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Meanwhile, inside the movie world, Felix and Asna were enjoying their time greatly.

They were seated next to each other as they experienced the movie unfold before them.

They neither knew about the mayhem that Asna caused nor did they care to know about it.

They simply engrossed themselves in the movie, laughing at jokes and cursing at retarded decisions by the main character.

As Felix looked beside him and saw that Asna was having the best of her time within the movie world, he felt at ease like a burden was lifted from his shoulders.

Now, he didn\'t need to feel a bit guilty whenever he tried to have fun in the UVR since Asna would be with him in it instead of being locked in his consciousness space.

Will you look at this moron She clearly likes you! Just kiss her already.

Asna booed at the male main character, who was standing in front of the female main character\'s house, playing with his keys shyly like an idiot.

The primogenitors didn\'t even bother to make fun of Asna\'s delusion anymore after hearing her statement.

Don\'t worry, they will kiss eventually in part 2. Felix said casually while stuffing his mouth with popcorn.


Before he could chew, a remote control smacked him right in the head!

You prick! Why did you spoil it! Asna huffed angrily and pressed play on the new remote control.

Knowing that he was at fault, Felix didn\'t even protest this time.

He closed his mouth shut and continued watching the disappointing end of the movie.

The male main character chickened out and the female main character thought that he was simply trying to take their relationship slowly.

What a crappy ending, no wonder they made part 2. Asna criticized as she stood up.

What are you doing Felix asked, Don\'t you want to watch part 2

No, the story is predictable at this point. Asna clapped her hands with a big smile and said, I wanna try amusement park!

Felix didn\'t object since he also wanted to avoid rewatching the second of that crap.

If it wasn\'t for being Asna\'s requested movie, he wouldn\'t have glanced at it.

Soon, both of them exited the movie gate.

The moment they did so, they were shocked to see hundreds of people trying to push themselves into the closed front gate of the Cinema!



Break the door!!


Everyone went absolutely bonkers, appearing like a bunch of zombies, wanting to storm the building to eat them.

This scared Asna a bit.

She knew that she was beautiful but she didn\'t have expected that she would receive such an insane reaction.

Who could blame her She almost never met a commoner before besides Felix.

The bastard\'s first reaction when he saw her was telling her that he saw better after he spent months building immunity against her beauty without her knowing about it.

So, she was always underestimating her deadly beauty, not knowing that it could literally cause kingdoms to start a war for her!

They are out!

My goddess! 

Oh my god, I still can\'t believe my eyes that such a breathtaking woman exists!

Meanwhile, the actors, actresses, and staff members who were inside the Cinema all started pointing their fingers at Asna.

As for the reporters The ones who made it inside the Cinema took advantage of the situation to start taking pictures of Asna without opening their eyes!

They didn\'t want to blank out again and miss the opportunity!

Unbeknownst to them, their shot was ruined by male actors taking big strides towards Asna.

They were trying their best to maintain a composed appearance but failing miserably whenever their eyes met Asna\'s citric star-like eyes.

The most confident in them was Jamal as he didn\'t try to hide his intentions at all while approaching Asna.

Compared to Felix, he had his own charm as well.

He was taller and well-built with muscles stretching his fine black suit.

Since he was an actor, he wasn\'t lacking in the looks department as well.

The moment he stood before them, he completely ignored Felix and offered his hand to Asna in a noble manner.

May you bless me with hearing your name He requested as he lowered his head a little.

He appeared like a gentleman but in reality, he just couldn\'t maintain eye contact with Asna\'s face for even a second.

\'Hold her!\'

\'Take her away!\'

\'Ravish her!\'

He feared that he would make an ass of himself if he failed to control his raging obsessive emotions.

Thankfully, he was an actor and his job was to control his expressions to a fine level.

Meanwhile, Felix was nodding his head in approval, \'No wonder he made it big in my previous life.\'

He wasn\'t annoyed at all that Asna was being hit on by another man.

He understood that any commoner capable of getting close to Asna without falling apart was worthy of admiration.

