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\'Asna, let\'s get this over with.\' Felix said as he closed his eyes shut, wanting to join them in the consciousness space.

All of you will be lazing around except for me. Asna grumbled as she watched Felix join Thor and Jörmungandr on their table.

Stop whining, Nimo eats only for a few minutes before going to sleep. Felix retorted as he dealt poker cards to his masters.

Even Lady Sphinx decided to join them.

You can\'t be wasting half a year doing nothing but playing cards. Lady Sphinx looked at Felix as she suggested, I will be giving you books to read only daily basis.

You are still lacking when it comes to knowledge about potion-making.

Will do. Felix agreed.

He recognized that he rarely spent time expanding his horizons on potion-making knowledge due to his rigid time management.

After all, he had three masters to accommodate.

Now that he would be doing nothing but sleeping inside a giant blob of void energy, it was the best chance to devour as much knowledge as possible.

Eee Eeee!

Meanwhile, Nimo was on cloud nine as he kept rolling on the lake with his tongue stretched out like a puppy.

A flood of potent pure void energy kept pouring into his \'stomach\', making him feel blessed.

It had been over two months since he tasted void energy again.

The void chests had been already finished by him, making him go through a drought.

That made him throw a tantrum that lasted for two seconds...One smack by Asna allowed him to remember that he wasn\'t entitled to anything in this consciousness space.

This kind of disciple was integrated in his being now.

So, when he hatches from the egg, he would be fearful of Asna\'s subconsciously even though his spiritual pressure was enough to blow Felix into pieces...


In the royal palace of the Mariana Empire, Prince Balin and Princess Alma could be seen walking elegantly towards a magnificent crystallized gate that was decorated with a dragon head made out of red gems.

Has father arrived. Prince Balin asked one of the guards in front of the gate.

The guard bowed his head as he replied, Not yet, your highness.

How about the rest Princess Alma inquired.

I believe everyone has arrived but the Queen.

\'Typical behavior of that wh*re.\'

Princess Alma spat in her mind while still showing a courteous expression on the outside.

\'Brother should we go in now\' Princess Alma complained, \'I don\'t want to make her feel good by being the last to arrive.\'

\'Haha, don\'t be so petty sis.\' Prince Balin pushed the gate with a single hand and walked right through it, \'Such childish behaviors are noticeable by father.\'

\'I am not being a child!\' Princess Alma pouted and followed after him.

Good morning everyone.

Prince Balin greeted politely as he looked at his brothers, sisters, concubines, governors, generals, and all the important figures of the Mariana Empire.

All of them were sitting on chairs that were placed at the sides of a glamorous hall.

At the center, the hall was empty and had only a long red carpet that was leading towards a crystallized throne.

It was made out of golden gems that gleamed brightly under the sunlight.

Anyone looking at it would wonder if it was comfortable to sit on it since it had no pillow or cushion.

It was literally just a seat sculpted out of gems.

Morning little bro. A savvy youthful man with a luxurious piercing on his nose snickered while sitting on his chair inappropriately.

Everyone else sat in a formal manner and nodded their heads at the royal twins without a change of expression.

Hope you slept well, 4th brother. Prince Balin wished with his usual polite smile and went to sit down.

Princess Alma followed after him without looking at the savvy young man, knowing that if she did, she might end up cursing his mother.

Upon seeing that both of them started ignoring him, the savvy young man sneered in his mind, \'Keeping acting like you matter.

F*cking losers with **ty bloodline purity.\'

In Royal Families, bloodline purity was everything.

No one cared about seniority, talent, or such.

Only bloodline purity...The higher it was, the higher your position would be in the family.

Prince Balin and Princess Alma had the lowest purity due to being born from a commoner woman, who possessed an unnatural beauty that charmed the emperor.

In royal tradition, the emperor must not waste his \'seeds\' on commoners when he could offer them to his Queen, who was also an Origin Bloodliner.

If he wanted to change, he had a harem of concubines made out of the main descendants of other Origin Bloodliners.

