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Zosia could sense that the royal family was scheming something sinister under the shadows from their fleet\'s movement.

\'Don\'t get riled up.\' Zosia calmed herself, \'It might be a reverse psychology power play, aiming to disturb my thought process.\'

In a war, any small move could have thousands of layers into it...Or, it was just a simple small move.

So overthinking could be good, but at the same time could push one to make mistakes that shouldn\'t have been made in the first place.

Great Commander, orders

The defensive station\'s director inquired as he looked at the holographic image of Zosia above him.

As long as she was here, the leadership get passed to her.

Since they are planning on prolonging the battle. Zosia smiled faintly as she commanded, Activate the anti plasma barrier and inform all warships to stand behind it and prepare to launch a counter-attack at any moment.


Maganda Chief and the others wanted to say something about her sudden change in the plan but refrained.

They didn\'t want to undermine her authority in front of everyone.

Barrier is up in three, two, one...

The moment the count-down had ended, the defensive station had been covered in an enormous spherical translucent blue hue.

The warships inside the blue hue all exited, and stood behind the defensive station.

The anti-plasma shield was able to block plasma beams from both sides.

The warships needed to leave, so their attacks wouldn\'t be blocked and weaken the shield in the process.

After a few minutes, only the defensive station was left visible to the anti-royality alliance troops.

Should we commence our attack, Commander Edward General Creed inquired from the commander of the fleet.

He was a frail man with wrinkles all over his face.

However, everyone in the operation center was looking at him in veneration and respect.

Even the infamous general Creed didn\'t dare to display his wild side in front of him.

Focus our firepower on the shield and ignore the other warships. Commander Edward said calmly, They have been baited into pulling out their shield.

So, make sure to destroy it as fast as possible.

You heard him! General Creed shouted at the others as he eyed the spherical shield from the front window.

In a few moments, the order had been relayed to every warship in the fleet.

Prepare to fire.

The mother battalion and the rest of the warships took out their weapons and aimed them at the shield.

Then, they began to brighten up at the tip in a slow manner, appearing like energy was being condensed into one point.

Since there were hundreds of warships and the mother battalion alone had more than a hundred plasma canon, it was truly a sight behold.

Will the shield hold

In the corner of the operation room inside the defensive station, a nervous staff member murmured next to his friend.

Seeing more than six hundred plasma canon all planning to fire at once was an experience that would make anyone piss themselves in fright.

You have no ide...

Before his friend could finish, his breath was taken away by a blinding light coming out of the window.

Since sound could not be transmitted through vacuum, there were no explosions at all when the plasma beams collided with the shield.

This caught everyone off guard besides the viewers in the stream.

[Hahah! F*cking awesome! I never saw so many warships firing at the same time!]

[Thank god for Queen Ai adding special effects.

It will be hella boring to watch this without explosions.]

[I can\'t believe the shield is still standing after such an organized attack.

What the hell is it made of]

        [Believe it or not, it\'s made out of plasma as well.

So, instead of blocking the incoming plasma attacks, it simply absorbs it.]

              [Isn\'t that too overpowered How can they break it then]

              [With nonstop attacks.]

The moment the viewer typed his answer, the spectators were surprised to see that the anti-royality fleet was already preparing another organized strike!

Tell everyone to keep holding. Zosia ordered, I believe they will hit us three times before their canons get overheated.

Why did they do this Gabriel was bewildered.

In common space Warfare, the commanders usually fire plasma beams in rotation with multiple divided smaller fleets.

This allowed warships to cool down their weapons after each attack while at the same time placing continues pressure on their enemies.

On the other hand, if the royal family fired off two more times, they would be left completely naked to a brutal counter-attack!

Can the shield even handle a 3rd attack Raka asked with a worried tone, The 2nd one still didn\'t break the shield down, but it did weaken it tremendously.

Don\'t forget that it takes time for it to recover back to its peak form. Berry added to Raka\'s worry.

The staff and soldiers on the operation center all got extra nervous at the sound of that.