On the other hand, Asna was pissed at Felix after hearing his thoughts.

She expected that he would stand in front of her and send off Jamal like in the movies or something like that.

Instead, he was admiring him!

\'Let\'s see if you will admire him now.\'

Asna offered her snow-white hand in a graceful manner to Jamal and introduced herself with the sweetest smile she could muster, Asna.


Unfortunately, her plan to make Felix jealous had backfired horribly as the moment everyone heard her silvery voice and saw her smile, their eyes rolled at the back of their heads and started dropping to the ground.

This time, everyone who had their eyes open fell victim to Asna\'s natural mental attack...Especially, the poor Jamal, who was the closest to her.

He didn\'t even manage to touch Asna\'s fingers before his brain short-circuited, trying to analyze Asna\'s perfect smile and angelic voice.

Sigh, poor thing. Felix gave him a sympathetic glance before locking his arm with Asna\'s.

Let\'s leave before you start giving someone a heart attack. Felix dragged her with him towards the backdoor of the Cinema.

\'Tsk, how disappointing.\' Asna looked behind her at Jamal annoyedly for not playing along with her.

Still, when she noticed that her arm was locked with Felix intimately, she murmured, This is not bad either.

What\'s that

Mind your business!

Jeez, I doubt anyone will love you if they knew about your b*tchy personality.

Wanna bet

Cough, we are getting late to the amusement park.

Heh, that\'s what I thought.

As they were bickering out loud with their arms locked in the corridor like some old married couple, pictures and videos of Asna were getting retweeted, shared, posted on every social media platform in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Going viral wasn\'t even the proper term for the chaos on going in the network right now.

Felix went viral due to his games.

As for Asna

She was like a virus, the moment someone sees her, they receive a strong mental shock, pass out, wake up, doubt their eyes, believe their eyes, and then start obsessing about her almost immediately by seeking any tiny kind of information about her.

If they didn\'t find anything new, they would start posting and sharing news about her in hundreds of forums, hoping for someone to give them something new!

When those poor bastards saw her pictures in those forums, they fell into the same curse and repeated the same sequence from the start!

The Media outlets didn\'t make it any better as they placed Asna\'s face on the front page of their papers and articles with bold titles.

-The most beautiful woman in the universe had been spotted entering the Cinema with Landlord!-

-Girlfriend or Wife Please be none! A Living Goddess belongs to all of us!-

-Hundreds of people have fainted after seeing her face live! Is it a gimmick or real-

-Is her beauty artificial or real 99% of the women in our survey claim that it is fake while experts claim that it is, the real deal!-

There were hundreds of millions of those articles popping left and right in the network akin to forest mushrooms.

The scary part, this was happening in merely one hour and a half.

God knows if the news would spread to every galaxy by the end of the day!

If that happened, Asna would be more popular than Felix!

Why Because her beauty was universal! It could make almost all species fall in her enchantment.

When Felix peeked at the chaos in the network, he didn\'t dare to take Asna to the amusement park without making her wear sunglasses, a hat, and change her deadly dress.

She already changed her dress to casual jeans and a tucked-in T-shirt, that highlighted her curves and exposed her belly a little.

If you don\'t want to wear it, I can book an amusement park tomorrow for just us. Felix suggested in the car after seeing that Asna was pouting while trying to pick a nice pair of sunglasses and a hat.

It\'s won\'t be fun. Asna shook her head, Amusement parks are all about the atmosphere.

Then, stop whining and pick one already. Felix said, You won\'t have a chance to ride anything if you made a mess like in the Cinema.

How is it my fault. Asna pouted while wearing circular eyeglasses that covered both her eyes and eyebrows.

How do I look She asked as she turned to Felix.

Felix sized her up with a single glance.

His eyelids couldn\'t help but twitch, Somehow, you just got even sexier.

You mean it Asna giggled in delight.

Unfortunately, I do.. Felix sighed, Let\'s hope it goes well in the park.

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