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A couple of hours later...

Not a single void pack had been located by Felix, making him give up and change his destination to the Void Base.

There was no point in wasting more time in this planet when he had now much better options.

As for being a hero and going at a limb to fully clear the planet

Yeah, that ain\'t happening.

This planet was doomed before he took the first step on it and would be doomed after he leaves it.

Now that there was an ongoing conflict between the guild and the army, Commander Samuel didn\'t hesitate to leave only the minimum amount of soldiers and fleets to guard the planet.

After all, the planet was one of the shields for The Fang\'s kingdom.

If it fell, the one hurting the most would be him.

In Felix\'s eyes, killing void creatures here or in a fallen planet were all the same.

As long as he gets rid of void creatures, he was considered as doing his part for humanity.

\'Let\'s see how much I have earned.\' Felix requested, \'Queen, please conclude the mission.\'

\'Are you certain Sir Felix\' Queen AI informed, \'The moment you conclude it, your final score will be unchangeable.\'

\'Yes.\' Felix confirmed.

Upon hearing so, Queen brought out a holographic list before Felix and said, \'Your mission has been finalized.

Check your inventory for your earned void points and the mission leaderboard to see your position.\'

Felix glanced at the list and couldn\'t help but smile wryly.


1) Lance Squad (A rank, 1 member.): 2,145,391,001 VP.

(Click on the name for the full stats.)

2) The Forgivers (S rank, 12 member): 98,141 VP.

(Click on the name for the full stats.)

3) The Sinners (S rank, 10 member): 84,446 VP.


4) Imagine Dragons: (S rank, 9 member): 78,119 VP.



20) Void Makers: (A rank, 10 member): 8411 VP.


\'I should have probably concluded the mission after I reached the base.\' Felix massaged his temple, realizing that he messed up a little.

His current location was extremely far from the void base, which meant by the time he reaches there and cash out his points, the leaderboard would have already gone viral.

\'Whatever, I am leaving the planet either way.\'


Knock Knock!

Hm Didn\'t I tell you not to bother me The Fang said irritatedly while looking at his office\'s wooden door.

Sir! This is big news! His assistant cried out from behind the door, showing a rich amount of emotion in his voice.

Something that The Fang knew rarely happened.

Come in! Did someone die The Fang asked the moment his assistant entered his office.

I wish! It will be simpler than this! Agitated, the assistant displayed a holographic list, showing the leaderboards of the Malaria Zone.

The instant The Fang noticed Felix\'s name and his absurd score, his mouth went agape in utter disbelief.

2..2 million Is this a prank The Fang looked at his assistant with a widened eye, hoping that he would start laughing mockingly or something.

Alas, his assistant seemed like his soul had been drained from him by the news, making The Fang understand that this was the real deal.

Impossible! Just impossible! There must be a mistake in calculation!

The Fang had spent too much time with void related matter, he saw many freaky and out right mind-blowing things.

Yet, he believed in them since they had some basis to support them.

But this

The Fang would be a fool to believe that a single man, who was constantly monitored throughout the past month would have hunted thousands of void creatures by himself!

He wouldn\'t have believed it even if a squad pulled it off!

From the leaderboard, the squads on them never reached even 100k VP after spending more than three months hunting down void creatures!

Yet, Felix gathered 2.2 million VP in a single month while under radar 

Hell no!

The Fang refused to believe it!

The first thing he did was click on Felix\'s name, wanting to see all the stats.

//Low-born Void creatures killed: 890

Elite Void creatures killed: 198

Compressors used: 6//

No, no, no, no, no...

Because the Queen kept taps over everything, those stats were as real as they could get.

Knowing this made it hard for The Fang to deny them even when his mind found it incomprehensible.

What do we do Sir The Assistant asked with an agitated voice.

Before he brought the news to The Fang, it had been already leaked in the network by the squads on the leaderboard.

Right at this moment, a mayhem had been started in all social medias due to Felix\'s absurd score.

If even The Fang reacted like he had seen God himself, it was to be expected the reaction of the public would be more intense!

