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Without a doubt, they will be playing for the long game. Emperor Rawal smiled coldly, So, our plan is to start by taking down the smaller targets one by one until those maggots gets forced into emerging from their shell.

The Generals\' eyes glimmered in eagerness, wanting nothing more than to start this war immediately.

How could they not be excited when Emperor Rawal had promised them hefty rewards over their upcoming achievements.

Promotion, noble titles, territories to govern, and more eyeopening rewards than would have been not possible without this war.

After all, when they win, a huge amount of territory would be recovered and the royal family would need to hand them over to their subordinates to govern.

The best part, even normal soldiers were eligible to receive those rewards!

On the other hand, the generals and commanders of the anti-royality alliance would not be rewarded with territories unless their achievements truly were astonishing.

Even if they win, there wasn\'t enough to go around every one in such a massive alliance.

This might seem like an insignificant mention, but wars truly were decided by moral and motivation than anything else.

Strategies would be useless if the ones carrying them weren\'t into it.

Right at this moment, it was clear that the royal family\'s army was more thrilled about this war than the anti-royalty alliance\'s.

Emperor Rawal noticed this long ago and was planning on fully taking advantage of it.


Days quickly went by peacefully as both sides stopped resorting to media to pressure the other or use other mind games to affect their soldiers.

Meanwhile, almost every race in the universe had a large percentage of people tuning in to watch the stream of the war.

It was supervised by Queen Ai to show what needed to be shown and hid what must be hidden.

Since they were in the UVR, it meant that she could literally place a camera anywhere she desired.

At the hands of the wrong person, the war could be won or lost due to a single streaming mistake.

For the SGAlliance to avoid being held liable for such a screw-up, the Queen needed to supervise the stream.

This time, it would not be the basic Queen Ai that\'s on everyone\'s bracelet, but the real main frame of the Queen Ai.

The difference between the two was uncanny.

Right at this instant, Felix was watching the stream of the anti-royality alliance\'s forces being sent continuously through a wormhole that was leading to a free nearby node.

The war had officially started an hour ago and now both forces were trying to secure the free nodes near them.

\'It will be probably take at least a month or two before we see some action.\' Felix reasoned while getting undressed inside his spaceship.

His second wish had expired, and he needed to emerge to use the 3rd and last one in his pocket.

The only good news about it was that his remaining wish could let him remain in the void energy slob for about nine to eleven months.

That\'s because it was the last wish he had gotten, which meant it had a better limitation.

Who do you think will win Asna inquired lazily.

How will I know. Felix shrugged his shoulders, I am not a war expert.

Felix could stare all day at both forces and still have absolutely no idea who had the upper hand.

That\'s because one needed to have knowledge about spaceships, battalions, fleets, war machines, space strategies, wormhole strategies, nodes...etc.

Felix was ignorant about all of this since he never crossed path with a war at this magnitude.

Sure he knew about that war in his previous life, but he didn\'t participate in it nor did he bother to give it much attention.

He only knew about some key moments that had gone viral such as the death of Zosia by an origin abolisher weapon and the infamous nine wormholes ploy.

The rest of the war He was as clueless as the others.

Do you want me to dig in your memories Asna offered, something she seldom does.

I don\'t know if you will find anything useful, but I will appreciate it. Felix smiled.

He could have seen some footage that would be crucial in the war, but he had forgotten about them.

Asna digging in his memories might actually salvage something that could be advantageous to him.

Sure, he knew that the future had already derailed from the known timeline and his memories were almost crap, but still...He would rather know about something that might or might not happen than stay ignorant about it.

While Asna was going through his memories, Felix decided to check on Earth in the stream.

He simply typed the name of the planet and its unique ID that was given by the system.

Then, it appeared in front of him, appearing as beautiful as ever with its blue gem like luster.

When Felix zoomed on it, he noticed that all of its defenses had been copied as well.

\'Oh, they really went hard on protecting it.\' Felix smiled in satisfaction after he spotted hundreds of warships parked around the planet.

All of them were five times bigger and appeared more fearsome than Earth\'s own fleet.

When Felix searched for those particular warships, he realized that each one cost at least 100 million SC!

It might sound little but the fact that there were hundreds of them defending Earth meant that the anti-royality alliance had invested tens of billions of resources to keep their promise!

