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Meanwhile, in the primogenitors\' council, a discussion was being held about the ending of two games.

Felix\'s game and Saurous\'s champion game.

Saurous, you are quite vocal about their champion when yours got his ass handed to him by Cherufe\'s champion. Erebus snickered mockingly.

I have to agree with this perv on this one. Kumiho smiled charmingly as she defended Felix, It doesn\'t matter what method or external items that cutie used in the games, the only thing that matters is clutching the victory.

The other primogenitors chimed in their own opinion too and most of them backed Felix.

All I am saying is that the human will not be lucky next time to have bombs at his disposal to do the job for him. Saurous crossed his arms as stood his ground, Since battle format is more popular, he is probably going to pick it in his next game.

Let\'s see how he fares against peak platinum and diamond players when he can\'t even scratch Aspidochelone\'s champion shell.

When he rephrased it like this, the primogenitors couldn\'t help but nod their heads in agreement.

They had no problems with Felix using his wits and external items to overcome his opponents since it was fair game.

But, they do understand that he had already reached his limit on the ladder.

That\'s because the diamond games were packed with races from the top ten in the alliance!

Races like the proud dragons, the heavenly turtles, High elves...etc.

Based on what they had seen, they knew that Felix lacked the proper offense, defense, and mental defense to leave his mark against those beings.

I appreciate your concerns over my disciple\'s future, but we know what we are doing. Thor stopped their discussion at once with a single sentence.

Old turtle, stop moping already.

It\'s just two monoliths.

Lady Sphinx changed the subject since she also didn\'t like hearing them talk about Felix.

I should have listened to my gut feeling and rejected your crazy bet. Aspidochelone sighed with a bitter expression.

The moment the nuke went off in the game, he felt like his heart had sunk to the bottom of his stomach.

When he heard his champions surrendering, he lost a tiny portion of his soul.

He didn\'t take losing two of his precious monoliths too well.

He wouldn\'t have felt this cheated if he just placed other treasures on this game.

Alas, what\'s done is done.

I expect to see them in the next months.

Lady Sphinx winked at Aspidochelone before she said her goodbyes to the rest of the primogenitors and teleported back to her home with the other two.

They also didn\'t want to stay there too long lest the Darkin Faction members start giving them crap about Felix\'s limitations and inability to participate in the yearly event.

Little thief, join us after you finish showering. Lady Sphinx said with a sweet smile.

She was clearly in a good mood after Felix helped her secure two monoliths.


After hearing Felix\'s agreement, they all returned to the consciousness space and sat down on a table.

How was it Asna asked with a sadistic smile as she sat with them, Did you make fun of those Darkin Faction bastards

Not really. Thor said irritatedly.

True, even when Felix won and their champion lost, they still kept attacking him. Jörmungandr added.

That\'s to be expected. Lady Sphinx shared, Unless he completely dominated other champions by relying solely on his strength, they will keep repeating the same crap over and over again.

Tsk, If I was there, I wouldn\'t have given them a single chance to open their traps. Asna clicked her tongue in criticism.

She didn\'t like hearing others badmouth Felix at all.

In her eyes, only she had the right to do so.

We might take you next time with us. Thor laughed, I am quite eager to see you ripping them apart.

Asna raised her eyebrows in surprise as she asked, Can I actually attend

Of course, it\'s just a meeting to watch a game together not a serious gathering. Jörmungandr shared.

Asna\'s eyes brightened up in delight at the sound of that.

Though, you have to hide your identity. Lady Sphinx mentioned, It\'s better for the Darkin Faction members to be ignorant about your race.

It was one thing for neutral primogenitors to find out about Asna and another for their enemies.

Who knows if they would rat Felix to a Unigin elder

I don\'t mind doing that at all. Asna grinned, As long as I can flame those old farts, I am okay with anything.

Seeing her sinister smile made Lady Sphinx and rest feel a bit of anticipation to see that scene.

Unlike them, Asna didn\'t care about her appearance at all.

So, when they hold back their curses, she would not hesitate to insult the living hell of Wendigo and the other two!

\'Is it just I or her emotions are starting to show more and more\' Thor spoke telepathically with the other two.

