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Felix knew that it would be difficult to match the energy quantity sent by Lord Khaos\' if he hunted only low-born void creatures.

To make a difference, he needed to hunt down elite void creatures.

Alas, even if he wanted to do so, he really couldn\'t due to the mercenary rules.

Those below \'A\' rank could not head to planets infested with elite void creatures for their own safety.

So, Felix really needed to ace the trials and get that \'B\' rank.


Ten minutes later...

The cab dropped Felix in front of a metallic skyscraper that was no different than the ones surrounding it...Tall, grey, lack of windows, and a snowy roof.

The only difference would be the massive neon sign above the front entrance that says, -The Void Mercenary Guild-.

Below it was another smaller sign that says -Main Human Race Branch-.

The main entrance was wide open and unguarded like a pub.

When Felix looked inside, he realized that the ground floor was indeed a pub with tens of tables spread out randomly.

Unlike the gloomy cold atmosphere outside, the pub was lively and warm.

Bloodliners from all over the galaxy gathered here, giving a truly diverse unique experience to anyone stepping foot in the pub.

Felix looked at the many merceneries with different logos on their chest enjoying the company of each other.

This let him realize that most mercenaries shared an amicable friendship.

It was to be expected since the moment one becomes a mercenary, he would have to sign a contract that forbade him from acting against another mercenary without a justifiable reason.

The Void Guild wasn\'t stupid enough to allow mercenaries to attack each other wantonly.

It was already hard to deal with void creatures and no one wanted to worry about getting stabbed in the back by another mercenary.

You are blocking the way, newbie.

Suddenly, Felix heard a gruff voice behind him.

When he turned around, he saw a giant white-bearded man wearing thick black leather clothes, making him resemble a grizzly bear.

Sorry about that. Felix smiled at the man politely as stepped inside the noisy pub.

The bearded man stopped bothering Felix and went to stand before a big holographic board that was showing hundreds of papers on it.

This was a live mission board that gets updated every second, making it almost difficult for normal people to find what they need.

The papers keep disappearing and in their places reappear other ones.

That\'s because this mission board was connected with the bracelet of every mercenary belonging to this branch.

This allowed them to accept, reject, and complete missions without needing to return to the guild.

Wish us luck boys! The Boomers squad are taking an \'A\' ranked mission today! A blonde man shouted loudly as he stood above a table while holding a jar of wine. 

Felix turned around and saw that the mercenaries sitting with him at the same table were trying to drag his drunken ass down.

Haha! We believe in you Boomers!

Make sure to come back in one piece!


The other mercenaries lifted their cups in the air, wishing all the best to the squad on their endeavor.

Felix stopped looking around and went straight to the bar.

Excuse me, where can I apply for the trials Felix asked one of the three bartenders, who was clearing a glass cup.

The door to your left. The bartender answered without lifting his head.


Felix walked through the crowded area near the bar and reached the mentioned door.

When Felix saw a guard standing in front of it, he informed him, I am here to participate in the recruitment trials.

The guard sized up Felix for a few seconds before unlocking the door for him.

Felix looked inside and saw that the door led to a big hall that was already packed with tens of bloodliners.

So, he stepped inside without saying anything as well.

As he got nearer to the hall, the mummers of the bloodliners got louder in his ears, helping him pick up what they say quite easily.

Does anyone knows when is the trial going to begin I have been waiting for three hours now.

The trial starts only after 100 new recruiters have been gathered.

We are still missing ten or so.

What a **ty rule.

Felix lowered his head under the hoodie and walked towards one of the empty seats at the corner.

He already knew that such a rule exists since the trials were always held in a single group instead of one by one.

Luckily, he arrived at a good time as only a few more recruits were missing.

Since it was possible to repeat the trial after a month or so, there were many recruits still hanging around in the city, not planning to leave until they pass them.

Oh Is that Wolverine The youngest son of The Fang

It\'s really him...

It must be nice to be a main descendent of an Origin Bloodliner and one of the assembly members.