Felix knew that when the royal family seems this protection, they would not be bothered to deal with Earth.

That\'s because they would be forced to deal with the Corona Kingdom fleets then the Alexander Kingdom\'s troops before they reach the planet.

\'This is more than enough to put my mind at ease.\'

Felix waved the hologram away, free of worry about having his planet destroyed or captured while he was outside the loop.

Sure it was a very miniscule chance of it happening in the first years, but it could still happen nevertheless.

\'Time to feed the panda.\' Felix removed his bracelets and blinked back inside the energy blob that was now 70% smaller than the first time he had seen it.

A full year of energy nonstop energy absorption had done that.

Thankfully, everyone was too focused on the war to bother with a fallen planet.

Otherwise, the guild would have sent someone to investigate the situation.

In a few seconds, Felix had emerged on his space consciousness.

As he was walking towards Asna\'s manor, he saw an elephant sized raccoon lying on his back while scratching his bulgy stomach once in a while.

Is he going to grow big enough we won\'t have space here or what. Felix\'s eyelids twitched as he went around the fatty, not wanting to bother him during his meal time.

Possibly...Our calculation could be wrong any moment. Lady Sphinx replied while drinking tea with the other two elders.

Felix didn\'t expect an answer to his rhetorical question.

Honestly, he dreaded the idea of their calculation being wrong.

After all, his biggest issue wouldn\'t be Nimo\'s growth but the time.

Asna said that the duration could range from a year to two.

But, that was just an educated guess based on what she had seen so far.

But, what if Nimo\'s hatching had stages in it

What if, absorbing pure energy was just the first step

No one truly knows since Nimo\'s existence was still a mystery.

Even Lady Sphinx had claimed that she wasn\'t 100% certain about her theory.

\'Ahh, they truly picked the worst f*cking timing to start a war.\' Felix let out a long exhale in frustration and stopped thinking about this matter.

Whatever happens, he could only swallow his frustrations and carry on moving.

\'Might as well start reading about wars.\' Felix decided to enrich his lacking knowledge.

He had no idea what he could bring to the table in the war, and he had signed a contract to assist the anti-royality alliance in their endeavor...So, he better start reading.

\'Master, do you books about...\'

Before he could finish his request, Lady Sphinx manifested hundreds of books in front of him.

All of them were themed around wars, from strategies, basic knowledge, rules, tactics...etc.

\'Finish them quickly and return to your potion-making studies.\' She said calmly.

When it came to seeking knowledge, Lady Sphinx would never block from Felix from doing so.

It didn\'t matter if it was related to her alchemy domain or not.

As long as he was learning.

\'Thank you!\'

Felix picked encased all the books in a misty bubble and returned to Asna\'s room.

The moment he sat down, he picked up a book about the basic knowledge of fleets and started reading it carefully.

After a few pages, he reached at the separation of fleets and how to recognize them.

As the book mentions, fleets in the galaxy were separated into four tiers to keep everything in order.

Everyone starts with a Star fleet.

It was made from ten warships.

Each additional ten warships add another star.

So, twenty warships meant one star fleet, thirty warships meant two star fleet...etc.

When the number hit a hundred warships in one fleet, they get referred to as Nova Fleet.

With each additional fifty warships, the name changes to \'one-star nova fleet.\'

This continued to repeat until a five hundred warships gets added.

Only then could the name transform into a Supernova Fleet.

The same equation get repeated until the name changes into a Galactical Fleet.

The only difference was that each addition needed to be at least five hundred warships instead of fifty!

In the Guardian Empire, the galactical army was in fact made of a nine-star Galactical fleet that was spread out throughout the empire.

So far, not a single empire or kingdom in the galaxy managed to even reach a two-star galactical fleet.

That\'s because the requirement to add another star meant an additional five thousand warships instead of five hundred!

However, when the anti-royality alliance combined their forces, they had actually crossed over the limit and reached a two-star galactical army!

In other words, they had over a whopping fifteen thousand warships that were equipped with lethal weapons!

Meanwhile, the royal family owned only a one-star galactical fleet.

So, they were down by five thousand warships!

That\'s a huge difference that every war analytic had claimed to be a fatal disadvantage in this war.

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