\'I feel the same way.\' Jörmungandr chuckled to himself, \'Before, she would laugh her ass off if someone insulted or beaten Felix instead of defending him.\'

\'How cute.\' Lady Sphinx smiled, \'I think we will see some development when she enters the UVR and meets him.\'

What are you guys doing

Seeing them go silent as they started to eye her weirdly made Asna a bit suspicious.

Cough, nothing.

Look, Felix has finished showering.

Thor and Jörmungandr immediately changed the subject, not wanting to provoke her with their conversation.

They knew that Asna would instantly lose her ** if they ever brought out the fact that she caught some feelings for Felix.

In a few moments, Felix had entered his consciousness space and went to sit with them at their table.

Before he could say anything, Lady Sphinx stood up and gave him a long gentle kiss on his cheek, stunning him and the others at once.

You, you, you... Agitated, Asna pointed her finger at Lady Sphinx with flushed cheeks, not able to even spit out a single sentence.

Tsk, lucky dog.

Where is mine

Meanwhile, both Thor and Jörmungandr showed an envious expression as they eyed the shellshocked Felix.

Thank you for winning this game. Lady Sphinx smiled as she returned to her seat, I have secured two more monoliths at once thanks to you.

I am just doing my part master.

Upon hearing so, Felix broke out of his daze and coughed a bit embarrassed, feeling too overwhelmed.

A kiss from Lady Sphinx was truly divine even if it was just on his cheeks.

He still couldn\'t get rid of the sensation of her soft lips, touching his cheek.

Still, he reeled in his emotions, knowing that it was the same as a mother\'s kiss.

You have no idea what it means for me to get my hands on those two monoliths. Lady Sphinx looked at him and promised, So, you can ask for anything and I will try my best to get it done.

Really Felix was startled by her offer.

He truly didn\'t expect that he would be getting anything from her since it was his duty to win a champion\'s game.

After all, he was representing all of his masters, and he didn\'t want to shame them in front of their enemies.

They believed him and gave him their most precious gift in the universe.

Even Lady Sphinx had given him a high-quality devourer\'s heart that was desirable even by primogenitors! Not mentioning other benefits.

In his eyes, no matter what he did, he would never pay them back for their generosity.

You better ask for something while I am still in a good mood. Lady Sphinx said as she created a book in her hand.

The moment Felix saw the book, he knew that she wasn\'t messing around.

So, he stopped acting shy and requested with a serious tone, I need something to help me grow my elemental energy capacity.

Since he was told to ask for anything, Felix decided to take advantage of this opportunity to deal with one of his biggest weaknesses!

In this game, he barely won by relying on bombs and Asna\'s emergency tank.

Hell, when he stepped into the maze\'s exit, he had only 6% left in his tank!

One shouldn\'t forget that Asna\'s emergency tank allowed Felix to have 500% extra on his original tank!

If he participated in the Bomber Bomber game without it, he would have been out the moment he dealt with Flame Bearer!

True, your energy capacity is a priority.

Thor and the rest nodded their heads in agreement, knowing that Felix would not be able to rely on Asna\'s emergency tank anymore in the games.

After all, she would join the UVR in two weeks at most.

Increasing energy capacity..hmm. Lady Sphinx sized up Felix a couple of times before giving him the bad news, I can help you out, but no matter what I did, it will always be just temporary and limited since it\'s not a natural increase.

In other words, Felix would end up with the same problem sooner or later even with Lady Sphinx\'s help.

I see. Felix sighed, not liking the sound of that one bit.

He wanted a permanent solution that would make him forget about his energy capacity for a very long time.

Lady Sphinx didn\'t like seeing him dejected when he had just secured her two priceless monoliths.

So, she looked at Thor and Jörmungandr and stated telepathically, \'I think it\'s time that he learns one of the benefits of entering the 3rd stage of elemental manipulation.\'

Thor and Jörmungandr\'s eyes widened in surprise for a bit at her proposal.

But, when they thought about it, they realized that she was right.

\'Hmmm, since he is heading to Jörmungandr\'s galaxy later to increase his poison affinity, he will manage to master the 2nd stage of manipulation in a year or two.\' Thor agreed, \'I see no problem telling him now.\'

\'Agreed.\' Jörmungandr nodded his head in support.

Upon hearing their confirmation, Lady Sphinx looked at Felix with a serious expression and said, Little thief, how much you know about neutral elemental energy

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