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Although late, Mistress Candace had realized that Felix wasn\'t an imitator after seeing those four monsters smiling at her.

There was no way an imitator could harbor beings with such an overpowering spiritual pressure...Especially, when she focused on Asna and realized that her spiritual pressure was almost the same as her lord!

Felix, get your ass down here. Asna called causally while pouring a cup of wine for herself, We have a guest.

\'A guest!\' Felix\'s eyes brightened up, thinking that Lord Khaos was the one finally deciding to join them.

Alas, Asna and the others were too lazy to correct him.

In a few moments, Felix fell from the sky and landed right next to Mistress Candace.

The moment he opened his eyes, her frozen enchanting face was the first thing he saw.

She was wearing revealing clothes that highlighted her perfect assets, but Felix didn\'t even bother to glance at them.

F*ck me! Is she a void succubus!

Shocked and agitated, Felix pulled back from her, knowing exactly what she was capable of.

He was told by Lady Sphinx all about the seven sins void creatures and their appearances.

Mistress Candace was a full-fledged void succubus.

She had a pink third eye on her forehead and her beautiful appearance was too unrealistic even for him.

Not to mention her long black tail that had its tip shaped as a heart and her tiny hidden horns behind her lustrous hair.

Everything about her screamed of a void succubus.

Yep. Asna chuckled deviously, I think she is here to have sex with you.

No, thank you.

The moment Felix heard so, he back away even further from Mistress Candace.

Sure, she was breathtaking, and any sane straight man would want to do her.

But, Felix had been shown the real appearance of void succubus.

An appearance that she shows only inside the void realm.

All he could say was that he had never seen any uglier monstrosity in his life before.

Even the nightmarish void creatures, that would make anyone lose sleep for months, were prettier than her.

So, he wasn\'t fooled one bit by her beauty unlike her poor victims, who had no idea that they were sex slaves to a hideous monster.

Asna, you take care of it from here. Thor retracted his spiritual pressure at once after making his statement that no one here should be f*cked with.

The others retracted theirs, allowing Asna full control.

Although her spiritual pressure was the only one remaining, Mistress Candace was still unable to even twitch her eyebrows.

So, miss sl*tty void creature, what brings you to my humble abode Asna placed a leg above another as she interrogated Mistress Candace.

She lowered the intensity of her spiritual pressure just enough to restore Mistress Candace\'s voice.

I am so sorry Madam! I made a grave mistake and intruded into your home! I thought that this body belonged to a friend of mine! I swear!

Mistress Candace\'s arrogance and oppression was nowhere to be seen as she squealed with a pleading tone.

Even her eyes started to water a little, appearing like she was about to cry at any given moment.

Alas, Felix and the others didn\'t buy her bull** for even a second as they stared at her with deadpan expressions.

Friend Care to explain Asna was bored enough she decided to play along.

Knowing that her life was literally being held in Asna\'s hand made Mistress Candace extra honest.

After seeing Sir Lance using void abilities and absorbing energy from void creatures in the scarlet planet, I thought that he was an imitator. Mistress Candace confessed hastily, I decided to pay a visit now after hearing that he reclaimed a planet.

I just wanted to hear his reasons for doing so!

Everyone looked at Lady Sphinx, the lie detector in their squad.

All the signs showed that she was being truthful, and she didn\'t come here with bad intentions from the get go.

She is telling the truth, but not all of it. Lady Sphinx informed calmly.

If I were you, I will not be leaving any detail behind that might get you killed. Asna smiled cutely as she threatened.

Asna\'s sadistic vibes were sensed by Mistress Candace even from a far, making her understand that she wasn\'t f*cking around.

So, she held nothing back and continued speaking with a scared tone, I changed my plans when I realized that my lord was with you.

I just wanted to get the big picture from my friend before appearing in front of my lord.

That\'s the truth, I swear!


