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In a few moments, a space tunnel was opened next to Felix, sucking in all the air in the area for a second before a deliveryworm emerged from it.

Without asking any questions, the deliveryworm beamed a box and gave it to Felix before he retreated inside the tunnel and closed it shut.

If only fatty was more like him. Felix said enviously.

He wasn\'t worried that the deliveryworm would expose his location since he was contracted with Lady Sphinx exclusively just like his relationship with Fatty.

\'Quickly drink it!\' Asna rushed him with eyes glittering in anticipation.

I will drink it when I am mentally prepared. Felix shooed her away as he walked back to his bedroom.

He is right. Lady Sphinx warned Asna, I know that you are impatient but splitting a soul isn\'t a process to be taken lightly off.

Upon hearing so, Asna realized that she was acting like an eager brat.

She had already waited for a very long time to regain her freedom, waiting for a short while shouldn\'t be an issue.

After regaining control of her emotions, Asna stopped bothering Felix, allowing him to begin his meditation.

\'On a scale of 1 to 100, how painful is it going to be\' Asna asked lady Sphinx telepathically as she looked at Felix with a tint of worry.

\'When it comes to souls, pain varies from one to another.\' Lady Sphinx said, \'Just like physical pain if one experienced it constantly and consistently, he is bound to build some tolerance to it.\'

\'Since little thief rarely experienced a true pain coming from his soul, all I can say is that he will never want to repeat this process ever again.\'

\'Should we stop him then\' Asna felt heartache at the thought of Felix going through this agony for her.

\'That\'s not for me to decide.\' Lady Sphinx replied as she flipped a book page.

Upon hearing so, Asna knew that it was up to her to stop Felix from going through this.

The excitement of regaining her freedom had faded by the wind the moment she knew that the pain would topple everything that Felix had gone through.

She understood that Felix\'s confidence in succeeding was due to his abnormal pain tolerance.

But he didn\'t know that his physical pain tolerance had nothing to do with soul\'s pain tolerance!

Asna felt like she would betray Felix\'s trust yet again if she allowed him to go through this without knowing the risks involved.

In her heart, she would rather stay imprisoned in his consciousness forever than betray him again.

F..Felix, how about we do it later

Asna stuttered a question with a heavy heart, feeling like the world was crumbling around her.

Be quiet, let me meditate in peace. Felix shushed her.

No, I don\'t want you to do it! Asna did the opposite as she yelled, It\'s my freedom, so I get to decide when to get it.

Upon hearing her retarded response, Felix was forced to open his eyes and ask her weirdly, What\'s going on with you

Nothing, I just don\'t want you to do it today. Asna crossed her arms as she started bull**ting, In my race calendar, this year is ominous and I don\'t want to wa..

Enough! Felix interrupted her with a slightly pissed expression.

He spent enough time with Asna to know that there was something wrong going on. 

You either tell me what\'s going on, or I will start immediately. He threatened as he beamed the box.

Fine, fine! Just put the box away!

Knowing that he always commit to his threats made Asna spill the beans immediately in worry.

She shared with him everything that Lady Sphinx told her.

When she was done, Felix asked only one question, If I failed the process will our souls get affected negatively in any way

Asna was taken back at his response since she didn\'t ask Lady Sphinx about it.

After all, the moment she heard about the agony of the process, she wanted to pull the plug of the operation at once.

Don\'t worry, if you passed out in the process, your souls will simply merge back without any issues. Lady Sphinx answered.

Good Felix sighed in relief and said, Since it\'s not deadly, let\'s carry on.

Felix closed his eyes and returned to his meditation.


Before Asna could finish her sentence, Felix said, Don\'t worry too much, I am doing this for me as well.


I will have to build pain tolerance for my soul one day. Felix smiled confidently, It just happens to be today.

\'You dishonest bastard.\' Asna\'s eyes reddened a little bit.

Asna would have believed him if she wasn\'t able to hear his thoughts and read his emotions.

\'F*ck this sadistic universe, everything needs to be painful.\'

\'Soul pain What is this bull** Why is it even a thing!\'

\'This is going to hurt like a b*tch, I can feel like it already.\'

\'F*ck, it would have been better if I stayed ignorant about it.

Stupid Asna and her unnecessary worry!\'

\'Deep breaths, deep breaths, deep breaths...\'

\'It\'s going to last for a mere few seconds, how bad can it be\'

Through meditation, Felix kept trying to empty his mind from those negative thoughts.

He knew that if he started the process while feeling terrified, the pain would be enhanced tenfolds,  making him pass out in the first second.

It was the same strategy used by most patients who were about to get a shot.

They always try to look in other directions or think of other things instead of focusing on the needle.

Knowing that it was a crucial element, Asna stopped harassing Felix.

She already knew that he had made up his mind and wasn\'t going to change it no matter how she tried.

Instead of ruining his efforts to prepare mentally, she lowered her head while biting her lips.

\'I don\'t know why you didn\'t tell little Felix about it yourself.\' Jörmungandr asked Lady Sphinx with a suspicious look.

\'I wanted to see how little Asna will behave.\' Lady Sphinx chuckled to herself, \'It seems like she truly cares for Felix a lot to tell him.\'

\'You manipulative vixen.\' Thor murmured to himself after hearing her response.

He didn\'t dare to voice it out though.


After a long while...Felix\'s eyes were opened gently, showing a tranquil serenity behind his pupils.

Let\'s start. He spoke in a calm manner while unsealing the metallic box.

Asna and the others merely watched him work without saying anything to not affect him. 

Felix threw the box to the side and held the potion gently.

He brought it close to his eyes and looked at the misty content within the pyramid-like glass bottle.

\'To use it, simply inhale the mist through your nose.\' Lady Sphinx informed.

\'Alright.\' Felix nodded his head and placed the bottle at the side.

Then, he beamed a black AP Bracelet and wore it on his left wrist right above his own bracelet.

Next, he took the leather strap and affixed his wrist with his head.

This allowed the AP bracelet to be facing his eyes so when Asna calls for the Queen, the bracelet will respond.

This process was needed every time a new consciousness wanted to connect with the Queen.

No one truly knows why, but the most famous theory was that the eyes were the windows to the soul.

The small screen of the bracelet was the eyes of Queen AI.

So, when they align, it gave the Queen permission to look into one\'s soul and connect with the consciousness residing within.

Prepare yourself Asna, you have only a few seconds to connect your consciousness with the Queen AI after our souls get split up. Felix said sternly as he turned on the AP bracelet.

Don\'t worry about me. Asna answered while biting her nails nervously.

Upon hearing her response, Felix exhaled deeply and opened the lid.

Then, he placed it below his nostrils and inhaled all the mist within the bottle in one breath.

The was the last breath he took as the moment the mist invaded his body, it  swiftly targeted his soul barrier, encasing all of it.

Asna and the primogenitors all glanced around them with multiple emotions.

Asna was getting nervous by the second, Thor and Jörmungandr were eying the mist in wonder, lastly, Lady Sphinx was noting down everything happening.

After all, it wasn\'t like a common occurrence for a human and Unigin to share one soul and split it.

Crack Crack...

\'It\'s happening.\' Asna folded her hands as she watched the soul barrier begin to crack little by little.


The moment she wanted to check on Felix, the soul barrier abruptly exploded into tiny pieces, shocking all of them besides Lady Sphinx.


\'Now it began.\'

Lady Sphinx murmured as she watched Felix release the most heart-wrenching scream in his life while banging his hands on his forehead like a madman!

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