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As Felix expected, both the army and the guild\'s assembly were currently discussing him in two separated meetings.

How long are we going to keep just talking Hamaru knitted her eyebrows in displeasure and added, Let\'s summon him and ask him directly if he is the one responsible for the bizarre behavior of those abominations.

Agreed! Winfried supported her claim, We should not use tricks against a strong Origin Bloodliner like him lest we end up driving him to side with the army.

Just because Felix had signed with the mercenaries, it didn\'t mean that he couldn\'t terminate his contract and hand over his card.

He could do so anytime he wanted as long as he wasn\'t in an active mission.

Only the criminals serving their sentence as mercenaries could not quit before their sentence was over.

Winfried knew that the army wouldn\'t hesitate to accept Felix with open arms and give him a high rank from the start and many other benefits.

After all, Origin Bloodliners were assets that no one would refuse.

I understand your point. The Fang sighed, But from what I have seen, I doubt that he will be honest about his answers or even respond to our summoning.

We will simply alert him, making him stop whatever he is doing to the elites.

My thoughts exactly. Toby agreed and then mentioned, The best decision is to spy on him to figure out what he is doing.

Only after we get some results should we contact him.

The moment they had spotted that Felix was always near the crime scene, Toby was the first to suggest spying on Felix by using a stealth aircraft.

However, his suggestion was shot down by Hamaru as she believed that Felix might be able to detect it.

Her reasoning was based on the fact that Felix was always three to four kilometers away from the elites before they \'suicide\'.

If he could cause the death of elite from such a distance, then what else could he do

So, she proposed that they would be straightforward and simply reach out to him.

Winfried supported her while The Fang supported Toby\'s suggestion.

This placed them on a standstill.

The only one who could break it was Wilson, the 5th assembly member.

Did that lunatic respond to any of you yet The Fang asked while rubbing his eyelids.


Called him five times, still nothing.

He is so irresponsible! Winfried condemned, Doesn\'t he see the current ongoing situation in the network

Let\'s not get into that subject again. Toby waved his hand and recommended, Let\'s just go with the 3rd solution.

We have wasted enough time discussing this.

Upon hearing so, The Fang smiled widely and said, My daughter will not disappoint us.

Hamaru and Winfried looked at each other and couldn\'t help but compromise and accept the 3rd solution.

Alright then, make sure to tell your son to keep his mouth shut when they meet with him. Winfried warned.

Little Fay knows how to deal with that troublemaker. The Fang ensured.

Contact us if you got any updates. Hamaru requested before logging out.

The other three did the same soon after, leaving only The Fang.

Without further delay, The Fang contacted his daughter and said with a serious tone, Don\'t mess this up.

Our main target is to recruit him, not to extract information.

So don\'t be too pushy.

I got it father. Fay replied calmly.


\'F*cking old geezer, treating me like a doll!\'

The moment the call was hung up, Fay punched the ground as hard as she could, scaring the ** out of Wolverine and the rest of her squad.

Sis, you good...

Shut the f*ck up and get in the car! We got the green light. Fay cursed him as she seated herself in one of the tens armored vehicles parked around a small camp.

Not wanting to piss her off even further, Wolverine sat next to her, and they drove south with the rest of the squad.

\'There he goes again.

Is he doing his thing right now\' Fay squinted her eyes at the radar in irritation after finding out that Felix couldn\'t be located.

Since the moment she set foot in the Malaria Zone, she was ordered by her father to keep close distance to Felix but not too close and upset him.

So, for the past two weeks, she kept watching him disappear for a few minutes then reappear again on the radar.

At the start, she believed that he was simply removing his AP bracelet for a minute or two.

It was weird but nothing really worth noting.

However, when she watched the recordings of some squads who saw the suicide phenomena, it clicked on her mind that the timing of Felix\'s disappearance from the radar matched with the suicide phenomena!

It happened too many times to ignore, making her reach out to her father and give out her findings.

Unfortunately, this did nothing but further their curiosity about this mystery.

Unbeknownst to them, every time Felix entered the void realm or inside a void creature, the Queen could not give him a location since it wasn\'t registered in her database.

Hence, he seemed like he disappeared off the radar just to reappear a few minutes later.

\'There you are!\' 

After waiting patiently for a few minutes, Felix had shown up again in Fay\'s radar.

He was at least twenty kilometers away from them.

A distance that could be travelled in no time.

I want everyone to fall back.

I will be meeting him alone. Fay ordered while driving at full speed toward Felix\'s location.

Seeing that she didn\'t plan on kicking him outside the car, Wolverine kept his mouth shut.

\'Lance! I am finally going to meet you! I will never believe that you are the one killing those elites until I see it with my own eyes.\'

It seemed like Wolverine\'s delusion of rivalry was still burning high, not knowing that Felix had probably already forgotten about him...


Unlike the guild\'s meeting, the army\'s meeting ended on a bad note due to the Great Commander refusal to give out his order on the matter.

It has been fifteen days now since the Great Commander was informed by General Aztec.

Yet, not a single order was given to deal with the current situation.

Even when they had figured out Felix\'s connection to the suicide phenomena.

What\'s worse, General Aztec couldn\'t take it on himself to do something since he was ordered by the Great Commander to hold.

This truly pissed off General Aztec.

Alas, he could only oblige and watch the army getting bombarded by questions from the press and the public.

\'I really hope he has a plan in mind.

The guild should have made their move by now.\' Fatigued, General Aztec massaged his temples while looking at the ceiling of his office.

Ancient memories of The Great Commander Samuel surfaced on his mind.

Those glorious moments he experienced with the Commander were the only thing keeping him from losing faith in the Commander just like most people already did.

Unfortunately, if he knew what the Great Commander was doing now, he would have burned those memories down to the ground...


In a small cold room that was dimly lighted, a naked hairy middle-aged man was strapped to a large wooden cross with nails.

Blood dripped from the man\'s wrists and legs, yet the look on his face expressed nothing but euphoric pleasure.

His eyes were focused on a bewitching pale woman dressed in a tight black leather suit.

The suit sure highlighted her unrealistic curves and assets that would make any man fall over heels with a single glimpse.

Her silky smooth purple hair was styled into a ponytail, making her cold gorgeous face standout even better.

She was playing with a long leather whip while walking around the crucified man with lighter steps.

Since she was wearing long black heels, the clicking sound they made kept booming in the man\'s ears every time.

Please pun..ish me Mistress Candace! I have been misbeha..ving!

Thrilled and slightly scared, the middle-aged man stuttered as he kept his eyes down, not daring to look into Mistress Candace\'s eyes.

Mistress Candace stopped walking and giggled charmingly, Hoho, I am starting to think that you are going against my orders willingly to get punished.

Before the middle-aged man could respond, Mistress Candace placed her whip on his shoulder and whispered in his ears, Am I right my cute commander Samuel

If anyone heard what she just said, they would pass out on the ground from pure disbelief.

The Great Commander of the Galactical Army, the man who\'s tasked to shield humanity against the void invasion, and one of the strongest Origin Bloodliners in the universe.

This respectable and poised figure was breathing ruggedly with a visible erection after simply smelling the woman\'s inciting scent...

Fortunately, no one would have his memories of the Great Commander defiled since this dark room was neither in the real world nor the UVR.

It was in the Great Commander\'s dream....

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