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Disclaimer: I apologize for no releasing chapters yesterday.

I was tripping with friends, and we ended up camping deep within the mountains.

Unfortunately, there were no signals there, and I couldn\'t post chapters.

The good news, you get three chaps today! ^.^


Tsk, she must be faking it. Asna clicked her tongue in irritation, Let me play with her for a few more minutes.


Seeing that Asna was rolling her sleeves made Mistress Candace almost piss herself in fright.

She was an abusive sadistic too, but she did it only for sexual purposes.

Meanwhile, Asna was a sadistic at heart, who reel in watching people\'s pain and sufferings.

If she was the one causing it That was merely a bonus.

Stop scaring her, she might start thinking we are monsters or something. Felix dragged Asna next to the group, not caring that she was pouting at him.

After Mistress Candace body was restored, she didn\'t dare to speculate anymore.

She kept her mouth shut and waited for their questions.

Is the Paragon of Sins in a slumber or awake Felix asked the most burning question in his mind.

Huh Mistress Candace was startled by their basic question since she assumed that they knew this much from her lord.

Still, she kept her confusion to herself and answered, My Lord has been slumbering from the moment he created us.

I doubt he will wake up anytime soon.

\'That\'s good!\' Felix was pleased by her response.

He finally had a real confirmation that the paragon of sins was indeed in a slumber.

This meant he could enter the void realm with Nimo and feel safe about it.

Why did he create you Lady Sphinx asked.

She already had the answer, but she wanted a confirmation to be certain.

I don\'t know. Mistress Candace confessed, After creating us, he asked us to be ourselves.

So, we all believe that he wanted us to create as much chaos as possible in the universe.

But, I am not certain of his true motives.

I see, thank you. Lady Sphinx nodded her head as she noted down her answer.

How many unique creatures did he create Thor decided to participate.

Seven hundred.

That doesn\'t seem like too mu...

Seven hundred unique creature for each sin. Mistress Candace clarified her answer.

Felix couldn\'t help but take in a deep cold breath at such a horrific number.

He couldn\'t imagine that almost a five thousand unique void creature was spread out in the universe.

It might seem like nothing compared to other races numbers or the sheer infinite size of the universe, but they were not any race.

They were void creatures capable of traveling through the void realm as they pleased.

They were void creatures that were intelligent and strong enough even the top thirty races feared dealing with them.

Lastly, they had unique set of abilities that were extremely difficult to deal with. 

The Wrathful Creators were able to spew hundreds of void creatures each day without anyone able to stop them.

After all, they were doing so inside the void realm and no one could enter it.

The imitators could copy everything about a person even their soul, making them undistinguished from the real person.

If an imitator managed to reach the upper echelon of the SGAlliance, the damages he could cause were incalculable.

Symbiotes were able to devour anything in their way and no one could stop them when their size was comparable to a planet or a star.

The other four weren\'t any better to deal with.

If there is this many, why haven\'t we heard about them more often Felix wondered.

Besides the world eaters, the dreamers, and the wrathful creators, Most of us are lying low for now. Mistress Candace clarified, It took us many years to master our lord\'s bestowed gifts without his teachings.

After we became confident about our strengths, the SGAlliance Era had emerged.

In other words, the SGAlliance Era made it hard for them to cause ruckus without being found out and killed unlike the Dark Ages.

Those were simpler times when everyone was an enemy of each other and the UVR wasn\'t a thing.

They could have started wars and ended civilizations without anyone giving a hoot about it.

However, now everything was under close 

The instant Mistress Candace showed herself, there would be a witch hunt her by the strongest races in the universe.

The only carefree ones were the less intelligent symbiotes, the gelatinous cubes, and the wrathful creators.

Aren\'t you defying the paragon of sins\' order by hiding like this Felix asked.

I am not hiding! I have been doing my own part by creating trouble in the guardian empire and other empires from different galaxies! Mistress Candace disclosed swiftly.

She didn\'t want her lord to know that she was lazing around in a human empire like the others.

She still believed that Nimo was her lord even after everything that had happened to her.

That\'s how similar Nimo\'s aura to the paragon of sins.