Felix was forced to check on the situation after noticing that a hubbub was rising behind him.

He spotted a young fine black man with a long braided hairstyle and burning vermilion eyes.

He had sharp fangs protruding from his lower lips and dense hairy shoulders.

He was wearing long blue jeans and a white tank, appearing like the cold had nothing against him.

He was smoking a thick brown cigar as he took big strides towards the front of the hall with his hands in his pockets.

The recruits opened up the way without needing him to tell them anything.

For a new recruit like them, it would be better to lay low in the first couple of years until they get some authority and network within the guild.

It was extremely easy to get them kicked out of the guild if they crossed the wrong person.

Do you think his father will be watching


Then, I better bring my \'A\' game in the trials.

Most of the recruits started feeling hyped up for the trials after realizing that one of the big five dogs might be watching them.

It was the dream of every mercenary to join the best five squads since all their members were elites and veterans when it came to dealing with void creatures.

The clearance rate of their missions was exceedingly higher than other mercenary squads.

The best part, rarely someone gets killed during their hunting missions.

For those new recruits, that sense of safety was too hard to pass by.

\'His strength is closer to an Origin Realm bloodliner but not there yet.

His bloodline purity must be extremely high.

\' Felix lowered his head after sensing the strength of Wolverine.

After his latest bloodline enhancement, he was capable of doing as much easily.

Though, he still couldn\'t sense the strength of Origin Realm Bloodliners since their senses were more enhanced than his own.

\'Based on his nonchalant expression and careless swagger, he must be like any other proud descendants of Origin Bloodliners.\' Felix clicked his tongue, \'Let\'s hope he stay as far as possible from me.\'

Felix really didn\'t want to slap him to death if Wolverine decided to harass him.

He lacked such patience when dealing with weaklings.

After waiting for another hour, the hundredth recruit had stepped inside the hall.

Before he could even take a seat, the hall\'s gate was closed shut behind him.

Then, a new door had been opened up in front of everyone that led to another dark hall.

At last. Wolverine yawned lazily while standing up.

He flicked the butt of his half-done cigar away and walked towards the other hall.

The new recruits glanced at each other for a second before following him one by one.

Felix joined the crowd and stepped inside the dark hall.

With his night vision, he could see that the hall was filled with many VR pods placed next to each other neatly.

After everyone stepped inside, the door closed behind them, and then the lights were turned on.

As expected, the trials will be held in the UVR.


No wonder no one dies in them.

The recruits were delighted by the choice of the guild.

When they decided to participate in the trials, they had no idea how it was going to be at all.

That\'s because all recruits were required to sign an NDA agreement with the guild to keep the trial\'s tests to themselves after leaving.

Welcome to the Guild fresh blood.

Out of nowhere, a realistic giant holographic head had emerged above everyone.

It belonged to a  clean-cut middle-aged man.

He had a small black mustache and thick eyebrows that were connected.

Anyone who focused on his apple-green eyes would see nothing but depressive burn-out, making them understand that he had been through a lot of **.

So, they kept their chatter to themselves, not wanting to piss him off.

Please enter the VR pods and meet me there.

I don\'t have much time to waste.

Upon hearing so, Felix and the others all picked the closest VR Pod to them and stepped inside.

Then, they requested to log in.

\'Sir Felix, the VR Pod had been set with another destination.\' The Queen warned Felix.

Usually, if Felix logged in, he would return to the same spot he logged out.

However, those VR Pods were going to log them all to predestination.

\'No problem.\'

Upon receiving his confirmation, Queen AI logged Felix inside the UVR.

A second later...

Felix opened his eyes and found himself standing with other recruits in a wide-open black field.

There was not a hint of lifeform around them.

Felix looked above him and noticed that the sky was dim and unwelcoming.

What\'s worse, Felix realized that the oxygen level was extremely low and that the gravity was 1/5th as powerful as Earth.

It was almost as powerful as the moon\'s gravity.

\'A planet infested with void creatures..\' Felix frowned his eyebrows at the realization of the place he was at.

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