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The next morning, the civilians in the Mariana Empire woke up just like always...The kids ate breakfast and went to school...The adults drank a cup of coffee or tea and went to their jobs...The unemployed were still sleeping like pigs, planning to wake up in the afternoon...

Before everyone could get used to their daily routine, a bombshell had been dropped into their media feed, forcing them to stop whatever they were doing and stare at the news with a widened eye.

-The Norfolk Royal Family has declared war on Maganda Tribe, Everglow Kingdom, and The Sanctum Federation!-

The title of the article was written in bold letters to magnify the revelation of the news!!

The first reaction everyone had was shock then disbelief, and finally denial of the truthiness of the news.

Almost everyone gave off a hollow laugh as they clicked on the article, wanting to see who was seeking death to spread such an idiotic rumor.

However, after reading article content that was filled with quotes from the supposed declaration of war letter, it suddenly started to feel too real to be a joke.

The final nail in the coffin was an active link to the source of the quotes...Everyone who clicked on it was taken to the real letter posted by Royal Family in their website.

It couldn\'t be more real than this...

[Am I tripping or something Is there really going to be a war! A frea*king war!]

[This can\'t be happening, right There is no reason for the royal family to declare a war on those three superpowers I never heard a whiff of conflict between them!]

[GOD DAMN IT! I just signed up to be a soldier for Everglow Kingdom to get a f*cking pension!]

[You guys are panicking for no reason...The SGAlliance isn\'t going to approve their declaration unless they provide a solid reason.]

    [Agreed...We never heard of any sort of big problem arising between those superpowers in the empire.]

    [Phew, that\'s relieving to hear...Though, I do wonder why did they declare it.]

The Network in the galaxy was flipped upside down by the news as it travelled to every nook and cranny in no time.

A war was almost a foreign concept to current generations living in the galaxy.

The latest war occurring was between two kingdoms in the Mariana Empire, fighting over the borders of their territories.

It happened tens of thousands of years ago, and it ended quite fast since both kingdoms weren\'t really that strong.

On the other hand, this was the real deal!

An actual war between superpowers, who ruled big patches of the empire and owned the strongest armies on it.

A war of such a magnitude was going to attract even the attention of other races!

While the public was freaking out, it could never amount to the intense reaction of Anti-Royality Alliance members.

HOOOW DID THEY FIND OUT!!! Maganda Chief roared with veins popping on his forehead as he slammed his palm on the meeting table.

His bloodshot eyes would make anyone understand that he shouldn\'t be crossed at this moment. 

How can we know Zosia massaged her eyelids as she replied with a suppressed tone.

She might seem calm but in reality, she was merely trying her best to contain her boiling rage.

Gabriel, Berry, and Roka all had livid expressions as they stared at the declaration of war against them.

All of them were either sound asleep or managing their kingdoms before they were all notified personally by the Queen AI of the declaration.

They couldn\'t believe it at the start since it really came out of nowhere.

However, after contacting their peers and realizing that everyone was notified, they knew that they had been exposed.

Someone must have talked! Maganda Chief eyed each of one them with a resentful look.

He was clearly suspecting one of them or at least their subordinates or people in their inner circle.

Old Eagle, I know that you are pissed but don\'t let anger cloud your judgment in such a critical moment. Zosia advised.

She is right. Gabriel tightened his fists as he replied, It\'s impossible for one of us to betray the alliance.

Our contract is more than secure.

Plus, our elders are the real leaders of our kingdoms.

We have nothing to earn by switching sides.


Maganda Chief let out a long breath through his nostrils to calm his agitation.

He knew that it was foolish to suspect them since the moment they have a single thought of betrayal, Queen AI would inform all of them.

As for their subordinates They were all trustworthy slaves who signed even stricter contracts.

So, it was almost impossible for the leak to be from their side.

If it\'s not from us, then from whe...

Before Maganda Chief could finish, his eyes widened in shock after recalling a third party that knew about their hidden agenda!

The Phantom Organization! Maganda Chief shouted, It must be them!

Zosia and the others jumped from their seats after remembering their meeting with the Organization\'s \'leader\' during their negotiation!

He showed them that he already knew about their goal to overthrow the royal family without telling them exactly how he did it.

At that time, it seemed like the Organization didn\'t care much about their conflict with the royal family.

After all, the \'leader\' told them bluntly that the purpose of the Organization was to create a path for the human race to surpass other races and remove the stigma of \'A weaker race\'.

Could it really be them Zosia wondered, We added a clause in our alliance contract to keep that Intel with them.

The leader seemed unbothered by it.

Who knows We are not like friends with them. Berry knitted his eyebrows, Our contract clause can be overcome somehow if they tried their best.

Right now, they are the only variable that could cause such a scene. Zosia said, Either that or our alliance has been exposed during our elder\'s generation before we were born.

The Anti-Royality Alliance was in fact founded by their elders thousands of years ago when the golden age of the empire began to wane.

From that point of time to now, the alliance and its goal was kept a secret.

After their elders went into hibernation to minimize energy lost, they took the leadership and carried on their planning from where they left.

Let\'s contact the organization\'s leader first before we take this disastrous news to our elders. Gabriel suggested with a fearful look.

He knew that his grandfather wasn\'t going to be pleased by their catastrophic failure and would punish him for it thoroughly.

The same applies to the other elders.

It was better to find a scapegoat to handle their fury.

Unfortunately, they called and called, yet no one responded.

They sent emails...Still, no reply.

Motherf*cker! Try their dog Felix! Gabriel urged with an ugly expression.

Too bad, even Felix went deaf on them.

F**ck! Why are they avoiding us when the news of the war went viral! Berry yelled, It\'s impossible for them not to see it and think that we might suspect them.

They should have contacted us to clear suspicion of them!

Unbeknownst to them, Felix was scratching his ass cheeks while chilling inside the void blob, not having a single clue that the empire was about to flip upside down.

He really took off his AP bracelet at the worst time.

F*ck it, I will tell my elder that it was them. Raka cursed.

He was a man of a few words and always kept his opinions to himself.

But when it came to dealing with his elder He was just as terrified as his peers.

The only one unafraid was Zosia since she was an Origin Bloodliner just like her uncle.

She knew that he would scold her, but that was it.

Alright, let\'s group up again with our elders to deal with this matter officially. Zosia said and then logged out.

The others followed after her, not wanting to discuss the war without their elders since everything would be for naught without their approval.

After everyone logged out, Maganda Chief fixed his attires and walked with fastened steps towards the elevator.

However, he ended up intercepted by princess Bird and the rest of the royal family.

Father! What\'s going on Princess Bird spoke with a nervous tone, Are we really going to war

Not now Alisa! Maganda Chief rushed past her, not having time to explain everything to his family.


He will talk to us when he is ready, little bird. 

Before Princess Bird could speak, she was held by a gorgeous mature blonde woman, who was wearing a dress made out of white lives and flowers.

She had a wooden tiara on her head that was donned with brilliant gems.


Princess Bird could only listen to her mother and watch her father descent on the wooden elevator.

\'I hope he won\'t be treated too badly.\' Queen of Maganda Tribe could only sigh in dejection.

As the Queen and the only partner of Maganda Chief, it was only normal that her husband had been sharing everything with her.

Naturally, she had to sign the same contract as him to obtain such knowledge.

Maganda Chief might trust her with every fiber of his being, but the same couldn\'t be said about the others.

While the Royal Palace was in mayhem from the news, Maganda Chief had already reached the root where his elder was hibernating.

He walked towards a gate and took a deep breath.

Then, he knocked on it as he announced with a strict expression, High Chieftain, I have some bad news to deliver.

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