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Upon thinking about it thoroughly, they realized that he was absolutely right.

At this moment, they really had no option but to pick the ruleless format or reject the war declaration and provide ruthless compensations.

The fact that there were only two formats to handle a war made it harder to find better alternatives.

Ruleless war, huh. Zosia smiled wryly, It has been really a very long time since we have seen one in the universe.

That\'s to be expected. Maganda Chief shared, It\'s not worth choosing since it is packed with variables that can affect the end result.

Plus, even if you win the war with this format, the SGAlliance will make you feel like the loser.

The anti royalty alliance always knew that if they declared war on the royal family, the Norfolks would have selected the ruled war over the ruleless war since it was more advantageous to them.

That\'s because the ruled format meant giving off control over the war fully to the SGAlliance.

The SGAlliance would turn their war into a series of games that would be spectated throughout the entire universe.

There would be more than fifty games initiated between the two sides.

The games would be varied from all types of formats with unique designs.

There would be large scaled games that target the fleets and armies.

Such as giving each side a planet and a similar set of fleet then making them compete to be the first to conquer the other side planet.

Games that test Commanders and Generals by placing armies made out ten thousand bloodliners and soldiers in one continent.

Then, forcing them to fight until either side surrenders.

Games that focuses on individual fights between the strongest fighters from both sides.

There were even games that target the intellectual department of both backgrounds...Scientists, researchers, engineers...etc.

The only thing that matters was to test out the all roundness of those opposite backgrounds instead of just the brawl side.

So the final verdict would be as fair as possible.

The way the victor get decided was by collecting victory points...Each game won provides a point.

The background that collected the most points in those series of games win the war.

It seemed like the better option for the anti royalty alliance to pick this format but in reality, it would be a death sentence.

That\'s because most games would still be based on battles and fights...There would be no limitations to the participates\' strength.

So, Origin Bloodliners and their descendants could participate over and over again in each of those fighting games...

It only made sense to allow both sides to send their best in every game.

It was illogical to limit the strength of one background by forcing them to place weaker bloodliners or soldiers because they used them in other games.

This was a war after all, even if it was disguised as a series of games.

In wars, the smartest, strongest, and most fortunate deserves to win it all.

The anti-royality alliance was still too weak to handle the current upper echelon force of Norfolk family.

Thus, it was better to pick the other format...The Ruleless War.

Well, it was just slightly better since the ruleless war would pose many difficulties for the anti royalty alliance as well.

That\'s because a ruleless war meant a complete replication of the Mariana Empire territory and everything inside it by Queen Ai!

From stars, planets, kingdoms, countries, cities, towns, weather, structures...etc.

Since the Mariana Empire territory spanned over a quarter of a galaxy, this entailed that the computing power required to achieve such an unfathomable replication would place quite the pressure on Queen AI.

What\'s worse, the war would be a free for all!

Any citizen that live in the Mariana Empire would have the right to join the war after pledging their loyalty to one of the two sides.

From kingdoms, Federations, countries, bloodline clans, and alliances!

The backgrounds who refused to join a side wouldn\'t be able to put themselves inside the battleground even though their territory had been replicated.

As for normal citizens

They would be given the same option to either join the battleground and support their own kingdoms or remain as an outsider.

It was a serious decision to make since death inside the battleground would be as real as it could get!

In other words, it didn\'t matter how you died in the battlefield.

You would be executed by Queen Ai in real life immediately.

So, everyone needed to think carefully if they wanted to join the war or not.

The citizens didn\'t need to worry about getting punished for rejecting the recruitment.

The SGAlliance was their guardian angel in this case.

Anyone trying to force them into recruitment unwillingly would be dealt with by Queen Ai.

After all, wars were taken into the UVR for multiple reasons...One of them was protection of innocent civilians who just wanted to live peacefully, without care of whose ruling above them.

As for bloodliners, SG players, and other unaffiliated fighters They could all join the war as long as they were citizens of the empire.

