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His warning helped us get a target for our investigations.

After watching recordings of many other explorers who gave their permission, we realized that they all got wiped out by traps. The association leader mentioned with a heavy tone, Majority of them were either activated by slimes or the others after the slimes failed to warn them.

Upon hearing so, the leaders were left mostly confused than angered.

They could see that it was an organized movement by the slimes.

But, how exactly did they achieve so They all thought.

They knew that it was impossible for them to have any thoughts of betrayal in their minds since the Queen would either deliver punishment instantly or relay their words to their owner.

It was only natural to assume that it was close to impossible to betray someone without thinking about it just once.

When the association leader saw their confusion, he enlightened them with the answer, Knowing that it was impossible to break Queen\'s AI contracts made us seek answers from slimes\' experts.

Their theory was that the slimes that betrayed the exploration crews were just copies. The association leader disclosed.


Make sense.

Slimes are able to make copies with wisps of their consciousness, making them able to use them as suicide bombers.

So, you are telling me that slimes allow their copies to get caught and sold in auctions to hunt down exploration crews

Chatter started yet again in the assembly hall.

Everyone knew that slimes were able to copy themselves.

Yet, they didn\'t expect that this trait would be used in such a manner!

The slimes actually willingly put their copies in the open, so they could wipe out anyone who purchased them!

They literally turned themselves into suicide bombers to make sure that anyone who want their services better be ready for a world of pain!

We The Association of Explorers beseech the leaders to seek an explanation from the Slime Nation. The association leader voiced his plea, This is an organized attack against the human race by the Slime Nation.

It was understandable to see it from this perspective.

After all, thousands of exploration crews had met their fate at the hands of their own slimes.

Clearly, it wasn\'t over yet.

In their eyes, this was a secret racial war that needed to be dealt with swiftly lest all slime slaves start rebelling as well.

That\'s what the association of explorers were afraid to off.

Not the fact that copies were killing the exploration crews, but their \'patriotic acts\' affecting the real slave slimes!

The ones who would die immediately after having a single thought of betrayal.

If they were influenced by those copies to also betray their crews and die in the process, then the slimes would be like time-bombs!

No one would dare to buy one even if they made sure that the slime purchased wasn\'t a copy.

Since those crews needed slimes for scouting, if they betrayed them while deep inside an ancient ruins, they were f*cked!

The leaders were smart enough to figure this out on their own, making them understand that the situation wasn\'t pleasant at all.

Slimes are important assets in exploration missions.

If we lose them, our exploration success rates will crash down almost immediately. The association leader concluded his case with one final plea, Please help us solve this issue.

Thank you for bringing this matter to light. Miss Buttercup smiled gently at the association leader and said, You can leave now.

You will hear from us soon.

The association leader and his men nodded their heads in appreciation and teleported away.

So, what do you guys think Miss Buttercup asked everyone.

Instead of everyone giving off their opinions at the same time and creating a ruckus, they all remained quiet and pressed a button in front of them.

The first one to press it was given permission to speak by Queen AI.

I believe that we should make a contact with the Slime Nation. A Bloodline Clan leader stood up as he offered his own take on the matter, We are not giving them a hefty amount of resources annually to receive future suicide bombers.

Most of the leaders nodded their heads in approval.

It might seem like the Slime Nation was starting a hidden war but in reality, the leaders knew that was far from the truth.

The Royal Family of Slime Nation was the one helping all interested parties to enslave their own people!

That\'s because it was their greatest way of revenue outside cheap labor.

Imagine how much they earn on a yearly basis after trafficking millions of their own kind to other races

So, the leaders believed that all of this was the doing of a secret Terrorist Organization, who wants to free slimes from their slavery by creating intimidation.

Anyone else wants to share a different opinion Miss Buttercup asked.

This time not a lot of leaders pressed on the button since most of them agreed with the bloodline clan leader.

We need to check if all exploration crews over the universe has been affected by this terrorist organization or was it just us. Maganda Chief proposed calmly after being picked.

The leaders nodded their heads in acknowledgment.

This question would offer them many Intel about this terrorist organization.

Such as, if it was big enough to affect other races at the same time, were the human race their first target or not...etc.

After Maganda Chief shared his opinion, a few more leaders followed and gave off their own take on the matter.

Some were good and some were just useless.

Yet, that didn\'t stop anyone from continuing this discussion until they finally voted on the decisions that would be made.

There were many decisions taken.

Such as, sending out a galactical warning to everyone about the existence of fake slime copies.

So, everyone would be wary of slimes.

From breeders, traffickers, auction houses, and explorers.

All of those decisions were against the slimes.

Not a single one was to support the cause of freeing the slimes from slavery.

How could they do so when they were benefiting from the slimes services for years and years

Alright, this matter is concluded for now.

We will share updates in the next summits if we have them. Miss Buttercup clapped her hands twice and said, Next case will be about everyone\'s favorite criminals...Space Pirates.


Two hours later...

The summit had reached its last stretch after more than five subjects had been dealt with properly.

The only issue that wasn\'t mentioned yet was the replacement of Commander Samuel.

Everyone seemed quite irked since Commander Samuel had yet to show up! 

\'Hahaha, he has really lost his mind.\'

The Fang laughed in delight as he heard the nasty comments of the leaders near him directed at Commander Samuel\'s absence.

\'If they don\'t replace him after this, then there is no hope in him getting replaced ever.\' Toby thought to himself.

Commander Samuel was showing such a blatant disrespect to everyone attending this summit with his absence.

The fact that they hold his fate in their hands just made it even worse.

\'2nd councilwoman, delay a little more.\' 

Let\'s take a ten minutes break.. Miss Buttercup smiled and walked back to her seat.

However, just as she wanted to sit down, she noticed a flash of light to her left side.

She turned around with the others and saw Commander Samuel smoking a cigar while wearing his formal military outfit.

He was sitting causally like he didn\'t just almost miss out on the most important day of his life.

Good afternoon everyone.

I am sorry for being late. Commander Samuel apologized with a sincere smile, I have just received news of a new portal opening up, and I needed to deal with it.

Upon hearing so, the councilmen and the emperors couldn\'t find fault in his tardiness anymore.

It didn\'t matter if he lied or told the truth.

Critical matters related to void invasion should always be placed as a priority for The Great Commander of The Army.

Thank you for your service, Commander. Miss Buttercup smiled politely and returned to the podium.

Then, she explained to the assembly members the reason of Commander Samuel tardiness and requested them to pardon him.

The leaders could only swallow their annoyance after hearing his excuse.

Let us begin with the main case of today\'s summit. Miss Buttercup gestured with her hand at Commander Samuel and the four assembly members.

Almost immediately, they got teleported into the stands in the air, so they could be seen by all.

As we promised the public, this case would be watched live. Miss Buttercup clapped her hands and all the reporters waiting outside were summoned into their own designated area.

Without wasting a split second, all the reporters pointed their cameras and AP bracelets at the stands and kicked off the live streams.

They were already packed with tens of billion of people, waiting patiently for the screen to light up.

Guild leaders.. Miss Buttercup permitted with a faint smile, Please make your case.

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