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In Felix\'s previous life, he had witnessed this weapon in action through the SGAlliance\'s stream of the war.

He could never forget the bone-chilling scene of Zosia getting turned into dust inside her Battalion spaceship.

The only information he knew about the war was that it could release an extremely condensed ray of energy that travels at the speed of light, making it impossible to be dodged by even Origin Bloodliners.

The craziest part, the weapon was able to penetrate through almost all materials and alloys in the universe, which turned it into a deadly weapon capable of causing serious damage to most spaceships.

Still, it was called an origin abolisher weapon for a reason.

Not a single background that owned this weapon would waste it on spaceships since it was able to fire only one shot.

Only one shot, and it would turn into a metal scrap.

The Royal Family had used it in the best moment during the war, making them take down The Great Commander Zosia.

With her death, the royal family had an easier time taking down the rest.

So, a single weapon had turned the tables around in the war.

Felix knew that the only reason this happened was because it was kept exceptionally hidden.

Yet now, even his grandfather knew about it

\'Things just keep deriving further and further from the future.\' Felix sighed and said, I will be fine grandpa.

Just take care of yourself.

You too, rascal. Grandfather Robert nodded at Felix and hung up, knowing that Felix must be impatient to learn about the war.

As he assumed, Felix swiftly entered the network and started reading about the war from the very start of it.

He wanted to know everything.

Why did it start When did it start How far did it progress...etc.

He spent more than half an hour doing his research until he was fully updated of the situation.

\'So far, the only difference is that the royal family declared war and that the anti-royality alliance decided to lure in the others with their democratic federation promise.\' Felix pondered.

In his previous life, the anti-royality alliance were the ones declaring the war on the royal family.

This was supposed to happen fourteen years from now, when they had already prepared enough to be confident in their ability to take the royal family down.

The format chosen was still the ruleless war.

The only difference was that the anti-royality alliance relied on their allies and hired services of other backgrounds.

So, instead of making a promise to turn the empire into a democratic federation, they used this method to keep the leadership to themselves after they won.

Unfortunately, they had no idea that the royal family knew about their scheme and were prepared for the war.

Since they were declared on, they were the ones picking the ruleless format even when everyone assumed that they would go with the ruled format.

Only when they brought out the origin abolisher and took out Zosia did everyone understand their reason for their pick.

Weapons like those could be used in the ruled format, but only in specific game modes that allowed their usage.

In these modes, origin bloodliners didn\'t participate to avoid getting killed by those destructive weapons.

\'It\'s been six months already.\' Felix knitted his eyebrows, \'Only six more and the war will start.

Can I make it in time if Nimo hatched\'

Asna did him a favor and answered him, \'Based on this glutton\'s still increasing appetite, I believe it will take an additional year or even two.\'

\'Two years!\' Felix\'s expression couldn\'t help but to turn grim in an instant.

He knew that he couldn\'t leave the guardian empire after he started the hatching process.

It will take him at least 6 months to return to the Mariana Empire and join the war due to the lack of wormholes in the way.

Even if he decided to leave things half done and return as fast as possible, he understood that he wouldn\'t be able to provide much assistance in the war.

If it was the ruled war, he would have represented the anti-royality alliance in so many games and earned them free victory points.

But in ruleless war

His presence would be insignificant when the battleground was a quarter of a galaxy and all the major planets of the royal family were protected heavily with the latest defensive nets, space stations, fleets...etc.

Only armies and fleets could make a difference in this war.

The worst part, if he decided to defend Earth, he would be attracting more attention to it.

After all, it was known knowledge that he was the only one capable of establishing enough strength to take down fleets inside a planet\'s atmosphere.

When that happens, the royal family wouldn\'t hesitate to double down on their effort to take over the planet just so they could capture him.

Felix\'s secrets were still desirable by many terrifying entities in the universe and the royal family was merely one of them.

\'It\'s best that you head there after you hatch Nimo.\' Asna disclosed, \'Even if Nimo was at his weakest form, his spiritual pressure is more than enough to make any human break down immediately.\'

\'You are right.\' Felix nodded in agreement.

Felix was investing heavily in Nimo because he knew that even at his weakest, he would be a greater asset than anything he owned.

Origin Bloodliners They don\'t stand a chance against him.

Imagine if Nimo was able to offer more...After all, he was the replacement of the Paragon of Sins.

He was light years from the real Paragon of Sins, but he could grow to be stronger than him, which meant, Nimo would have a higher chance of possessing the same abilities as him.

\'Heh, even if you went now and made it in time, the war will last for many years.\' Thor added his own take.

In Felix\'s previous life, the galactical war had lasted for more than twenty-five long years!

That\'s because for the war to end, a side needed to eliminate the ten leaders assigned, the Great Commander surrender willingly or 95% of the army\'s fleet get destroyed.

It was common sense to hide a few leaders in areas that would be almost impossible to find by the other party.

So, even when Zosia had been taken down, the royal family had struggled to find the others and kill them.

The only reason the war ended was because the anti-royality alliance\'s fleet had been downed to merely 5%, forcing the Queen Ai to conclude the war after twenty-five years.

So, it was expected that the first few years would not be that intense.

\'You guys are right.

The best option is to join the war after hatching Nimo.\' Felix made up his mind to stay away for now.

This pleased the tenants in his mind since they were more eager to see Nimo hatch than watch humans kill each other.

They watched so many wars in their glory days, they were indifferent to it

\'Still, I better do something to keep Earth protected until I return.\'

Felix decided to call Maganda Chief and request his assistance on the matter.

Naturally, he used his own identity since Earth was related to him more than the fake organization leader.


To what do I own the pleasure. Maganda Chief spoke with a tint of sarcasm in his voice.

Chief, I have neither the time to explain myself nor do I plan on doing so. Felix didn\'t play along to appease him, I want you to offer assistant to Earth until I join the war.

Upon hearing so, Maganda Chief stopped acting like a pouting child and asked with a serious tone, When are you planning on joining

Having Felix on their side was massive news since it meant having the organization as well.

They had no idea how that mysterious organization would provide support, but they knew that it would be worth it from everything they had shown so far.

From a year to two years. Felix replied truthfully, so they wouldn\'t count on him appearing before the war begins.

One to two. Maganda Chief murmured, It\'s still early in the war.


Deal! Maganda Chief agreed on behalf of the alliance since it was a no-brainer deal.

In his mind, all they had to do was protect Earth, and they would obtain support of an Origin Bloodliner plus the organization behind him.

Only fools would reject it.

I will forward you the contract now. Felix swiftly wrote one and emailed it to him.

He knew that Maganda Chief and the others had already lost his trust on him after he kept ghosting them over and over again.

So, instead of feigning friendship, he would rather keep it just business.

Maganda Chief couldn\'t agree more.

He read the contract and signed it.

Then he confirmed it, and they hung up on each other.

Now, let\'s deal with those crybabies on Earth.. Felix narrowed his eyelids in displeasure at the thought of the World Council.

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