\'The f*ck is she talking about\'

\'Maybe Nimo Did she confuse him with the Paragon of Sins just like the other void creatures\'

\'That makes sense!\'

\'By the way, can she hear us talking telepathically\' Felix suddenly wondered. 

Mistress Candace was in his consciousness space.

Based on experience, anyone entering here was given full access to hear his thoughts.

\'Don\'t worry, I blocked her from hearing anything.\' Asna disclosed, \'It\'s the same as cutting out my connection with you.\'

\'I see.\' 

Now that he was relieved that she couldn\'t snoop in his mind, Felix rejoined the previous conversation.

\'It seems like Nimo\'s aura is really too similar to the paragon of sins if even a void succubus ended up falling for it.\' Felix asked, \'Is this a good thing or bad\'

Felix felt like he could be taking advantage of this and fool more unique void creatures to be his followers.

But, he recognized that it would be too risky to bring Nimo so close to those monsters, who might have a connection with the paragon of sins.

This was a decision that needed extensive information before making.

\'No need to keep anything from her.\' Asna thought otherwise.

\'She can\'t speak to anyone while she is under my control.

So, just be truthful and get as much information from her about the paragon of sins.\'

Asna was right, if Felix went on with his plan and decided to keep the missundertanding that Nimo was the paragon of sins for the sake of fooling her, then he couldn\'t ask her about the paragon.

No need to go through all of that effort when they hold into her fate.

\'Agreed.\' Felix nodded.

Tell us more about the paragon of sins. Asna asked, not bothering to address Mistress Candace\'s previous confession out loud.

\'Why are they asking me this Aren\'t they friends with my lord\'

Mistress Candace assumed that such great beings could only be in tight relationship with her lord.

In her mind, she already connected the dots that they were protecting her lord until he regains his full power...Felix was merely a human vessel to keep them hidden.

\'Maybe this is a test to see my loyalty to the lord\'

Mistress Candace concluded that if she confessed everything, she would be labeled as a traitor and gets killed!

Her ability to create misunderstandings and jump into conclusions was truly top-notch.

I am not telling you anything about my lord! Mistress Candace narrowed her eyes, I would rather die.

Felix was speechless by her response as he didn\'t expect that void creatures were actually loyal to anything.

I admire your response. Asna nodded her head in respect.

\'I was right!\' Her response made Mistress Candace feel good about decision to remain silent.

Let\'s see how long you can keep it up. Asna smiled kindly as she snapped her finger.

The moment she did so, Mistress Candace limbs were sliced simultaneously!


A torrent of purplish blood gushed from her shoulders and thighs a split second later.


Stunned, Mistress Candace glanced at her separated limbs on the floor and the puddle of blood beneath her, not knowing how to react.

The agonizing pain had finally kicked in, freeing her from her confusion.


She wailed loudly with a twisted expression and reddened eyes, making Asna\'s creepy smile getting wider and wider.

Her sadistic nature wasn\'t gone forever, it was simply suppressed since she had no one to bully anymore.

She fell for Felix, and she couldn\'t abuse her elders, lest they teach her a lesson.

Hehehe, your screeches are like music to my ears.

Asna grinned wickedly and snapped her finger again, reattaching Mistress Candace\'s limbs like nothing happened.

Before Mistress Candace could take a breather after the pain was gone, Asna ran a finger across her curvy hips.

No! Please! 

Alas, Mistress Candace\'s terrified pleading voice wasn\'t enough to stop her torso from separating from her legs.

Damn, do you need to be this hardcore Felix gasped at the sight of Mistress Candace crying in agony while staring at her separated legs.

Hardcore Asna titled her head with genuine confusion, What are you talking about I am just warming up.

I still haven\'t increased her pain sensitivity to the limit and removed her tendons one by one.

Besides Lady Sphinx, everyone felt chills at the sound of that.

Especially Mistress Candace, who immediately forgot about her hellish pain and screamed in terror, I WILL TALK! I WILL TALK! JUST STOP TORTURING ME!

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