What did you do exactly in the guardian empire Felix wondered with a surprised expression.

Commander Samuel is a long-term slave of mine. Mistress Candace shared, I am the reason the army has been losing too many battles against the void invasion in the empire.

For real Felix was startled by her confession.

Through both of his lifetimes, he always believed that Commander Samuel merely had gone corrupted and stopped going all out against the void invasion.

But, this actually made more sense.

It was hard to believe that a reputable and dignified commander would get corrupted out of nowhere.

If you wanted to cause real trouble, why didn\'t you turn the ten councilmen of the Bardot empire, the two emperors, and the five guild leaders too Felix was confused by this.

In his eyes, the guardian empire was still handling itself just fine even when the commander was her slave.

I already have one councilman enslaved and guild leader Wilson. Mistress Candace clarified, I can\'t do the same to the others since I have a limited number that can\'t be surpassed.

I prefer not to give up on my slaves from other galaxies and focus purely on the human race.

Make sense. Felix nodded and then guessed, So, the contract that the commander gave me was because of you, right


Felix always wondered why would the commander offer such an illogical contract without talking to him once.

Now, it made total sense that it was fuelled by Mistress Candace.


Felix and the others spent at least two more hours getting as much useful information as possible from her.

Felix could be said to possess more information about the seven unique void creatures than Queen Ai!

Lady Sphinx, who had higher access to UVR than him had assured him that Queen Ai was pretty ignorant about the void realm matters.

After all, the source of her data was people.

In this case, even the ten rulers struggled to gain Intel about the unique void creatures.

Unless Felix willingly sold his data to Queen Ai, she would never add it into her database.

I believe we got everything out of her. Asna smiled deviously, Can I kill her now

Wait, what!

Mistress Candace\'s heart skipped a beat at the sound of that.

She thought that they had hit it off in the past two hours, and they would spare her after giving them everything they wanted.

Alas, it seemed like Asna was still hell-bent on getting her out of the consciousness space.

It was already getting pretty crowded in her eyes, and she preferred not to keep a void creature as well with them.

Hold your horses. Felix thought otherwise.

She is too useful to be killed.

There was no way Felix would be giving up on the authoritative individuals that she enslaved.

Just Commander Samuel was more than enough to keep her around.

After all, Felix was now the president of the void guild.

If he owned Commander Samuel, it would mean that he actually owned the Guardian Empire!

He would be its shadow emperor, the one moving the strings.

As for the guardian empire royal family They were merely legacy figures with no power whatsoever besides owning a vote inside the Milky Way Summit.

Yes! Yes! Mistress Candace promised sincerely, I will always be at your service.

The Lord\'s friends are also my lords.

Seeing that Asna was still on the fence, Felix smiled faintly, Don\'t you need a maid here After Nimo left, you don\'t have anyone to serve you.

Maid Me Mistress Candace\'s eyes widened up in disbelief.

The thought of serving others as a maid had never crossed her mind once.

Although, she appeared wretched now and spineless before those monsters, she was still a proud being.

It was even worse in her case since she was used to being served like a Queen by her slaves.

Yet, the worst part out of this wasn\'t even being a maid but remaining trapped here!

What Do you have a problem with that Felix eyed her coldly.

He might be in her side, but it didn\'t mean that he started to like her.

In his eyes, she was merely a tool to further his agendas.

If she refused to be one, then he would join Asna in slaying her personally.

Seeing his frigid merciless stare made Mistress Candace understand that even the human wasn\'t to be messed with.

N..no, I don\'t have an issue. Mistress Candace lowered her head obediently, I am happy to serve you on daily basis.

The moment she agreed, Asna snapped her finger with a wide grin and released her from the spiritual imprisonment.

Although Mistress Candace could move now, she was still entrapped inside the consciousness space.

Asna had locked down the place, making it impossible for anyone to leave it unless they could overpower her spiritual pressure.

We know that ain\'t happening anytime soon.

From now on, your name will be Maid Candace. Asna smiled as she created a white and black maid outfit.

\'Lord, save me....\' Mistress Candace was on the verge of sobbing after seeing the horrid maid outfit.

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