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As Lady Sphinx mentioned, the thunderclap had resounded in the minds of every person and being in the universe.

From little toddlers to old geezers on their deathbed.

From the weakest bug to the strongest being in the universe.

This meant that primogenitors, Unigins, Dragons, Witches, Humans, and even Queen Ai have heard it!

Such an inconceivable phenomenon had sent ripples through the universe.

Everyone went to the network, wanting to share their experience but ended up finding that it wasn\'t unique to them at all.

[I almost died from a heart attack! I was watching an horror movie when a thunderclap resounded in my head!]

[It seems as if it happened to everyone The hell, how is this even logically possible]

[This is a bit too scary...Are we being controlled or something]


The entire universal network was buzzing due this phenomena.

It never occurred before during the SGAlliance Era, where everyone was connected.

It was too mysterious and unbelievable to be passed as nothing.

It seems like they finally succeeded. Lord Khaos spoke composedly as he stared at the nothingness.

Since he was one of the few ones knowing about Nimo beforehand, he easily concluded the source of the thunderclap. 

On the other hand, the other primogenitors had absolutely no idea about it.

Right now, they were planning to set a meeting between them to discuss it.

The ten rulers of the SGAlliance were also hosting a meeting to find out what\'s going on.

Not everyone had lived for billions of years to experience the birth of Law Guardians since they were born with the universe.

Aren\'t we screwed Felix expressed with a worried tone, The Paragon of Sins must have heard the thunderclap as well.

Since he knows that he was causing an imbalance to the universe structure, he can assume that the universe has given birth to his replacement!

Felix ought to feel terrified by this notion.

If he guessed correctly, then the Paragon of Sins would start searching for his replacement to get rid of it.

Obviously, Felix would get killed in the process if that happened.

No one could save him from the Paragon of Sin.

He was a Law Guardian and a member of the Unigin Race.

Even if Lady Sphinx and Lord Khaos worked together, Felix doubted that he would be saved.

You worry too much. Asna rolled her eyes, The Paragon of Sins must be in a deep slumber now as a punishment for abusing his powers.

How are you certain Felix wondered.

Because I have seen some of my elders experience the same fate after abusing their powers.

The duration of their slumber wasn\'t a joke. Asna informed.

Although he heard so, Felix was still not fully sold.

Did you forgot that no one knew beforehand that the universe can actually make replacements for Law Guardians Lady Sphinx proclaimed, Nimo is the first of his kind to be hatched.

I lived long enough to know this.

Felix had nothing for a rebuttal.

The only reason he assumed that the Paragon of Sin might assume that it was his replacement was because he knew that it was possible.

But, if Paragon of Sins was in the dark just like everyone, then it would not be his first guess.

In fact, it would be the birth of a new race, the death of a superior being, or something else that warranted the universe\'s attention.

Eee Eee!

You are out little guy.

Felix stopped worrying over the Paragon of Sins and smiled gently as he stared at Nimo\'s adorable face.

Eee ee!

Nimo got rid of the last bit of his shell and floated clumsily towards Felix with a happy look on his face.

His shape was still that of a raccoon, but his size was as small as kitty.

Without a single ounce of fear, Felix extended his palm and held Nimo gently.

Then, he placed him above his chest and rubbed his furry head lightly.

Eee Eee!

Nimo seemed to enjoy his touch as he kept snuggling with Felix.

Do you think he still remembers us or this sort of affection is simply because he considers Felix to be his kin Asna asked Lady Sphinx.

Probably both Lady Sphinx answered hesitantly.

Looking at his size and behavior, he looks like a newborn baby with a clean slate unlike our Nimo. Thor clarified Lady Sphinx\'s answer, Though, I believe that he feels attached to Felix due to the time they spent together and also because he is the first one he saw.

It did make sense that Nimo felt attached to Felix even if he forgot about everything that had gone through the consciousness space.

After all, they bonded on a spiritual level.

Those kind of emotions were hard to erase.

Let\'s get out of here first. Felix didn\'t want to stay within the void energy blob for even additional second.

He was sick of it even when the feeling was quite nice.

However, because he had Nimo on him, he didn\'t blink back to the spaceship.

He wanted to avoid entering the void realm while holding into Nimo.

