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\'I have taught you everything.

Don\'t embarrass me, son.\'

The Fang wished as he observed his youngest son Wolverine taking big strides on all four while scanning the ground with shining white eyes.

Then, he turned around and was faced with six individuals wearing light clothes while staring at him silently.

They all had the same lunar tattoo on their foreheads and shared the same characteristic as The Fang.

It was only natural as they were all his children.

It was common knowledge that the top five squads were ruled by families of the five leaders instead of random bloodliners.

That\'s because direct descendants of Origin Bloodliners were stronger than peak 6th stage bloodliners no matter what bloodline that had been used in their journey.

If they were given a standing, they would be between Origin Realm and the 6th stage of replacement.

Naturally, only those with high bloodline purity would possess such kind of strength.

The ones with an extremely low purity would be left with only two choices.

Either remain as descendants or embrace the bloodline integration system like other humans.

Update The Fang asked composedly.

The mega cell is still approaching at its normal pace.

Based on the Queen\'s calculation, it would reach the planet in sixteen days or so. A sculpted middle-aged man disclosed with a stern tone.

I see...Little Fay, start posting missions on the board to recruit other squads.

The planet is just too big to be covered entirely by the fleets.

The Fang ordered as he looked at an alluring mature woman with red lipsticks and furry white ears on top of her head.

On it father. Fay nodded her head and began crafting missions.

Since the Exalted Fangs Squad was the one posting the missions, it only meant that the rewards would come from their own pockets.

Yet, no one seemed to question their father\'s decision.

Make sure to add a final reward to the biggest contributor in this invasion so everyone would feel fairly motivated to go high and above for us.


We need all the help possible to defend this planet. The Fang stressed, If we failed here as well, the void creatures would keep getting more free ground inside the empire.

You guys know that the territory behind us belongs mostly to our family. The Fang squinted his eyes dangerously, So, make sure to hire only the best of the best.

Yes, father.

The Fang looked at a dashing young man and ordered, Roman, I want you to deal with General Aztec.

Do whatever it takes to get us a few more fleets.

On it.

Upon hearing so, The Fang turned around and returned to watching Wolverine.

When he saw that his son was getting closer to a pack of void creatures, he waved his hand at his children, You are all excused.

Long Live The Fang! 

They all shouted in harmony and exited the meeting room one by one.

The moment the door closed shut behind them, The Fang turned on the volume of the stream. 

No one was doing a commentary but chat rooms were open for all mercenaries to spectate the trials.

After all, everyone wanted to be the first to pick some new good apples in their squads.

The Fang joined a video group room that was designated for only the assembly members and saw that three of them were already in a heated discussion about a recruit that wasn\'t his son.

What are you guys talking about The Fang asked in intrigue.

Fang, check out recruit number 90.

He just obliterated two packs in one hour by himself. Winfried Pruefer disclosed with brightened eyes.

For an old monster, he appeared like a youthful kid with his flamboyant red mohawk hairstyle and piercings all over his face.

This was the leader of the squad, Unsung Heroes.

An Origin Bloodliner that was known for his easy-going and bubbly personality in public...But against void creatures

He was the devil\'s incarnation!

His most famous achievement was saving an entire army base from ten packs of void creatures all by himself.

He did it alone! The trial has just started. The Fang exclaimed.

He would have believed it if it was a party that achieved so.

But alone He was really skeptical.

After all, packs were made out of 1 elite and nine low-born void creatures.

One single touch by them and any recruit would be required to handicap himself.

If one was alone, this meant he would be forced to run away.

Most importantly, the only way to kill void creatures was by overwhelming them with explosive elemental attacks.

The Fang knew that elite void creatures always had the size of a building if not bigger!

It was almost impossible for a single new recruit to blow them up by a single explosive attack even if he used the compressor cannon!

Only main descendants and Origin Realm Bloodliners had such powers and elemental capacity to achieve so!

That\'s why he wasn\'t worried about his son being alone against void creatures\' packs.

It\'s real, check the replays. A middle-aged woman with glossy wavy ash-grey hair and a flame tattoo on her cheeks expressed composedly.

If you say so. The Fang knew that Hamaru wasn\'t known for a sense of humor or bull** like Winfried.

So, he reeled in his skepticism and requested the Queen to show him the previous recordings of recruit N90 at the side.

Look and behold, Felix\'s face was plastered on the screen as he stood motionlessly with his hands in his pocket.

He was looking below him while having the bandana covering his truth eyes.

The Fang stared at Felix\'s void eye for a split second and felt chills creeping up on his spine.

He didn\'t know why his honed survival instincts reacted to the void eye and he wasn\'t given time to think too much about it.


Felix used half of his strength to propel himself into the sky while beaming the three compressors all at once.

He kept them floating above his head by using electromagnetism strings attached to his fingers.

The moment Felix reached his peak velocity, he manifested three condensed golden pointy pillars and shoved them inside the three compressors!

The compressors did their magic and squeezed the abilities as much as they could within them.

Peep Peep Peep!

The instant Felix the alarm of the compressors went off, he aimed at the ground and fired them all together while falling down!


He timed his attack so well, the moment the whale-sized elite void creatures emerged from the ground, it was faced with three gigantic golden compressed laser beams!

Still, the elite void creature wasn\'t an easy foe to take down as it tried to swallow the lightning energy of the three pillars.

Shockingly, the three pillars were actually started to get slightly dimmer!

The worst part, the other low-born void creatures began to merge with the elite void creature to strengthen its absorption process!

They did so automatically like they were programmed to protect the elite void creature at all cost!

\'It\'s not enough powe...\'

Before The Fang could finish his sentence, Felix snapped his finger casually the moment he saw that the merge had finished.

His finger snap had blown The Fang\'s mind as he couldn\'t believe what he had just witnessed.

The three golden pillars exploded all at the same time, bursting the elite void creature\'s mouth into purplish wisps just like the rest of its body!

Since the other nine low-born void creatures had been merged with it, they ended up suffering the same outcome!

An absolute obliteration!


After being slowed by the explosion of the shockwave, Felix landed at the bottom of the pit quite smoothly.

Then, he lifted his bandana and jumped outside of the massive pit that was left behind by the explosion.

He was lucky not to end up falling into the tunnel left behind by the void pack.

Without bothering to check if any void creature survived, he sprinted through the smoke, continuing on his hunting mission. 


The Fang was still speechless by the entire sequence of Felix\'s battle, not daring to believe that a newbie managed to take down an entire pack with a single attack.

Only now did he realize that Winfried wasn\'t exaggerating one bit when he said that Felix had obliterated the void creatures!

When The Fang glanced at his son\'s stream, Felix\'s method of killing the void creatures had been emphasized to be the best even more.

Wolverine could be seen doing alright against the pack of void creatures as he was doing exactly what his father taught him.

Use his bloodline abilities to their full potential by getting rid of the low-born void creatures first then focusing on the elite one.

If it wasn\'t for Felix\'s performance, The Fang would have already started low-key bragging to the other assembly members about his son.

You done watching He is lit right! Winfried laughed excitedly as he expressed, I call dibs on this newbie in my squad! You old geezers better not fight it out with me.

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