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A decision has been made. Miss Buttercup extended her hand to Commander Samuel and announced, He will retain his position, but he will be placed under close probation.

Tsk, as expected. Felix closed off the stream after watching the meeting ends on such a disappointing note.

He tuned in to watch from the start to the end since he also wanted Commander Samuel to piss off.

In his previous life, he was the reason why so many portals emerged throughout the guardian empire until it was nigh impossible to control the invasions.

He had seen the guild fight viciously for their case by offering many proofs of Commander Samuel incompetence.

They even brought Felix\'s name and the contract.

In addition, they promoted General Aztec for the replacement after naming all of his splendid achievements over the years.

Unfortunately, they had no idea that General Aztec was affiliated with The Bardot Empire.

There was no way in hell, the Guardian Empire and The Mariana Empire would approve of him.

On the other hand, Commander Samuel merely apologized once and said that he would do better in the future.

That\'s all it took for the top leaders to quickly vote against his replacement, forcing all of their allies to do the same.

They ended up having the majority of votes and finalized their decision.

Because of the frenzied reaction of the public against their decision, they decided to place Commander Samuel under close probation.

It did alleviate some anger, but it wasn\'t enough to satisfy the public.

The only thing that could do so was getting rid of him.

Though the summit ended up on a bad note, there was some good to it.

That was the top three superpowers coming into agreement to cultivate an autonomous candidate to replace Commander Samuel.

They realized from his demeanor that Commander Samuel was going to screw up badly in the near future, and they had no intentions to clear up his mess again.

In their eyes, he was a lost cause, and it was time to get rid of him.

Unbeknownst of their secret decision, Commander Samuel returned to Mistress Candace\'s embrace, not caring about anything in the world.

Meanwhile, the assembly members couldn\'t be more devastated by the decision.

They brought some many materials against Commander Samuel that should have been more than enough to put him as far as possible from the army.

Yet, they didn\'t affect even one of the three superpowers.

This made them understand that Commander Samuel was untouchable and that all of their efforts were laughable in his eyes.

What\'s worse, the invited officials of the void guild headquarters didn\'t protest against the decision.

They were satisfied with the close probation and besought the assembly members to play along for now.

The officials could see that the three superpowers were hell-bent on keeping him, and they didn\'t want to get the main branch into a struggle with them over this.

Right now, the assembly members stopped moping over spilled milk and focused on doubling down their protection of their territories.

They knew that Commander Samuel was going to wait awhile until things cool down before coming after them.

With this, the brewing conflict between the guild and the army got settled for now.

The only good thing resulted from this conflict would be the atmosphere between the mercenaries and soldiers getting a bit friendlier.

That\'s because both of them hated Commander Samuel to the bone and want him gone as fast as possible.

The contract really did some nasty damage to Commander Samuel falling reputation in the army.


Three months later...

In the chilling darkness of space, the Dark Deviant spaceship cruised slowly towards a small-sized planet.

It was impossible to see the planet troposphere since it was covered entirely with thunderclouds.

Easy there. Felix murmured as he stared at the planet from the spaceship\'s cockpit.

He didn\'t want to increase the speed to avoid getting noticed by void creatures.

They may not be visible, but he knew that millions of them were down there, devouring the planet to its core.

In a few minutes, the spaceship penetrated the atmosphere and the thick thunderclouds.

The moment it emerged outside them, Felix was creeped out by the horrific image before him.

The entire ground was painted pitch black like it was a wormhole, leading to nothingness.

If it wasn\'t for the void creature\'s heads and limbs moving all around like little insects gathered tightly, anyone would be left confused by the sight.

You will dive right there. Asna felt goosebumps course on her skin after imagining Felix getting embraced by the sea of void creatures.

I am getting used to it by now.

Felix replied as he unfastened his seatbelts.

The spaceship had been stopped by the Queen immediately after escaping the thunderclouds.