Who knows if the Paragon of Sins was actually awake and would spot them immediately when they enter his domain.

It was too much of a risk.

Plus, Nimo was just born, and he seemed as weak as a twig.

Felix didn\'t know if he would be able to handle interdimensional travel.

Stay here, I will be back in a second. Felix said faintly as he placed Nimo a meter away from him.

Eee Eee!

Nimo didn\'t like it one as he swam towards Felix quickly.

Too bad, Felix had already blinked back inside the spaceship.

The hell! Why did you abandon him! Asna scolded furiously.

How am I supposed to enter the spaceship without my AP bracelet or a flight ability Annoyed, Felix explained as he wore his AP bracelet.

\'Queen send down an aircraft now.\' The moment he voiced his request, he removed his AP bracelet and blinked back next to Nimo.

Eee Eee!

Nimo rushed to his embrace excitedly and snuggled with him again.

This time, Felix swam to the surface of the void blob, knowing that an aircraft would be there to pick him up. 

\'Let\'s hope my life signals aren\'t strong enough to split void creatures from the blob and assault us.\' Felix was swimming slowly while checking around him carefully.

Now that he wasn\'t going to blink back, he would need to deal with the void creatures on the blob surface.

When he first dove in, he saw that there were thousands of limbs and heads at the surface.

With his blink, he thoroughly ignored them and went deep within the blob.

Now, he expected some resistance from them.

Honestly, he was worried just about Nimo getting hurt.

\'If it gets too hard, just open a rift.\' Asna promised, \'Trust me, The Paragon is definitely asleep.\'

Felix didn\'t know much how the unigin race and guardian of laws operate.

But, Asna did.

She might not want to tell him about her race due to some reason, but he trusted her judgement.

If she ensured that the Paragon of Sins was in a slumber.

Then, he wouldn\'t doubt her any further.

\'Fine, a rift is better than a blink.\' Felix nodded his head and continued swimming to the surface.


After a short while, Felix reached the one hundred meter mark between him and the surface.

\'Hmm Why is there no movement\' Confused, Felix titled his head after seeing that the surface was as stale as an ocean during a sunny day.

This was quite abnormal.

The surface was supposed to be packed with agitated void creatures, who sensed his life signals and had no way to get to him.

\'Maybe I am still too far\'

Felix continued swimming in a slow manner.

Soon, he crossed the forty meters mark and yet, no reaction from the surface whatsoever!

\'It\'s probably Nimo.\' Lady Sphinx guessed while noting down, \'If he is truly the Paragon of Sins replacement, then the void creatures are bound to act obediently in his presence.\'

\'For real\' A bit weirded out, Felix glanced at the tiny Nimo in his embrace and couldn\'t image that those nightmarish abominations being nice to anyone.

Still, it was the only viable explanation to this anomaly.

As Felix kept approaching the surface, his trust in Lady Sphinx\'s theory grew.

When his head finally emerged outside the surface and saw how quiet the entire void sea, he was certain that she was right.

Haha, look at you.

Just born and already helping Papa. Felix grinned in delight while rubbing Nimo\'s head.

Eee Eee! 

Nimo had no idea what\'s going on, but he was happy by having his head scratched.

Felix looked above and saw that the aircraft was descending towards him slowly.

The moment his head popped out of the void blob, his face got scanned by his aircraft.

After it reached Felix, he used electromagnetic manipulation to pull himself from the void blob and get inside the aircraft.

Take us back. Felix requested while checking on Nimo thoroughly.

Now that his vision wasn\'t completely hindered by the void energy, he was able to see his true appearance.

Well, nothing much changed.

He was still as dark as a moonless night.

-Danger! Danger!-

Abruptly, the aircraft alarm went off, startling both Felix and Nimo.

What\'s going on Felix activated all the cameras on the aircraft, wanting to locate the source.

The instant he saw what\'s happening in the rear camera, his jaw was dropped in disbelief and horror.

The peaceful silent void sea was rising into the air in the shape of a humongous raccoon that resembled Nimo greatly!

Although the void blob had been reduced significantly, the void raccoon still reached up to tens of kilometer in height!

What scared Felix **less was the fact that it was flying after them with a creepy happy grin!

\'Will you look at that..\' Asna giggled, \'The little glutton is already making trouble.\'

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