All of this was supervised by Queen Ai and the SGAlliance, so everything would go smoothly even though it was a \'ruleless war\'.

Because of their heavy involvement and the massive resources it takes from Queen Ai to oversee everything after replicating a quarter of a galaxy, the winner of the war would have to pay for the SGAlliance\'s services. 

The replication of quarter galaxy with all of its tiny little details wasn\'t an easy feat and puts some pressure on Queen AI\'s capabilities.

So, the SGAlliance would get paid for each day this war lasts.

The payment would be 200 million SC on each day.

If the winner couldn\'t pay it, territories and assets will be seized by the SGAlliance as collateral.

In addition, 98% of the stream revenue of war would be going into the SGAlliance\'s pockets while the remaining 2% would be split between the parties involved in the war.

All of this to force backgrounds into solving their problems with other ways than wars.

If they went and chosen war, then they must at least pick the ruled format to make it easy for everyone.

Without placing those heavy penalties and punishments, the universe would have been engulfed in wars 24/7.

I have a plan to give us a fighting chance in the ruleless format.

If we won, the penalty will be dealt with properly. High Chieftain sneered, If we lost, we will make it as bitter as possible!

Everyone snickered at the thought of the royal family getting forced to pay trillions of coins or offering resourceful territories to the SGAlliance.

They knew that winning was going to require a miracle but prolonging the war for years and years

That was more than doable for them!

What plan is it Maganda Chief inquired.

You will be informed of it soon. High Chieftain clapped his hands and ordered, For now, go gather our allies.

They must be squirming in their places after knowing about the war.

Naturally, the anti royalty alliance had many allies.

Though, almost all of them had no idea about their secret agenda targeting the royal family.

They only allied with them for business deals and protection.

In return, they would be needed to offer support when the time come...

The time had finally come!

None of them could reject siding with them in the war since it was signed upon.

Planet Earth was one of the allies too.

The Earthlings had been benefiting from the anti-royality alliance protection until they got on their feet.

Now, it was time for payment.

Oh, make sure to invite every background to the gathering too. High Chieftian brought out an empty contract and said, Let\'s put down a bait that will be hard for them to ignore.


Just as High Chieftian mentioned, all of their allies were losing their ** at the thought of going to war with Norfolk royal family.

They kept sending them invitations for meetings, so they could discourage them from accepting the declaration of war.

Unlike the anti-royality alliance, they had no grudge against the Norfolk royal family.

When they signed the contract, they thought that those three superpowers would never target someone and no one would dare to target them.

Even if they picked on a background, it would be a weak one that could be handled by one of them alone.

The fact that the anti-royality alliance never got into conflict or had previous history with Norfolk royal family bamboozled them hard.

If those allies had caught even a whiff of conflict, they would have never signed the contract to avoid being placed in such f*cked up situation!

What\'s worse, the Norfolk royal family had published the evidence given to the administration in their website.

Anyone who read it immediately got stunned by the fact that Maganda Tribe, Sanctum Federation, and Everglow Kingdom were the ones scheming against the Norfolks behind the shadows!

They were literally caught red-handed, which justified the Norfolk\'s declaration of war.

[I know that the royal family aren\'t at their best, but to scheme to overthrow them and cause chaos to arise in the empire I am greatly disappointed in those three superpowers.]

[Bunch of sissies! It\'s exciting news that someone finally dared to raise their fists against the greedy royal family! All they have been doing is raise taxes again and again!]

[I doubt those three superpowers will dare to accept the declaration.

He-he, did you see how long the Norfolks knew about their scheme It will be a one sided slaughter.]

[I feel bad for their allies.

They probably have been dragged into this war without them knowing about anything.]

The smart ones who read the published documentations through and through, realized that most of the anti-royality allies had been baited into signing the contract.

They believed that the anti-royality alliance meant goodwill by allying with them, but in reality, they just wanted to bolster their forces until the day they declare war on the Norfolk royal family.

Such an insincere scheme truly pushed the anti-royality alliance\'s reputation down the gutter even further....

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