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Knowing that the transparent sphere had only a four seconds duration made WowefxNero realize that the game was doomed for them.

The Time Slowing bomb had gone off for three seconds now, leaving only one second before it expire.

It was impossible for them to capture the bomb in that duration or escape from the range of the explosion.


Because Felix made sure to set up the timer of the bomb to only one second before launching it!

Right now, the timer appeared to be frozen at 0.2 seconds!

\'We have been had...\'

Hopeless and dispirited, Wowef and Nero lifted their heads and saw that Felix had already pulled himself to the wall by using the lightning arc attached to him.

Then, he dropped on the ground and took off inside the nearest path to him.

Just as he was about to reach the corner, Felix turned one last time and gave a peace sign to WowefxNero with a faint smirk.

\'This shameless prick!\'

Only now did it dawn on them why Felix had thrown the bomb inside the time slowing dome.

If he didn\'t do so, he wouldn\'t have been given the time to retreat while at the same time making sure that WowefxNero were going nowhere.

If he had sneaked the bomb with the others earlier, there was a small chance that Wowef could have caught it just like he did with a few bombs.

In addition, he would have been forced to set the bomb to a couple of seconds to give himself some time to escape.

After all, he couldn\'t use transmutation under the lightning storm because his wire would snap almost immediately.

If WowefxNero saw Felix escape, they wouldn\'t hesitate to do the same, taking advantage of those few seconds!

Everything had been taken into account by Felix!

\'Well played.\' Nero couldn\'t help but chuckle in derision to himself before requesting in his mind, \'Activate the surrender coupon.\'

The moment he finished his sentence, the transparent dome disappeared at once, returning that zone into the same wavelength of Time.

The frozen 0.2 seconds finally moved, reaching zero almost instantaneously!

\'Faster faster!\'

\'Just hold on a little guys!\'

\'We are almost th....\'

The ongoing telepathic communication between the other players had gone silent the moment they saw the sudden emergence of a growing white mushroom in the center of the maze.


Before they could gather their thoughts, the thunderous explosion followed shortly after!

Thankfully, they were still a few hundred meters away, helping them avoid getting their ears blown up again.

Too bad, no one felt even slightly pleased by finally seeing the 2nd nuke go off without killing them.

They knew that if Felix had been eliminated by the explosion, they would have gotten notification of their contract breaking.

Instead, the only notification they received was...\'Your allies WowefxNero have been eliminated from the game.\'

The last guardian in front of the gate had been removed...

When they saw the explosion disappearing at once, it finally clicked in their minds that Felix was the only one near the unprotected gate!!

I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS!! Maddened, Bloodrites howled with his face flushed red as he restarted his sprint!

\'He might be wounded heavily!\'

\'It\'s not over yet!\'

Disfigured Beauty, The Traitor, Battlegod Orca, Hebra, and even Pengfu!

None of them remained in their places or let despair take over them!

Alas, in the eyes of the viewers, their final attempts resembled half-dead men trying to draw their last breaths.

When Bloodrites and the rest made it finally to the center, they also felt the same.

How could they not when the first thing they saw was Felix taking his first step inside the humongous gate

When Felix spotted them appearing one by one from the paths, he gave them a cheeky wink before wishing, Better luck next game.

Then, he swaggered through the gate, leaving the players to feel like absolute **.


Bloodrites was the first to break down, feeling like his heart and blood were set ablaze after recalling Felix\'s wink and the threat he gave him in his first fight.

The fact that everyone had seen him act tough just to have his ass handed to him was truly one of the most humiliating experiences he had gone through.

Too bad, the Queen didn\'t care about his wounded self-esteem as she announced throughout the entire maze.

>Congratulation to the Champion Landlord for being the first player to leave the maze!


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