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After finally reaching the ground floor of the hotel, Felix who was planning to take a long walk on the beach, sat down on a couch near the receptionist\'s desk while panting like a dog.

\'If walking down the stairs turned me into this, what will happened to me if I climbed\'

As he imagined that scene, his eyelid twitched after seeing an unpleasant outcome.

He turned his head to the reception lady who was playing on her phone while chewing gum.

Leila, you better rush the maintenance team to fix the elevator ASAP, if I returned from my walk and didn\'t see it fixed.

I swear to god I will ride on your back up the stairs.


Leila who was playing peacefully on her phone heard Felix warning and popped the gum on her face with a blush.

Ye s, Yes, youn g master, If you came back and found the elevator not working, don\'t mention riding me up the stairs, I will allow you to ride me whenever you want.

Leila regretted the instant she said the last part as she was not thinking properly since she always had a crush on Felix.

Her feelings were honestly pretty understandable.

He might be a lazy brat, but he also was handsome, rich, and even an heir of a business empire.

\'what do I do, he must think I\'m an easy girl now.\' She thought almost tearing up.

Do you think I am that thirsty to force myself on you He threw his head back and stood up with difficulty from the couch.

He then walked towards the wide-open entrance.

Just focus on fixing the elevator, I will be back in 4 hours.

\'Even when I indirectly offered myself to him, he still didn\'t make his move.\' Leila signed dejectedly as she eyed his back.

At least there still a chance for him to ride on my back up the stairs if the elevator was not fixed. She murmured under her breath with flushed cheeks.

Yet before she went too far, she snapped out of her fanaticism when she realized that it was not worth it.

After all, she couldn\'t even climb those stairs by herself.

Don\'t even mention doing it while carrying Felix on her back.

Sure, it would feel good for the first couple of minutes, but later on, it was going to be pure misery.

Without further ado, Leila used her phone to call the repairman.

Hello, mister Kled, can you tell me how much time will you need to repair the elevator

8 hours Miss Leila, if it was someone else he will need 16 hours minimum. A gruff voice came from the other side of the phone call.

Leila felt her heart sink at his answer.

Well, I need it fixed in 4 hours.

I don\'t care what you do to repair it.

I need it working when the young master returns.

If you manage to do so successfully, you will be rewarded by young master Felix himself.

And you know that he is quite generous with his tips.

Leila felt no shame promising something she had no control over since her life was on the line here.

Challenge accepted.

I promise I will fix it within 4 hours.

Just speak some good words on my behalf when you meet the young master. Kled replied with an eager voice.

Leila sighed in relief and said reassuringly, Don\'t worry; young master would not mistreat you.

Thank you, Miss Leila.

Goodbye, I need to prepare my tools.

Goodbye. she ended the phone call and started cleaning the gum from her face while holding a small mirror in front of her.


Up in the hill, near the beach.

Felix could be seen standing at the peak, observing the entire resort hotel with scornful eyes.

He had no idea who was stupid enough in the family to invest in this moronic venture.

After all, who the hell thought it was a good business idea to have a hotel inside a deserted Island in the middle of the northern Pacific Ocean, where the nearest land was America with a separating distance of 3000 km between them.

Who would pay to travel here, where the only notable thing about this island was the fresh air and clean beaches.

Things that could be found in Hawaii or other notable places

The entire island had absolutely nothing unique to grab tourist\'s attention.

Due to that, the entire resort kept rotting for over 15 years since its creation without any care from the family.

No wonder why not a single junior chose this place as his revival mission.

They knew that it was impossible to achieve it with the pitiful amount of 30 million dollars budget that the family provided as capital.

As if that amount was enough to repair the hotel, the airport, the hospital, the seaport, and more fundamental buildings that were not even on the island.

The worst part, Felix couldn\'t even take a loan or ask for assistance from anyone.

With all of those disadvantages, the hotel could only be marked as a dead business venture without anyone capable of reviving it.

Felix\'s scornful look was swiftly replaced with an appreciation, as a devious plan had taken root since the moment he saw the condition of the hotel.

A plan that would turn the impossible into possible, if executed properly.

He took a pen and a small notebook from his pocket then wrote the steps of the plan unhurriedly.

\'My plan will kick start when the Supremacy Games Invitation arrives 15 days later.\'

He paused writing and started to dig deep within his memories to find out what had transpired at that period.


The date was 2024/06/015.

20:00 PM.

The earth was revolving around the sun like always, the moon revolved around the earth as always, and humans lived on the planet arrogantly.

Thinking to themselves that they were superior to animals and earth itself, which fed and housed them.

They believed proudly that they were the only intellectual race in the universe since they did not manage to find any living being outside of their solar system.

But all of those wishful thoughts were removed from their minds when a voice was heard in every living being consciousness.

No one was spared, from animals, fish, and birds to finally humans.

The moment the Decree resounded in their minds.

The entire planet seemed like it froze.

Everyone stopped whatever they were doing, whether sleeping, having sex, driving, posting selfies, or reading.

It did not matter as the decree penetrated their consciousness leaving a voice that said calmly.

Dear Primitive Earthlings, we are the scouting and planting crew of The Alexander Kingdom that owns 10 districts, each having hundreds of solar systems.

We discovered your planet by chance when our Interstellar coordinator device had a small complication.

Now that we introduced ourselves properly, let\'s get down to business.

Based on the Supremacy Games Alliance treaty, number 12 in the book of SGA rules.

We are obligated to explain the three choices that you currently have.

The first choice is to submit to the Alexander kingdom and swear eternal loyalty to our royal family, thus securing your safety from other invaders.

The second choice is to refuse and get invaded and looted by our scouting fleet.

Based on the primitive level of your technology, our AI calculated your chances of victory are 0.00000000000...1%.

As the only viable way of you having a draw, is by some chance the sun goes supernova destroying both of us together.

The last remaining choice is to Join the Supremacy Game Alliance, which will ensure your survival if you did not break its rules.

For more information about the third choice you can only obtain it in person.

You have 7 days to send someone to represent your planet to give us your final decision.

You can find our temporary base in the middle of Antarctica; here are the coordinates 76.299965 - 148.003021.

We await hearing good news from you.

The mind transmission will turn off now.

The moment the transmission was over, everyone was stunned speechless.

As multiple emotions messed up their minds; shock, confusion, disbelief, and lastly fear, bone-chilling fear that sent Goosebumps coursing through their spines.

They couldn\'t believe what they just heard, and they didn\'t want to believe it either.

Every human, male, female, old, young, president of a country, or a homeless person under the bridge.

In the face of the horrifying fact that their entire race, with their so-called advanced technology, was seen as primitive by the extraterrestrials, made them realize that they were just frogs in the bottom of a well, who could only see a small part of the sky through the opening, and not seeing the immensity of it all.

2024/06/15 20:00 pm.

That day marked the beginning of a long period called.

The Great Chaos.


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