minutes.\'

\'This is madness!\'

A journey that was meant to take a few months was going to be crossed in ten minutes!

Felix realized that he would be creating his void army in less than a few months, if he kept jumping from an infested planet to another with this pace!

\'It looks like the war will be concluded sooner than anyone expected..\' Felix smirked faintly.

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