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Although Felix was now considered as the owner of Earth due to the agreement of the majority of presidents, he still needed to get some paperwork done to make it legalized in the eyes of the SGAlliance.

He called Mr.

Igris and requested that he take care of those paper works, knowing that it would take some time for the final approval.

Owning a planet was the same as owning a car or a house.

The SGAlliance consider the entire universe as its territory and all the races inhabiting it as residents...Even if they weren\'t part of the alliance.

This meant the moment someone declared true ownership of a celestial object, they would be required to pay taxes on a yearly basis.

The World Council wasn\'t paying it because they didn\'t own the planet.

It was still a public planet for all earthlings.

However, the moment Felix finishes the paperwork and privatize Earth, he could do whatever he wanted with it and the citizen on it.

If he wanted, he could even kick everyone outside and leave the planet empty.

It was his property after all.

The best part, they couldn\'t even complain.

Their leaders had signed the contract on their behalf since they were considered as their representatives in the eyes of Queen Ai.

Naturally, Felix didn\'t plan to do such a vile thing.

He merely wanted to own the planet to avoid having those greedy slugs causing unrecoverable damage during the war.

Plus, for another agenda that he always wanted to achieve but kept it under lids.

After he hung up on Mr.

Igris, Felix checked on his symbiote suite and realized that it was held in the warehouse of a cargo company in the guardian empire.

\'Better leave it there until I am done here.\' Felix decided to not waste time and carry on his hatching process.

He logged out and got fully nude after removing his AP bracelets.

Obviously, he had used one wish to remove the penalty again.

Then, he blinked back inside the void blob and continued sucking the void energy out of the seemingly neverending sea...


Months went by in a jiffy and the day of the war was fasting approaching.

There were only three days left before the Queen give the green light to both sides to do as they deem fit inside the battleground.

When it was created, every background\'s territory was locked from outsiders so neither the anti-royality alliance nor the royal family would attempt to sneak their fleets in the enemy territory before the green light was given.

Right now, almost 30% of backgrounds decided to participate in the war by siding with the anti-royality alliance!

It might seem few, but considering that the Mariana Empire housed hundreds of backgrounds, it meant that at least a hundred background were in this war.

Some of them were quality backgrounds like kingdoms belonging to the top ten, but still, most of them were too weak to rise concerns for the royal family.

Nevertheless, their participation in the war had allowed the anti-royality alliance to take advantage of their territories and position their fleets strategically.

The distance between the anti-royality alliance territories and the royal family\'s was massive.

Those backgrounds were positioned between them.

This meant, the anti-royality alliance was going to use them as nodes in this war.

If one of them fallen, the royal family would be forced to deal with the other behind it.

Since the wormholes had been replicated as well, they were the only method to bypass those nodes if the royal family wanted to make a decent ambush.

Otherwise, they would be forced to take a long detour to arrive at the anti-royality alliance territories.

In the best scenario, it would take them 20 years to cross that distance by traveling at the speed of light.

In other words, the wormholes were the key to this war and both sides knew that damn well.

So, during this year of preparation.

Both sides had made sure to copy some of their defensive stations on their planets and place them in front of those wormholes.

Since it was impossible to replicate the same object twice based on the rules, this meant that their planets had been left unprotected.

But, both sides didn\'t mind that for now since they knew that they could build more defensive stations in the upcoming years and recover their protection.

It wasn\'t like any of them of would be able to sneak an ambush when all wormholes were defended properly and the distance between their territories was light years away.

Meanwhile, the backgrounds who decided to stay out of the war, would have their territories also replicated.

Though, they would be empty of people and locked until the war officially starts.

Those territories were being referred to as free nodes since no one had control over them.

It would be of a great importance to secure them at the start because some of them had wormholes within.

As we have discussed, we will be sending one Nova fleet to each nearby free node to us. Zosia explained as she pointed at yellow dots on a massive hologram in front of all the allies.

The hologram was a map of the battleground.

It displayed a quarter of the galaxy in three dimensions.

At the far sides of the battleground, there were two massive clusters of red and green dots.

The green dots represent the nodes of the anti-royality alliance and their allies territories.

Meanwhile, the red nodes represent the enemy.

As for the yellow dots, they represent the free nodes throughout the battleground.

There were hundreds of them scattered all over the map.

Those nodes belong to Symania Country, Lukkaka Tribe, Hellfire Bloodline Clan....and lastly, The Peace Union. Zosia continued on, Those twenty nodes all had one or even two wormholes in their territory.

Some of them are leading straight to our territories and some lead to random territories.

At the very beginning, we will prioritize securing every hole that might screw us over.

Only then, can we think about launching an attack or using our middle ground nodes.


After seeing them nod their heads, Zosia switched to another inquiry, If the royal family decided to break the mold and launch a primitive attack from day one, we need to be fully ready to give them a proper welcome.

So, keep your eyes wide open and don\'t let your guard down in the first month. Zosia warned, We can\'t afford to affect our troops morals with a swift defeat in the first second of the war.

Everyone agreed with her take on the matter, knowing that their entire planet was based on prolonging the war as much as possible.

They had no intentions of attacks at all.

They would be simply focusing of defending and counter-attacking if the opportunity presented itself.

That\'s because they knew that their mega alliance could handle the fees of the war if they won it a decade later or such.

That\'s because, they would be considered as a Federation, making it possible to offer the SGAlliance plenty of the royal family\'s territories as a collateral.

They simply wanted to feel safe in their territories without having the royal family holding that judgement sword on them every single day.

On the other hand, the royal family think of the entire empire as their own rightful territory.

So, they would not allow the war to be prolonged more than necessary to avoid giving some of its territory to the SGAlliance.

They didn\'t start this war to reclaim them just to hand them over.

That would be meaningless and stupid.

Hence, the longer the war takes, the more agitated they would be and start making mistakes with **ty forceful strategies.

Zosia and the alliance were focusing on exploiting those mistakes to the maximum.

This was the general plan they were working with.


On the other side of the spectrum, Emperor Rawal was holding a meeting as well with his subordinates and leaders of annexed kingdoms.

They had the same map of the battleground on top of their heads.

The only difference was the coloring of the dots, as there were many more red dots than green ones.

The difference in numbers was enough to make any leader feel hopeless.

But, Emperor Rawal looked as composed as ever as he wasn\'t about to fight an alliance made out of a hundred background.

The only thing in their favor is manpower and number of scraps. Emperor Rawal spoke calmly as he eyed some of his nervous governors, Our armies and soldiers are ten times better than them.

They are well-trained, equipped with the finest gear, and had the support of the best war battalion ships in the galaxy.

Emperor Rawal sneered faintly as he glanced at the army of red dots, Meanwhile, they are just a bunch of ragtag maggots grouped up in less than a year.

If just a few of them fell down, the others would be affected heavily and start regretting ever taking a part in this slaughter.

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