They knew that he was right.

The shield needed appropriate time to recover before handling another blast of such magnitude.

Yet, seeing that the anti-royality alliance was already prepared for the 3rd strike made them understand that they were adamant at getting it destroyed.

So what if they destroyed it Zosia sneered, We still have the toughness of our defensive station\'s alloy.

They will simply expose themselves to heavy fire by using everything to get rid of the shield.

The defensive station didn\'t have just the anti-plasma shield as a way of protection.

In fact, it was merely a bonus.

Its real defense was actually its alloy that required red colored plasma beams to penetrated in one hit!


[It\'s down! They took it down!]

[Well, that was a dumb move from the royal family army.]

The ignorant viewers cheered in excitement at the fall of the shield after it got hit by the 3rd strike.

Meanwhile, the intelligent ones knew that was a bad move and were waiting for a proper counter-attack.

Zosia didn\'t disappoint them!

More than a hundred organized black lean warships emerged from behind the defensive station and flew rapidly towards the royal fleet!

As the distance kept shrinking between them, the black warships brought out their plasma cannons and prepared them for firing.

Fire at will! Zosia commanded the instant she saw that the distance was close enough to not miss.


[They are aiming at the warships not the mother battalion!]

[No wonder they wanted to get closer.]

[Smart! Take down the adds first before the final boss.]

The anti-royality alliance\'s troops were forced to ruin their formation since they couldn\'t remain standing still while under heavy fire.

All of them tried their best to avoid the plasma beams while at the same using mini-weapons to fire back when the opportunity presented itself.

Still, those mini-weapons like laser machine guns and missile launchers weren\'t as good as plasma canons.

Even when they landed on the warships\' alloys, they merely damage the exterior unlike the plasma cannons.

One direct beam was able to penetrate through the entire warships, forcing it to explode instantly!

This was the reason why in space warfare, it was the best decision to take down common military warships first.

Their defenses weren\'t the best, but their offensive power wasn\'t a joke.

Boom Boom!..

As explosions continued to arise in the infinite cosmos, Zosia and Edward merely kept watching the one-sided hunt.

Since those warships were extremely quick, the mother battalion found it hard to aim at them with its side plasma canons...Especially, when the war zone was mixed with their forces as well.

What\'s worse, the war zone kept moving from the sides of the battalion to in front of it.

In a few minutes, the area between the defensive station and the mother battalion was packed with warships, chasing each other while firing colorful laser beams.

Naturally, the anti-royality warships were the ones dominating.

Haha! Good, good, good! Look at their numbers dwindling!

It seems like age has caught up with that geezer Edward.

Based on their warships\' model, it will take them at least fifteen minutes for their cannons to be cooled.

I hope we get rid of at least 30% of the warships before we retreat.

Such a miserable one-sided beating was celebrated inside the defensive station as the staff and soldiers had their eyes glowing in delight.

However, Zosia had her eyebrows knitted while heartbeats started to accelerate slowly.

\'This is too easy...It shouldn\'t be this easy.\' Zosia kept tapping a finger on her elbow.

She should have been pleased by the results of their first round.

In everyone\'s eyes, she was clearly the winner. 

The anti-plasma shield could be recovered after some time, but the warships destroyed would be gone forever.

Yet, her gut feeling kept poking her, warning her, that something bad was coming...No matter how much she thought about it, she had no idea what it was.

\'I hope I am just overthinking th...\'

Before she could try to ease her unwarranted agitation, her eyes were widened in disbelief after spotting many shimmering red lights appearing on the front of the mother battalion.

Maganda Chief, Gabriel, Berry, and the others on the defensive station all had their pleased expressions frozen at once when they spotted those red lights.

This can\'t be right...Even demons won\'t do this. Maganda Chief mumbled with a horrified expression after seeing the red lights getting more intense.

BAAACKK OFFF!!! Zosia screamed in the intercom connected with all their warships.

Alas...She was a bit late with her warning....

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