All of this to give birth to fine men and women with high purity to separate them from the other humans, who use the bloodline integration system.

Those descendants inherit up to twelve abilities based on their bloodline purity and the mixture of bloodlines from both parents.

They only needed to grow into adults to unlock those abilities without putting a single needle on their skin.

However, since they had given up completely on the integration system, they could not reach Origin Realm.

This was a win to the believers of the integration system.

In their eyes, they might not make the breakthrough since it was a life or death one chance, at least they had such a chance unlike the pure descendants.

Prince Balim and Princess Alma were the only ones in the royal family, who uses the integration system since their bloodline purity was a joke.

So, it was to be expected that the royal family would isolate them and make them feel like they were outsiders.

Through the mocking glances and disgusted looks from his brothers and sisters, Prince Balim kept a polite smile as he stared at the crystallized gate.

Abruptly, the gate was pushed open by two guards wearing an ancient knight armor made out of glistening white metal.

Yet, no one paid attention to them...Their eyes were affixed on an elderly man in the center, who was followed by a breathtaking woman.

White, oily hair gently hung over a skinny but dignified face.

Glistening hexagon-shaped gray eyes, set lightly within their sockets as they watched thoughtfully over the throne in front of him.

Fair skin gorgeously complimented his eyes and left a delightful memory of his fortunate destiny.

This was the face of Emperor Rawal Norfolk.

A true challenger among humans.

He stood high among others, despite his current light frame.

There was something captivating about him, perhaps it was his royal presence, or perhaps it was his fortunate past.

But nonetheless, everyone in the hall took a knee and greeted out loud in veneration, Good day, your majesty, the one and only emperor of the Mariana Empire!

Settle down already.

I have told you many times I dislike that pretentious greeting.

Does my authority mean nothing to you. Emperor Rawal joked as he gestured with his hand for them to sit down.

Everyone chuckled and sat down, knowing that he always say the same thing but in reality, he loved having his ego get caressed at any occasion.

Commander Hade, did you finish your preparation Emperor Rawal inquired with a serious tone the moment his butt touched the smooth surface of the throne.

Almost over, your majesty.A long-faced man with bony bat like wings responded respectfully.

His cheeks were sunken in, and he didn\'t have a pupil, making him quite scary to look at.

He wore a white military outfit and had many medals on its chest, showing off all of his achievements.

He might not seem like it, but he was an Origin Bloodliner as well.

One of the strong ones in that matter.


Although it\'s not how I perfectly wanted it to be, but we all know that fate doesn\'t work that way.

Emperor Rawal said so as he stared in the eyes of his most trusted people, the core of the empire.

All of them held their breaths, knowing what was about to come.

It\'s time to shake some things up in this rotten land. Emperor Rawal sneered faintly as he announced, Tomorrow morning, we will be declaring war on those three maggots, who are planning to overtake the royal family for years now!

At last!

I have sharpened my spear long ago!

I really hope they don\'t reject it!

The throne chamber exploded into cheers as everyone seemed excited by the announcement.

The only ones shocked by it were the guards, who had no idea that the royal family would declare a war willingly!

As for the royalty

They knew about the anti-royality alliance and their preparation to overthrow them years ago.

The only reason they didn\'t do anything about it was because of Emperor Rawal.

He wanted to keep it under lids as much as possible until the anti-royality alliance recruit more kingdoms into their cause and make their move.

That would help them in taking down multiple targets at the same time!

This was exactly what happened in Felix\'s previous life, fourteen years from now.

Unfortunately, because he created the Phantom Organization and allied with them, Emperor Rawal was left with no choice but to make the first move.

Especially, when he saw how mysterious the Phantom Organization and how strong Felix was getting.

In his mind, if he gave them more time, the Organization might help the Anti-Royality Alliance in getting more abnormal bloodliners like Felix.

So, for the past few years he was preparing to launch a preemptive attack that was going to shake the galaxy from its core!

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