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Thirteen days later...

Felix could be seen sitting above a rock in the middle of nowhere, munching on an apple while staring at a holographic screen.

\'Good, I have slain five packs now.\' Felix took a large bite as he thought, \'I have reached the requirement to get an \'A\' rank in the guild.\'

With his current strength, void eye, and a bit of luck, he managed to achieve so quite smoothly.

Especially, when he didn\'t need to fear getting touched by the void energy anymore due to his immunity.

\'Time to bounce.\' Felix decided as he flicked the remains of the apple away.

He had no intentions of continuing his hunt when he had already reached his target.

He didn\'t know what was going on outside, but he was fairly certain that he had raised a couple of exclamation marks.

He was right about that part alright as the chat rooms of the stream were currently discussing him thoroughly.

[Where the hell did this freak come from He makes the trials look easy as f*ck!]

[Look at the others...More than 40 recruits had already died and the surviving ones are still missing a few kills to secure \'E\' rank.]

[Maan...He probably will join one of the big five squads.

I really wish to recruit a decent one for once.]

[He might even start his own squad, who knows]

The scouts for other major squads couldn\'t help but express their disappointment in the chat at Felix\'s recruitment.

In their eyes, it was already set in stone that he would be either joining one of the big five squads or starting his own squad.

Just like the assembly members, non of those mercenaries really gave a ** about Felix\'s identity.

They were curious but not overly so.

Since Felix had shown strength, energy capacity, and lastly more than eight active unique lightning abilities, they were already assured of his identity as an Origin Bloodliner.

After all, most Origin Bloodliners own at least seven unique active abilities and five passives depending on what ability they etched in their 1% human bloodline.

Some Origin Bloodliners would rather etch only active abilities, making them own nine unique active abilities and three passives in the Origin Realm.

It all depended on the preference of the bloodliner and his fighting style.

\'Queen, I want to leave.\' Felix requested.

\'Are you certain The moment you leave, your result will be finalized.\' Queen AI stressed.

\'Yes.\' Felix confirmed.

It was written within the contract terms that the recruit had the freedom to give up anytime they want.

Though, the end results would be marked and unchangeable.

If someone had hunted enough void creatures to pass the trials but didn\'t finalize his results, they would be deemed as wasted.

Most ambitious new recruits use this system to their advantage if they didn\'t get a result that pleased them.

Instead of settling in with a lower rank, they would rather waste their current results and try again after a month, hoping to score better.

Felix was planning on doing so if he didn\'t manage to ace the trials.



Smoke exited the VR Pod as Felix pushed the glass door wide open.

He stretched his limbs lazily while glancing at the other VR Pods.

I guess it was hard for some. Felix murmured after spotting that many VR pods were emptied out.

Not bothering himself with the results of others, Felix walked towards the exit of the hall.

It automatically opened up, allowing him to head back to the pub.

However, the moment he returned to the main hall of the pub, he was a little spooked by the sight before him.

All mercenaries were staring at him quietly.

Most of them had a holographic stream of the trial in front of them, showing the empty boulder that Felix was sitting on.

Felix ignored their looks and went to the bar.

I want my card. He requested from the dazed bartender.

Ye..yes, right away sir Lancelot. The Bartender immediately broke out of his daze and reached out to a device below the counter.

It was an advanced 3D printer.

What name are you going to be using The Bartender asked professionally.

Lance. Felix replied.

Only that


The Bartender didn\'t dare to bother Felix about his mercenary name for a second time as he typed it in the device.

Then, he waited for a second or two before a newly fancy platinum 3D card was created in front of Felix.

It had his picture, his mercenary name, and rank in the front.

On the backside, there was a table made out of five sections.

Each one was colored differently.

Starting from white, yellow, orange, red, black.

This was the mission table.

With each successful clearance, Felix would have a dot added in a section corresponding to the difficulty of the mission.

The easiest missions were white and doable for F and E ranked mercenaries.

Yellow missions were doable for D and C ranked mercenaries.

Orange for B and A ranked mercenaries.

Red for A and S ranked mercenaries.

Lastly, Black missions were impossible for mercenaries.

They required heavy destructive weapons and fleets to finish them off since it usually meant that the planet had already fallen into the clutches of void creatures.

Welcome to the guild, Sir Lance. The Bartender handed Felix his platinum card as he bowed his head respectfully.


Felix took it from his hand and beamed it in his bracelet almost immediately.

Then, he turned around and walked towards the wide-open gate, uncaring about the murmurs and glances of those mercenaries.

He could hear them egging each other to approach him and request him to join their squads but no one dared to do so.

After all, Felix was considered as an Origin Bloodliner in their eyes.

Who would dare invite him in his squad when he was ten times stronger than all of their allies combined

Origin Bloodliners were extremely respected by bloodliners and no one was stupid enough to antagonize them.

After Felix exited the guild, the pub returned to its lively and noisy atmosphere almost instantly.

I bet he will join Unsung Heroes.

Sir Winfried is the least bossy of the five leaders.

Are you being for real He is clearly going to favor Blind Scarves.

Agreed! Madam Hamaru is known for giving high positions based on the contribution of her squad members, unlike the others.

The mercenaries avoided bringing the embarrassing subject of chickening in front of Felix and started placing bets on his upcoming choice.

Felix was attracting this much attention only because he was probably the first Origin Bloodliner newbie to have ever applied to the guild.

As they continued their rowdy discussion, Felix had already reached his suite.

He entered and took a quick shower.

When he exited, he opened his inbox for his fake ID.

As he expected, there were hundreds of invitations from all kinds of squads.

Although they were certain that Felix wouldn\'t even glance at their invitation, it wouldn\'t hurt to send it out there.

Who knows A Miracle might happen.

\'Queen, delete all.\' 

Unfortunately, Felix had no intentions of joining anyone...Even the top-five squads.

If he wanted a squad, he would have brought Erik, Malak, and the rest of his crew with him.

But, he required no one\'s help since he wasn\'t here to kill void creatures for profit or fame but to feed that fatty in his mind.

Only he was able to extract void energy from those abominations with the help of Asna.

\'Is it a good idea to reject invitations of even the top five guilds\' Asna asked him, \'They might come after you if they felt disrespected or something.\'

\'I don\'t have time to deal with each one of them.\' Felix said indifferently, \'I will email them later and reject their invitation properly.\'

Felix did respect those seniors for providing protection against the void realm in the past centuries.

Still, it didn\'t mean that he would bow to their decisions or such.

\'Queen, please open the mission board.\' Felix requested as he laid on the bed.

The Queen did as she was told and brought out a massive holographic list that was displaying hundreds of papers colored differently.

The board was the exact replica of the one inside the guild\'s pub.

The papers were still disappearing and getting replaced with new ones each second.

\'Queen, please remove the white, yellow, and orange papers.\'

The moment the Queen did so, the board was emptied out from the majority of papers.

Only red and black papers were left behind.

They were not that many.

Surprisingly, there were more black papers than red ones.

When Felix read their date, he didn\'t find it surprising anymore.

Almost all of them were placed from years to thousands of years ago on the board.

Since black color meant lost planets to void infestation, it meant that each paper represents a fallen planet on its dying breath.

At this point, Felix started to believe that black-colored missions weren\'t posted on the board to get accepted by mercenaries but as a reminder.

A reminder that each time they failed to do their job perfectly, a planet falls into the hands of void creatures!

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