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It\'s time to file a letter of removal against him to the other Empires and The guild\'s main headquarters. Hamaru proposed.

I agree! The Fang stressed, I had enough of his shenanigans.

Let\'s add all of his previous failures in the past centuries. Winfried said coldly, If we are doing this, then let\'s do it properly to get completely rid of him.

The Assembly members knew that it was difficult to remove Commander Samuel from power since his strength and old achievements were too prominent.

That\'s why no matter how many battles they lost due to him, they never bothered to think of filling a letter against him. 

Neither the empires nor the alliance would sack him because of a few lost battles.

The cause needed to be significant like betraying the human race to the void invasion or something like that.

In addition, if the letter failed to achieve its purpose, it would merely offend Commander Samuel, making him target them.

They didn\'t want that to happen since their squads could be affected poorly if the army didn\'t fully back them up.

After all, the army could simply back up other squads and its job would be considered as over.

But now

Commander Samuel had shown his bad intentions without them doing anything to him.

This was a wake up call, letting them understand that Commander Samuel had long stopped thinking reasonably or politically.

Especially after seeing that illogical contract.

Make sure to forward our movement to other squads, generals, leaders, and other authoritative individuals in the galaxy.

In fact, release the letter to the public. Hamaru informed, We need as many signs as possible to let the alliance and other empires know that no one is pleased with the current leadership.

Although the Guardian Empire was called an \'Empire\' and Commander Samuel was its Emperor...In reality, it stopped being an empire the moment the emperor started having control over the galactical army.

Only its name and legacy was left behind unlike the other two empires in the Milky Way Galaxy.

After all, it was impossible for those two empires and other kingdoms to give off part of their armies annually to the army of another Empire.

No one was stupid enough to make his rivals stronger.

So, in ancient times, a proposal had been given to the Guardian\'s Empire Royal Family.

It entailed that the Royal Family would keep its territory intact and be given reinforcement from other kingdoms and empires on a yearly basis.

The only condition submitted was to give up its royal authority on the army.

Instead of the Royal Family doing what it pleases with the army, it would be turned into a Galactical Army that was led by an individual voted by the empires, the royal family, and other noteworthy backgrounds who contributed to building the army.

His appointment, removal, decisions would have nothing to do with the Royal Family anymore.

The Royal Family could only agree to this proposal.

After all, if they rejected it, their empire would fall in no time against the void invasion without the support of others.

So, it was much better to at least keep their territories.

In addition, the voted individual could be one of their own since the only requirement were military achievements and being at Origin Realm.

Just like that, the strongest autonomous defensive shield against the void invasion was born.

At this very moment, an unprecedented event was going to occur.

That would be the first official request to remove The Army Commander was going to be written and signed!

The assembly members knew that there was a small chance of it working due to Commander Samuel good relations with the other upper echelon of the galaxy, but it would be enough to kick-start an investigation.

Even if the investigation ended up with no positive results, the assembly members would simply try again years later after he makes another **ty decision.

Based on his latest performance, they knew that was definitely going to happen!


After the letter was written, the assembly members were the first to sign it.

Even Wilson, who was always absent, signed it after it was forwarded to him.

This letter wasn\'t forwarded to just him but everyone on the guild and outside it...Felix included!

\'Sigh, I messed up with the timeline again.\' Felix could only smile wryly after reading the letter that was condemning the Commander and requesting his immediate replacement.

In his previous life, Commander Samuel was removed from power only after fifteen years from this moment.

The reason of his removal was the fall of half the empire at the hands of the void invasion.

Only after it got this bad did the other two empires realized that the bastard was going to doom them all.

Because of Commander Samuel personal life getting worse and worse due to Mistress Candace, he had already lost his connections and network with the upper echelon of the galaxy.

How would he care about them when the only thing in his mind was constantly having sex with Mistress Candace

\'Maybe, this is a good thing.\' Felix smiled faintly while signing the petition as well to voice out his support.

He signed for no other reason than to avoid seeing half the galaxy getting devoured again.

No one would like to have insects in his home and Felix considered the entire Galaxy as his home.

\'You are really a shameless one.\' Asna chuckled, \'The Commander gave you the best contract you can ever dream of, and you backstab him like this.\'

\'I didn\'t ask him.\' Felix shrugged his shoulders carelessly, \'They were the ones willing to show this kind of support without anything in return.\'

\'I know for a fact that there is no free lunch in this world.\' Felix snickered, \'I will find out eventually the real reason for giving me this contract.\'


While Felix was chasing after a void pack, the news of the removal letter went viral throughout the entire galaxy!

How could it not when the letter was forwarded to almost everyone! From civilians, to kings and Emperors.

Even The ten Councilmen of the Bardot Empire received the letter.

After reading it, almost everyone signed it and chimed their support to remove the Commander.

Everyone knew that Commander Samuel had lost his touch.

However, when hundreds of his mistakes and failures over the past hundred years were stacked up in a single letter, it gave them a totally different look at Commander Samuel.

Especially when those mistakes weren\'t harmless...Each one costed millions of lives to be lost, planets destroyed, civilizations migration, instability in the empire, and more negative outcomes!

[I almost got fired by my boss for spilling coffee on his trouser.

Yet, this old bastard is still leading the galactical army after hundreds of f*ck ups Are you kidding me]

[I have been preaching for years to replace that old man! His time has already come hundreds of years ago.]

[When are we going to wake up and remove him After the entire empire fall at the hands of the void invasion Wake up people and sign the petition before it\'s too late!]

[Our votes might be useless to affect the decision, but it would surely show our stance to our leaders!]

The network was buzzing with people discussing the letter.

Celebrities, SG players, politicians, bloodliner clans leaders, influencers, and more people with their own platform were pushing their followers to sign the letter.

Some really cared and some simply joined the fun to get some clout and increase their fan base.

Whatever it is, Commander Samuel was under heavy fire from the public.

As for the upper echelon No one had yet to voice his opinion on the matter.

That\'s because the moment they sign the letter, their vote would actually make a difference.

It wasn\'t called Galactical Army for nothing.

Everyone who contributed to building it would receive a real vote on the matter.

Naturally, the numbers of votes received was based on the amount of contribution.

Those who sent more fleets and advanced weapons like the Mariana Empire and Bardot Empire would obtain more votes than the rest.

Right now, all of them were investigating the reason for the guild\'s sudden attack on Commander Samuel.

They understood that the assembly members were a smart bunch, who wouldn\'t start this mess without a solid reason.

After asking them directly, they found out that whole matter was sparked due to one person and a contract.

This baffled them at the start, but when they heard all the details, they also felt that Commander Samuel had gone too far with his dictatorship.

They didn\'t really care about the suicide phenomena of the void creatures since they had their own matters to handle.

But still, they were displeased by the manner Commander Samuel treated the issue.

They could see that he went an extra limb to free Felix from any inconveniences imposed on him by the army and the guild.

Since Felix signed the contract, he could do as pleased since he was considered as a high ranked official of the army.

The only difference was that no one was above him to order him around.

Hence, there was no reason for him to share his method with either the guild or the army!

After understanding the real cause, all important figures throughout the Milky Way Galaxy decided to summon Commander Samuel to offer an explanation to ease up the tension.

Naturally, the assembly members would attend this meeting since they were the aggrieved party.

If it was any other time, the leaders wouldn\'t even care to address this issue.

However, since the letter went public and everyone was clamoring to replace Commander Samuel, they could not ignore the matter at hand!

Felix simply wanted to hunt void creatures in peace to hatch Nimo...Instead, he created a galactical conflict that involved almost everyone.

Everywhere he goes, trouble follows....

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