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He had yet to do so since he entered his consciousness space the moment he finished showering.

After voicing his request, the Queen displayed a holographic list of his winnings:

//>Winning Wish

>Total Streaming Revenue (1%): 290 Billion SC(With Taxes)

> Unique Title: None

> Ancient Ruins Map

> A Legendary Game Points Pouch: 4000GP

>Game Points collected: 6200GP //

Neat. Felix smirked with a satisfied expression after he saw his streaming revenue.

In his previous game, he only earned 150 Billion SC!

Such an increase was natural due to his fans raiding the venue plus the tickets prices being too overpriced.

This earning didn\'t include what he would be getting from the stream recordings, highlights posted on websites, and such.

Anything that had his face and got shared by another party guaranteed Felix a part of the profit by the Queen.

Not to forget his merch and businesses.

This meant Felix\'s bank account was always getting filled up passively.

As for the unique title, neither Felix nor other players bothered to ask about it.

This was going to be a normal occurrence in high-ranked games since no one had the time or the strength to aim for a title when it was already extremely hard to secure the win.

Although Felix had gotten multiple unique titles, he almost never aimed to get them.

It\'s just his crazy-ass plans that seem up the ally of the MCs, who create those insane challenges.

That\'s why he neither asked for it nor for the MVP title.

Right now, Felix was more unhappy with the number of his game points gathered than the unique title.

What he feared was starting to happen.

He already knew that the higher he climbed the harder it would be for him to get game points due to the difficulty of eliminating other players.

This meant, the only way to get those points was through pouches or finishing objectives in the game. 

He wasn\'t stupid to focus on those things instead of securing the win.

Might as well use the x2 Game Points Coupon.

Although he wasn\'t pleased, Felix knew that he would be getting even fewer game points in his upcoming game.

Since individual coupons couldn\'t be used on planetary games, he was left with no choice but to use it now.

\'Queen, please use the x2 Game Points Coupon on the earning of this game. Felix requested.

\'Are you certain\'


Upon receiving his confirmation, the coupon disappeared from Felix\'s inventory and what was left behind was an additional 6200 GP in his account.

I have now 32k.

I should check on the prize pool before they empty it out.

Usually, Felix would check the prize pool the moment he leave the stadium so he could secure as many good items as possible.

After all, they get sold in the blink of an eye in the Ivy League, earning him even more game points.

It seems like everyone is broke. Felix murmured after he saw that there were still plenty of good items in stock.

Without further ado, he spent all of his capital on securing artifacts like infinity gauntlet and rare potions.

He wasn\'t planning on keeping any of them since they didn\'t fit his fighting style at all.

After he was done, he closed the prize pool and requested the Queen to display his profile.

//Name of the participant: Unpaid Landlord_6996



Integration Level:

SG Platform: Universal Individual Supremacy Games.

Rank: Mid-Tier Platinum

Games Played: 009

Wins: 009

Loss: 000

Win streak: 009 (click to obtain rewards)

Loss Streak: 000

Eliminations: 063//

Felix ignored everything else and pressed on his win-streak icon.

Unfortunately for him, this time all the five coupons were common.

\'At least I got one-tier Advancement Coupon.\'

Felix used it at once, pushing his rank to high-tier in platinum.

Then, he closed his profile interface and opened a hologram with daily news in the Milky Way Galaxy.

As he expected, his victory was trending in most news outlets.

When Felix read some articles and comments, he couldn\'t help but snicker to himself.

[Praise your Lord and Savior! Landlord, the only current player that actually is giving the human race some face!] 178,478,455,445 Upvote.

[I am glad to be an OG fan of my Lord! I followed him since his first-ever game.] 478,455,441 Upvote.

No one was talking crap about him anymore!

Everyone was praising him and glorifying his name like he was the chosen one or something.

If someone dared to badmouth him, he would get raided by thousands of comments and downvotes until the system automatically delete it!

However, there were still a lot of questions and theories about his lightning abilities.

The majority believed that he had used another lightning bloodline in his 3rd replacement but some were doubtful about it.

[Something is fishy about his newest lightning abilities.

Lightning Shield, Lightning Whips, weak ass magnet Give me a break, even an epic tier 3 bloodliner offer better abilities than those.]

    [I\'m glad some people are noticing it.