Queen, hid the spaceship within the clouds after I leave. Felix requested while getting naked.

As you command.

After hearing her confirmation, he removed all four bracelets and placed them on his seat.

He had already discussed with Asna and the rest that he wouldn\'t wear any AP bracelet after he starts the absorption.

That\'s because he would be wasting time repairing them after they get damaged by the void energy.

This meant only Lady Sphinx would still be able to log in to the UVR.

The others would need to stay in his consciousness space until he hatches Nimo.

Both Thor and Jörmungandr were fine by his decision since they were used to spending time in his consciousness space anyway.

On the other hand, Asna didn\'t even protest since she would be spending almost the majority of her time absorbing the energy and feeding it to Nimo.

She couldn\'t do it carelessly since the little glutton had a limit to how much he could take every day.

Because none of them had signed any contract that require them to keep their consciousness connected with Queen AI, Felix didn\'t need to worry about the Queen sending alliance forces to hunt him down.

On the other hand, he had signed the SG contract, which forced him to not remove his AP bracelet for more than two hours.

However, Felix had a way to go around this.

\'Queen, I want to use a wish to remove the two hours penalty of my SG contract temporarily.\' Felix requested.

\'You currently possess three wishes.\' Queen informed, \'If you used one, you can remove the penalty for six months.

If you used them both, you can remove it for over a year.\'

\'Use one.\'

\'Are you certain\'


Upon receiving his confirmation, Queen Ai took a wish from his inventory and notified him that the penalty had been disabled.

\'God bless those wishes.\' Felix grinned as he walked away from his AP bracelet.

He always kept a few wishes in his pockets for scenarios like those.

He would never use them to wish for materials, potions, or treasures...Those were obtainable assets unlike disabling penalties, voiding entire contracts, creating new identities or such.

Only wishes had such powers since it require the Queen and SGAlliance approval.

The reason he wished for only six months was because he had no idea how long it would take for Nimo to hatch.

He didn\'t want to waste a second wish to add duration just to end up not needing it in the first place.

After a short while, Felix reached one of the gates of his spaceship.

He opened it up and got slammed immediately by a strong gale of wind.

Rumble Rumble!

Thunderclaps kept booming around him as he stood below the storm.

The bursts of light showed Felix\'s nude skin gleaming like a mirror.

This was due to him coating himself in the Life Negator dust.

Without it, his spaceship would have been attacked before it could enter the Gamora\'s atmosphere due to his life signal attracting the void creatures.

Let\'s hope this won\'t take too long.

Felix wished as he summoned two dark purplish blasts from his palms and shot them at the massive pitch-black blob.

Before it reached them, Felix jumped from his spaceship and dove after it, making him get struck once or twice by thick lightning arks.

Alas, they did nothing but boost his speed towards the army of void creatures.

Poof Poof!

Almost soundless, the two blasts penetrated through tens of low-born void creatures and kept sinking within the pitch-black blob nonstop.

The moment Felix felt like it was deep enough, he snapped his finger midair with his eyes closed shut.

A split second later, he opened them after sensing warmness all over his body.

When he looked around him, he realized that the size of the blob had reached more than a hundred kilometers underground!

Since he noticed that its surface spanned over hundreds of kilometers, Felix couldn\'t even fathom how many void creatures were making this blob.

\'No wonder it\'s impossible to recover fallen planets.\' Felix sighed, \'There is no weapon able to blow up this humongous blob without destroying the planet in the process.\'

It\'s not like there was no cosmic weapon able to blow even planets.

The Metal Race, Dwarves, and a few more races owned such a horrifying weaponry.

Even humans were able to invent one since their weapons engineering wasn\'t to be joked about.

However, they would never use them on fallen planets right from the start since they wanted to keep void creatures occupied.

Each fallen planet helps them contain tens of millions of void creatures for over hundreds of years.

Only when a planet reaches its final years would the army use a planet destroyer weapon to get rid of those void creatures at once....

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