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Huh Felix was confused by her sudden question.

But after seeing the seriousness on the primogenitors\' expression, he answered truthfully, I know that neutral elemental energy is in every planet, star, meteor, and other cosmic entities.

Usually, this energy adapts to the environment it was in.

If it was in a volcanic environment, the energy transforms into Fire, Earth, and Magma energy.

If the environment is too cold, it transforms into wind, water, fog, and ice energy.

After a long period of time passes, this unique type of elemental energy gets filled inside stones, rocks, tree trunks, and other objects surrounding that environment.

This gives birth to elemental stones and such, the things we use to recover our elemental energy.

Felix pondered for a while and added, Naturally, this process happens only in environments that are too extreme and absolutely unliveable.

That\'s why, Planets like Earth never gave birth to those types of elemental stones, since the neutral energy remained static throughout its lifespan.

Lady Sphinx nodded her head in approval and corrected him, It\'s not that your planet never gave birth to elemental stones, it\'s just that it is impossible for you to extract them since they are at least hundreds to thousands of kilometers under the surface.

Felix immediately figured out that she was speaking about fire and magma elemental stones!

After all, the environment at such a level was indeed too extreme and that meant the possibility of magma and fire stones emerging down there.

Because it was so difficult to bore through the planet\'s crust and mine those stones hundreds of kilometers beneath, almost no one bothers doing so.

It was too expensive and the profits would not justify the dangers and expenses for this endeavor.

That\'s why most mining companies target planets with extreme environments with a chance of them having elemental stones on their surfaces.

Why do you think almost all races can\'t absorb elemental energy from the environment directly even if they had high affinity Lady Sphinx asked him.

Felix thought about it for a second and answered her with the most famous and approved theory in the universe, Because no one can beat nature when it comes to absorbing elemental energy.

The moment neutral energy gets turned into elemental energy, the environment starts sucking it in until nothing is left in the open.

As I mentioned, after a long period of time, a mine appears in that area due to all the absorbed energy throughout the thousands of years.

If that environment remains untouched for millions to billions of years, there is a very slim chance of elemental spirits being born.

Correct. Lady Sphinx approved without correction this time.

Still, she added, That\'s why no one can beat nature in absorption.

Because the universe had programmed it to desire gaining consciousness.

Even primogenitors can\'t beat it. Jörmungandr confessed with a chuckle.

It can\'t be! Felix was shocked at the sound of that.

Primogenitors of elements, the real first elementalists in the universe can\'t absorb their own elements out in the open What kind of twisted joke is that

Even though we can\'t beat nature in the absorption of elemental energy, we can absorb neutral energy just fine and transform it into our own elemental energy. Thor disclosed casually, Why do you think we devour planets during our cosmic journies

Upon hearing so, Felix recalled seeing Jörmungandr devouring an entire blue planet that resembled Earth in one gulp!

Only now did he truly understand that he was hunting for neutral energy instead of food!

Habitable planets like Earth were the ones with the most neutral energy since they lacked extreme environments!!

\'My masters are genocidal.\'

Felix was left speechless at the thought, not wanting to imagine how many lives had been lost to fill up his masters\' energy tank during their journies!

Don\'t lump me up with those two idiots. Lady Sphinx said, I never needed to eat an entire planet to recover my energy since I can\'t reach the same size as them.

Plus, unlike them, I was never interested in those journies to look for our meaning in life.

Seeing that Felix had bought her words, Thor didn\'t want his student to favor Lady Sphinx over them.

Don\'t believe her crap! When we were journeying to the universe, it was almost empty at that time.

So, we never devoured a planet with civilization in it. Thor snickered as he exposed her, On the other hand, the number of people who died because of her is unfathomable.

Jörmungandr nodded his head in agreement, not caring about pissing Lady Sphinx.

They were in survival mode and they didn\'t want Felix to change his view of them lest it affects his training.

After all, they knew that humans were sentimental.

It\'s true. Lady Sphinx didn\'t even bother to hide it as she confessed casually, Everyone who died at my hands was for the sake of knowledge.

They were honored and grateful to be part of my experiments.

Does any of you have a problem with it Lady Sphinx asked as she squinted her eyes at all of them.

Seeing the atmosphere getting colder and colder, they answered one by one.

Cough, some sacrifices were needed for knowledge.


Thank you for your service master.

All of them chickened out immediately.

Eee Eee!

Seeing them avoiding Lady Sphinx\'s eyes, Nimo grinned in delight as he kept rubbing his head with Lady Sphinx\'s bosom.

No one messes with Mama Sphinx!

Now that you have inherited both of those two idiots\' perfect elemental manipulations, you are also capable of absorbing neutral energy and transforming it into either poison or lightning energy.

This process is called, The Conversion. Lady Sphinx disclosed.

You just need to reach the 3rd stage of elemental manipulation and they will teach you how.

Really! Felix\'s eyes brightened immediately at the sound of that.

Having the ability to recover energy without requiring stones was a dream that he never thought was possible! 

After all, even other superior races couldn\'t do it!

This meant in the games, Felix would be the only one with such a capability!

Naturally, it will be a difficult and time-consuming process due to your garbage affinity.

But since you will be heading to one of Jörmungandr\'s best poisonous spots, your affinity will get boosted immensely, helping you reach the peak of 2nd stage of manipulation in no time.

Lady Sphinx added with a smile, When that happens, I will help you with all sorts of potions so you can master The Conversion method even faster.

Upon hearing so, Felix immediately bowed his head to Lady Sphinx, Jörmungandr, and Thor.

He could see that they were truly taking care of him.

He didn\'t care if they were doing so for revenge against Darkin Faction or because he was winning bets for Lady Sphinx.

The only thing that mattered to him was that he was getting stronger faster than ever only thanks to them.

That\'s an undeniable truth!

I suggest you give up on joining any other individual game for the upcoming years. Thor said sternly.

Was planning on doing so. Felix nodded his head in understanding.

It was to be expected since he really couldn\'t be competitive without Asna\'s emergency tank.

In addition, he needed to work on his other weaknesses.

WowefxNero had exposed that he didn\'t have what it took to face the players in diamond games.

In addition, in diamond games artifacts were allowed, this signified that players like The Executioner would receive a massive boost in strength if they used powerful katanas instead of wind blades!

Or Mentalists like Bug Officials given the opportunity to bolster their defenses with armor suits or such!

Felix still didn\'t have a real mastery of any sort of a weapon, don\'t even mention owning one! 

This time, Felix knew that he needed not just months of training but years to actually make some visible improvements if he wanted to be competitive.

From the moment he woke up in this timeline, he was increasing his strength like he was riding a rocket.

He was about to turn merely 21 years old yet he had already reached universal platinum games and was about to face diamond-ranked players!

No one in the entire universe could claim to be younger than Felix while having such achievements!

All the players he was facing were adults with centuries of time under their belt.

Even WowefxNero were three hundred years old since their lifespan could reach up to hundreds of thousands of years.

That\'s why the Darkin faction members were weirded out when they heard that Felix would be joining a game so soon.

They knew that he was way too young and if Jörmungandr was smart, he should take a few years to prepare him thoroughly before sending him back to the platform.

After all, there was no time limit or something forcing them to participate.

After spending a few minutes more with them, Felix left the consciousness space.

There were many things that needed to be handled.

The first one was actually checking on his earnings from the game!

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