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Upon hearing his complement and seeing his stunned expression, Asna tucked a lock of hair behind her ear while looking away, feeling quite embarrassed but mostly pleased.

Meanwhile, Felix started to feel like his immunity against her captivating beauty had started to crumble yet again.

He spent years looking at Asna, yet this new look was truly on a godly level!

Seeing that he refused to move or say anything, Asna walked towards him in an elegant manner like a runaway model.

The closer she gets, the faster Felix\'s heart started beating.

When she was standing face to face, Felix felt like he was going to lose himself if he kept staring at her gorgeous citric star-like eyes.

However, just as he tried to lower his head to avoid constant eye contact, Asna did the unexpected!

She gently placed her hands behind his back and hugged him with her eyes closed shut and a smile filled with gratitude.

With her head buried on his raging heart, Asna murmured softly, Thank you for everything...

Asna wasn\'t talking about him helping get into the UVR but from the very first moment where she met him in the ruins.

She knew that without him, she would have still been there, slumbering for god knows how long...But look at her now.

Dressing all glamorously in a cozy house in a virtual universe that was ten times better than the real world.

Understanding what she implied, Felix hugged her back and whispered in her ears after regaining control over his emotions, Don\'t thank me.

We are partners after all.

Don\'t call us partners. Asna hit him lightly in his chest, feeling slightly irritated by hearing the term partners since it makes them seem like business partners.

How about bestie...COUGH!

Before Felix could finish his joke, Asna elbowed him in the stomach as hard as she could!

She didn\'t know why she did it but she knew one thing, there was no way in hell she was getting friend-zoned!

What was that for Felix clutched his stomach as he looked at her with a wronged expression.

In his eyes, he was just trying to enliven the mood a little.

Humph! Let\'s just go. Asna turned around and walked annoyedly towards the door.

\'Wait a second...\'

Seeing her abnormal reaction, no matter how dense Felix was towards Asna, he still had some common sense left behind.

\'It can\'t be\'

He had seen those reactions and behaviors from other Exs in his previous life.

Felix didn\'t even bother thinking too much about it as he decided to make sure for himself.

The worst that could happen was another elbow to his stomach.

So, he chased after her and held her shoulders gently right as she was about to leave his house.

What are you doi...

How about soulmates Felix smiled faintly as he leaned his head on her shoulder.

\'Atta boy, smooth.\' Thor grinned as he watched with the other two.

Meanwhile, Asna stiffened at once the moment she heard the term.

It simply summed their situation perfectly and it had a nice ring to it.

Soulmates... Asna felt her cheeks burning after repeating it faintly.

Do you like it Felix whispered in her ears.

No! Let\'s just leave already! 

Unfortunately, there was no way a tsun-tsun like Asna would admit it.

She pushed his face away with her palm and rushed outside without looking back.

Damn you Asna and your mixed signals. Felix cursed as he chased after her.

Well, the show is over.

She is really hopeless.

They still have plenty of time.

Lady Sphinx, Jörmungandr, and Thor all stood up from a coach after seeing such a disappointing ending.

Since Asna was in the UVR, they didn\'t need to bother with speaking out loud.


A few minutes later...

Felix was driving Asna to the Cinema, planning to start their \'date\' with a movie that Asna always wanted to watch but he almost never had the time for it.

As he drove towards it, he kept taking sneaky peeks at Asna, who was engrossed at looking from the window at the towering skyscrapers.

Seeing her smiling as she kept enjoying the view put a smile on his face as well.

He truly was happy that Asna finally wasn\'t trapped inside his mind that was smaller than a birdcage.

After a while, Felix had reached the car\'s queue to descend to the Cinema\'s front gate.

He could have gone straight to the parking lot, but he didn\'t want Asna\'s first public appearance with him to be entering the Cinema from the underground.

That\'s just improper, especially when Asna was overdressed to the point she could actually give heart attacks to anyone feasting on her beauty!

There is a lot of people down there.

Is that normal Asna wondered while looking below.


When Felix looked down, he found also it a bit weird.

There were hundreds of people just standing on the side and cheering with high-pitched voices.

It seems like we are about to walk into a movie premiere.

Felix murmured as he zoomed on a red carpet, leading straight to the entry of the Cinema and the breathtaking men and women walking on it.

They were wearing dresses and smiling at the cameras while waving their hands at their fans.

No wonder the queue is packed with fancy hovercars. Asna turned to Felix and asked, Should we go to a different Cinema

Asna knew that most studios book the entire Cinema during their movies/series premiere to avoid problems.

So, it was impossible for them to enter it unless they were given permission by the producer.

What are you talking about Felix gave her a funny look as he dialed a number.

In a few seconds, the call was connected.


Igris, please give me direct access to MegaFilm Cinema in the Androxa Capital.

There seems to be a movie premiering right now. Felix got straight to the point.

Do you want to watch it with the actors and staff or get a private movie room  Mr.

Igris replied

Felix peeked at Asna and coughed, Private please.

Consider it done. Mr.

Igris confirmed and hung up.

  He was also just as busy as Felix.

The only difference was running Felix\'s uprising business empire.

Problem solved. Felix said, smiling.

You better not try anything funny when we are inside. Asna squinted her eyes at him after hearing that he asked for a private room.

She knew about his shenanigans with girls and private rooms.

Don\'t worry about that. Felix looked outside of the window as he said casually, I will never treat you like other girls.

Asna didn\'t know if she should feel happy or mad that she was happy at the sound of that.

\'Get a grip of your stupid emotions.

Stop reacting to anything nice he says.\' Asna pinched her thigh in a hidden manner to wake some sense into her.

Felix didn\'t notice her actions as he was deep in thought about the movie premiere, \'With Asna walking down the red carpet, those poor hardworking actresses are going to be forced to change careers after she kidnaps their fans.\'

\'At least, they will be paid handsomely after this premier will go viral.\'

Felix had not a shred of doubt that Asna was going to flip the UVR upside down by her appearance.

Since he couldn\'t tell her to wear a disguise lest he gets elbowed again, she was bound to go viral sooner or later.

\'Wait a second!\' The moment this thought crossed his mind, Felix did a quick search on news about Asna and was shocked to find nothing!

\'It can\'t be, she told me that she spent her time in the UVR.

Did she never show herself in the open\'

Knowing that Asna didn\'t care about people\'s eyes on her made him scratch this thought.

This left him with only one conclusion, Asna never entered the UVR!

When Asna saw that he was looking at her weirdly, she decided to take a peek at his thoughts.

\'I am screwed!\' 

The moment she read them, she felt like her soul was about to escape from panic.

Seeing her trying cutely to avoid having eye contact with him made Felix even more certain about his conclusion.



For the first time since he met Asna, Felix\'s heart had skipped a beat not because of her unparalleled beauty that could shake nations but due to this unnoticeable gesture...

Instead of being mad at her lying at him, Felix felt warm knowing that she preferred to stay with him when he was in a coma than go and have a fun time in the UVR.

Only now, did he realize that self-centered sadistic Asna, who wanted nothing more than to see him suffer seemed to have made a complete 180 degrees switch.

He knew that she was opening up to him when she tried to delay him from drinking the soul-splitting potion after realizing the agony accompanying it.

But he didn\'t think that she would actually resist entering the UVR for an entire month just to wait for him and do it together.

It might seem like it was nothing but Felix knew that it was a lot.

It was the same as telling a man not to drink a bottle of water that was on his hands when he was thirsty for three days.

The only difference was that Asna was thirsty for freedom for twenty million years....

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