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A month later...

The anti-royality alliance finally declared their intention to join the war and the format they would pick to Queen Ai.

They made sure to take advantage of this month window to keep pushing their democratic federation agenda to the public.

In this month, there were few backgrounds that jumped in their boat right away, clearly welcoming the notion of the federation more than the others.

As for the majority They started to hesitate after they had gotten news from their spies that the royal family seemed nonchalant about them.

In their eyes, it looked like they were actually more welcoming of them joining the war.

After some information got leaked about their hidden arsenal, they realized that the royal family might have anticipated the anti-royality alliance and prepared to deal with them all at once!

Obviously, they simply had doubts about the matter instead of getting cold feet from this war.

The leaders of those backgrounds weren\'t stupid enough not to think that the royal family might be faking their bravado.

Whatever it is, they knew that a thorough investigation needed to be carried away before truly deciding whether to throw their lot with anti-royality alliance or not.

Better yet, they had a full year to decide.

We have just received news from Queen Ai. Zosia shared with her allies after hosting another gathering, She has started the replication process and will be done in two days.

Two days That\'s quick.

Queen Ai sure is a blessing.

To replicate a quarter of a galaxy in two days.

I doubt even Metal Race Empress won\'t be able to get it done.

The allies started to praise the Queen Ai over her astounding efficiency that always pushed them to admire her.

So, in two days, all of you will be given the choice whether to join the battleground or not. Zosia commanded, Make sure to accept it immediately.

Everyone nodded their heads in understanding.

Zosia was assigned as the Great Commander of the anti-royality alliance by the five elders since they wouldn\'t be make too many appearances unlike her.

As the Great Commander, those allies needed to respect her authority lest they get punished by the laws of the latest signed contract.

Everyone needed to sign a chain command contract to keep things straight during the war.

The anti-royality alliance couldn\'t afford disobedience in critical moments lest it ends up as the reason they lose the war. 

After you join the battleground and get yourselves comfortable in your replicated territories, we will start pulling our resources together then trade them between each other to balance things out in each territory.

This was a common practice between allies.

For example, the majority of party A fleets were designed for defending the planet instead of covert operations.

Instead of leaving it like that, they trade with party B, who had its fleets focused on swift and deadly operations.

Naturally, this would be done only if both parties agreed to the trade.

That\'s because there were some backgrounds that prefer having a specific style of combat.

They trained and mastered it.

It would be stupid to change their battle formation in the war.

Still, the armies of each background needed to be as balanced as possible, so when the royal family decide to target them, they could at least buy enough time for reinforcement to arrive.

One year might sound like a long period, but it\'s really not enough. Zosia sighed, So, we need to be as efficient as possible in our strategies planning.

Every time Zosia sees those hundreds of heads below her, she gets a headache.

Each head represent a background, a territory, fleets, armies, planets, important facilities to defend...etc

It was just a ragtag group of backgrounds, and it was her job to make sure that they turn into a unified army by the end of the year.

On the other hand, the royal family had only a few allies in the empire to care about.

They shouldn\'t even be called allies as they had gotten annexed by them.

This meant, their army had been in order for a very long time and their Commander knew every nook and cranny of it.

Such an optimization scared her more than actually knowing that they had planet destroyers hidden in their arsenal.

\'Beggars can\'t be choosers.\' She hardened her expression again and refocused on the gathering.

While Maganda Chief was doing this to return the empire into its golden age, Zosia was doing it out of revenge.

Her parents were assassinated by the royal family, leaving her under her uncle\'s care.

She didn\'t have concrete evidence, but she was certain that it was them.

Now, that she finally had the opportunity to exert her revenge, she wasn\'t going to waste it by crying that life was unfair.


Two days later...At first light, when the majority were still sound asleep.

A galactical notification had been sent into the minds of every person that owned an AP bracelet in the Mariana Empire.

\'The Mariana Empire Battleground had been replicated successfully.

For further information on how to join the battlefield and its rules, please refer to either the SGAlliance\'s website or ask me.\' Queen Ai announced monotonously.

Some were forced to wake up with a groggily eyes and goosebumps going through their skin. 

Some woke up with excited and thrilled expressions, appearing like it was their calling to join this war.

Some woke up with composed expressions and logged in the Battleground almost immediately after agreeing to all its terms.

Some woke up and went back to sleep a few seconds later, not giving a crap about this war as they had their own daily problems to deal with.

Some woke up and tweeted about the announcement, hoping to get some clout for their social media account.

Some didn\'t even bother to wake up...The notification wasn\'t enough to break their heavy sleep.

As for those, who were already awake due to the timezone differences

They instantly jumped into the network and started searching for news about the announcement.

All those people were normal citizens, soldiers, bloodliners, and leaders.

As long as one was a citizen of Mariana Empire, it didn\'t matter if he was in his home or in a different galaxy.

They all received the announcement.

Unfortunately, Felix didn\'t receive yet since he wasn\'t wearing his AP bracelet...So, he was still clueless.

It\'s time.


Rodrigas let out a long sigh as he stared at a red shimmering hologram inside the World Assembly Hall.

The presidents eyed the red hologram with held breaths, wanting nothing more to click reject.

Alas, it was greyed out for them due to their status as allies.

//Would you like Earth to join the battleground//



Rodrigas relaxed his tensed shoulders and pressed yes.

The moment he did so, every earthling around the empire received a notification of the decision.

Then, a moment later, the same red hologram appeared before them, asking if they were willing to join the battleground to support their planet.

The majority declined the offer instantly, not having any intentions of risking their lives for no reason.

They knew that Earth was like a spark of dust when compared to the royal family\'s armies.

So, they would rather hold into their lives in the real world and simply pray for the planet\'s survival in the battleground.

Naturally, this didn\'t apply to soldiers or contracted bloodliners.

For the soldiers, it was their duty to defend their home.

As for the bloodliners

A ten years contract to serve world council had yet to finish, making them unable to reject joining the war.

All the resources they had gotten to help them turn into bloodliners were given to them by the world council. 

Ten years of service didn\'t seem too bad at the start for them.

Who would have known that a galactical war that almost never occurred in the galaxy would erupt in their ten years service

The only ones except from this were the Earthling Team members and staff.

They were too valuable for the planet to get lost randomly in the war.

Thankfully, they had been sent into one of the best closed training camps in the galaxy that blocked disconnected them from the outside world.

The camp was designed to push bloodliners into reaching 6th stage of replacement as fast as possible.

It was brutal, difficult, and borderline inhuman.

Yet, most of the 1st team members decided to join it after continuing to hear about Felix\'s achievements out there.

They knew that he had already left them way behind, but the least thing they could do was hit peak 6th stage of replacement before he returns.

So, when they restart the planetary games, they would not stop due to their weakness.

That\'s why Felix rarely contacted Olivia, Noah, and the team anymore.

He knew that their bracelets were off, and he respected their grit to join that barbaric training camp to attempt and cross the distance between them if even by a little.

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