Get me Lance on the phone right this instant! The Fang ordered with a livid expression, not liking all the mysteries that Felix was hiding.

He could excuse the suicide phenomena but hunting more a thousand void creatures all by himself

He could never allow Felix to walk away with such a secret that could affect the war to their favor!

Ring Ring!

Before the assistant could call Felix, The Fang received a call to a meeting with his peers.

The moment the call was connected, Hamaru asked with a stern voice, Did you see the latest news

Yes. The Fang informed, I was just about to call Lance personally to explain the situation.

Don\'t bother. Toby sighed, I have just tried it and the call didn\'t connect.

He must have blocked all communications.

That son of a b*tch! Winfried snapped angrily, He can\'t just go around doing what the hell he wants and leave us to handle the pressure from the public!

Since they were the assembly members and Felix was part of the guild, anything he did would impact them as well.

Whether positive or negative.

The fact that they still couldn\'t even explain the suicide phenomena to the public over a month now already made them appear incompetence.

They were saved by the rising conflict between them and Commander Samuel since not a lot of people kept talking about the suicide phenomena.

Before they could get a breather and focus on the conflict, Felix went a head and dropped another unsolvable bomb on them.

If they couldn\'t offer an explanation to this one as well, the public wouldn\'t treat them kindly.

As for the treatment that Felix was receiving currently It was mixed between the supporters and the haters.

The supporters were curious about Felix\'s method to hunt so many void creatures alone, but they didn\'t grill him for it online.

Instead, they celebrated his achievements and called him a new rising hero, who would turn the war around.

Most of them were civilians in the empire, who didn\'t give a ** about the details as they were just happy that the void creatures were slaughtered by him.

On the other hand, the haters were the opposite as they grilled Felix on his method and kept pressuring him with tweets to make a conference and share his method.

In their own words, his method could be the salvation to this war! If a single mercenary could achieve this much, imagine more people using his method

It wouldn\'t be far-fetched to call the war as half-won!

Most of them were mercenaries and high ranked army officials.

Unfortunately, no matter how much they clamor and try to pressure Felix, it was futile attempts.

Felix had gone through much worse public backlash than this and came up on top every time!

Since we can\'t contact him, we can only send someone to meet him. Hamaru suggested.

I believe that he is returning to the base. Toby reasoned, Since he has concluded his mission, he should be stopping his hunt and returning to cash out.

My thoughts exactly. The Fang nodded his head, I will tell my Fay and Wolverine to block him in the base\'s lobby and question him in public.

Smart. Winfried smirked, If he ignored us, the others will see that we are not at fault and that he is the one being uncooperative.

The last thing the guild needed was to be cursed by the public for not being able to control one of their own.

We can even expose the details of his army contract and show everyone that he is one of them. Toby proposed a better plan, This should help us in switching the blame to the army.

Since Commander Samuel is the one writing the contract, he will be burnt the most by the public if he didn\'t give them an explanation.

Haha, that\'s a good one. Winfried laughed, Commander Samuel already is treading on a thin line.

By switching the blame to him, it will show to the public that he can\'t do anything right.

This is a good strike for us. The Fang snickered, Especially when the date of the meeting is fast approaching.

It had been decided that Commander Samuel, the assembly members, officials of main headquarters of the void guild, and the leaders of the galaxy would be meeting in seven days.

Naturally, the meeting would be hosted in the UVR and streamed live for the public to spectate.

Right now, everyone could see that Commander Samuel suffered from a terrible reputation and that keeping him in his position would be a truly foolish move by their leaders.

Since the leaders had yet to show their stance on the matter, it was still up to debate what would happen in the meeting.

The assembly members were going to make sure that when the meeting arrives, Commander Samuel\'s reputation would be at the bottom of the barrel!

Contact your daughter and tell her to continue following him. Toby added, Also to send all the recordings she had on him.

If he won\'t tell us, then we need to figure out by ourselves. Hamaru supported his suggestion.

It might seem like all they cared about was not taking any bad publicity from Felix\'s stunt, but in reality, they were the most interested in how he hunted so many void creatures without being noticed.

They must possess such a secret at all cost for the sake of protecting their territories!

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