Everyone is too scared to ask questions nowadays about Landlord.]

    [Preach! It\'s impossible for the Phantom Organization to replace a Mythical bloodline with a garbage one with such weak-ass abilities.]

    [Since you guys are clearly geniuses in the comment section, can you tell us exactly how he got those abilities]

The moment this question was brought up, no one responded to it with a legit answer supported by logic.

Naturally, there were some who wrote that he was using lightning manipulation, but all of them were perceived as clowns for suggesting this and had their comment get downvoted until it was deleted.

Two manipulations Humans were still having wet dreams about getting just one!

In their eyes, it was a miracle that the Organization managed to get Felix poison manipulation somehow!

The big dogs should be more believing than those people but they will require evidence. Felix scratched his cheek as he closed the comment sections.

He glanced at his inbox and saw that it was packed with emails from no other than them!

The Galactical Army, Superpowers from the Bardot Empire, The Anti-Royalty Alliance, and famous Bloodline Clans.

All wanting to reach him and know if he had used another lightning bloodline or it was lightning manipulation.

Too bad, Felix ghosted all their asses, sending them a single reply.

-Classified, please talk with the Organization\'s Leader.-

He did so while having his other persona\'s email offline, so he would get annoyed by them.

Doubtful or suspicious, Felix didn\'t give a crap since he had his Phantom Organization to take the fall for anything weird he does.

So he deleted those emails and focused on articles about other interesting stuff.

Upon noticing that nothing out of the ordinary had happened, he closed all the tabs and asked, \'Queen, will I get another layer in the data center unlocked if I used my recent wish\'


\'Hmmm, is it worth it though\'

Felix thought about it for a second before coming to a decision.

\'Please use it.\' He requested.

Having a wish sure can come in handy sometimes but Felix already had a few of them for emergencies.

It was better to use the last one to gain more access to the UVR\'s data center.

Correct information was too important for him.

After the Queen informed him that it was done, Felix immediately requested to highlight all the previously locked data whenever he scrolled the network.

For example, if he searched for information about a unique creature, this time he would be getting access to some of its hidden details.

The first thing he typed in the search bar was -Details about Unique Void Creatures-

Since he was going to deal with them in the next months, it was better to get any kind of information about them.

Unfortunately, the search results were quite disappointing as they didn\'t mention all seven unique void creatures.

There was only news about Symboiates, Gelatinous Cubes, and Annihilation Fiends.

Besides what he already knew, there wasn\'t much new added.

He didn\'t know if there was truly no information about the other four Sin Void Creatures or his access was still falling a bit short.

\'Whatever, it\'s not like I will encounter them in the Guardian Empire.

Felix deleted the search bar and wrote this time about the known trillions of void creatures that invade the matter universe.

Those were his true targets in his journey!

-The quickest method to slay elite void creatures!-

-How to escape detection from low-born void creatures!-

-How to use the compressor cannon to optimize your hunt and increase your points!-

-What type of missions should a newbie mercenary pick to avoid getting killed on his first day-

Felix clicked on every article that drew his interest and started reading them all at once without analyzing them at all.

When he was done, he searched for other matters related to void creatures and hunting them.

Such as the best territory to hunt them near army camps or mercenary camps, or the most reputable mercenary hunting squad, or the mercenary guild\'s rules and ways of operation...etc.

Since he was never interested in being a mercenary even in his previous life, he rarely bothered to learn about their world.

The only thing he knew was that there were many Mercenary guilds around the universe, each designed for a different purpose.

For example, there was The Beast Hunters Mercenary Guild.

This guild deals with missions related to beasts, such as hunting them down, extracting their bloodlines, connecting hunters with sellers...etc.

Due to this guild operation system and hundreds of thousands of branches around the universe, the Human race, Witch race, Dwarven race, and many other races were benefiting from the materials and bloodlines gotten by the hunters.

There was even a Mercenary Guild that was focused entirely on fighting.

Those mercenaries get hired by armies, merchants for space escorts, exploration crews, rescue missions...etc.

The Mercenary Guild that was Felix planning on joining was specializing in dealing with void creatures solely.

It was called The Void Mercenary Guild.

That\'s why he was studying its entire structure and how things work, so he wouldn\'t make a fool of himself when he tries to earn a membership.

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